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[eBay Plus] Ausdom M09, Charging Cables, Golf G80 Power Bank, AWEI TWS Earbuds $1 Each @ eBay


$Tuesday Deals! Guess this one got missed with all the Black Friday Deals.

As with previous $1 Tuesdays, the code might stop working shortly after the 10 am drop but may be reactivated later in the day.
Items may also restock!

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      how do you find direct links? I can never find these when I log in to ebay.. is it through your email?

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    Thanks OP. Grabbed the power bank and cable for $1.50

  • Thanks for Posting it just in time. Got both PowerBank and Earbuds

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    Managed to get both the cable and power bank. That's a first… lol

  • Got the powerbank for 50c. Thanks

  • Powerbank is $0.50 instead of $1..

  • Thanks op. Got the earbuds and the power bank for $1.5 :D

  • That is a good first deal post!

  • thx got powerbank and lightning cable

    too slow on the others

  • powerbank seemed to only cost 50 cents after the code so that was a bonus

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    Also it's very strange that the banner just disappears for me after 10 o clock but luckily I'd clicked on it beforehand so I still had the webpage.

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      Yeah, the visibility of these deals is shockingly bad. Took me like 3 min to find the actual page (had to use Google search in the end). Not surprisingly, all items was still available like 10 minutes after the deal started.

      • i just had to click on the banner on the main ebay page, and then open the items in a new tab each time. Is quite poor but good I guess so they don't sell out in 2 seconds!

  • Only gives me $4.10 off the powerbank?

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      Did you use "PPFUM69" when checking out ?

      • +1

        My mistake. Using the other code that turned up in my checkout.

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    Thanks got two powerbanks.

  • Shit airpods gone so quickly.

    Grabbed power bank for 50 cents

  • Great deal, got the powerbank for 50c!

  • Will there be more $1 deals throughout the day or thatโ€™s it?

    • In weeks past, the drop occurred at 10 AM, and that's all

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        Except for the 1st 2 weeks. There was another drop @ 11am. That's how I got the hair curler.

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    got the powerbank. ebay is stupid and intentionally hides this shit. I was on the ebay deals page at 10am and it was showing me "pillows coming soon" for 5 minutes until I checked ozbargain for the proper link

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    Thanks OP got two powerbanks one White & one Black.

    • Using the same eBay account? Damn, why didn't I think of that >:(

  • Cable doesn't appear to work with code anymore

  • Thanks got the powerbank for 50c.

    Missed the earbuds and the cable does not seems to work with the code.

  • Code stopped working as I do the payment…

  • I just missed it. Looks like code has been disabled?

  • Code is expired…missed out on a cable…

  • Lol thats quick didnt even get to cashback sites *fomo haha, missed out others but got the powerbank for 0.5, thanks op.

    • Just FYI, cashback doesn't work with promo codes, so you lost precious seconds there!

      • Ah right thanks

  • Code no longer works ๐Ÿ™

  • Deal is expired

  • Code is not working any more:(

  • Code has expired - I got a PowerBank but missed out on a cable - lucky!

  • code not working any more, shit i wanted a new cable

  • Code just stopped working as I was getting the cable! Noooo! At least got the chargebank!

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    "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

  • Thanks OP! Totally forgot about the $1 Tuesday!

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    Noticed at checkout that I got a free $5 voucher for late shipping from last weeks $1 deal

    • Oh is that why I got two $5 vouchers? I thought it was just ebay trying to get me to use their service because it was a new account?

      • Ye I got a few as welll. The code literally starts with LTSHIP (that has to mean late shipping right)

        • But how do you know its because of the late shipping? Makes not mention of it

          Edit; ahh ok you have a keen eye lol

    • Oh so that's why I randomly have a LSHIP coupon code. Confused the crap out of me as I was rushing to make todays purchases.

      Think mine are for the 'Fashion' week Tuesday which still haven't shipped. Where as last week, the hand wash arrived the morning after…

    • Yeah you're 100% correct as I received a message today from ebay saying its due to the item being late ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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    Which other schmucks got a micro USB cable as default instead of a lightning or USB C? Haha -_-

    • Me me me! :(

    • I cancelled and reordered the lightening - the cancellation went through in time and the code worked twice

  • Thanks OP, got a power bank and cable. you da best! got the bargain of the month!!

  • You know, these deals are almost enough to make me bother about eBay plus and buy things I don't need and already have lol

    Or just this one actually, don't care about baby wipes lol.

    • this lasted around 20 minutes? which is pretty good

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    Thanks OP, great first post! I grabbed a power bank for $0.50 (not $1) … adding it to the stack of 5 power banks I already own and never use =)

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    code doesn't work anymore?

  • Just when I was about to click pay.. the code expired :(( what a waste of time.

  • What is the error you get when the code doesn't work?

    • Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

      • I get "You already applied this code to an order"

        Looks like there is still allocated quantity for cables and power banks remaining, headphones and earphones doesn't say how much sold so can't tell.

  • Is this event every Tue 10am? If so i'll put a reminder in my calendar ;)

    • Yup, I think for this month only

  • No, this was the last one.

  • Totally forgot and missed out :(. Not having much luck with these promotions. Etch A Sketch was cancelled and refunded $1, hand wash AP failed to deliver and seller wants $17 to resend or $10.50 to refund!

    • Woo hoo… grabbed powerbank and lightning cable after all :) Thanks OP and OzB!

  • +2

    If not for this group I would have not managed to find the $1 items… I couldn't find that banner anywhere .. I might have given up in 10 minutes ..
    Thanks OZBians … !!!!

  • well so far I ordered a crappy micro USB instead of lightening cable (It's a trap!!!) AND accidently deleted the headphones out of my cart

    FAIL :D

  • I think the code is working again.. got a power bank and cable..

    • Confirming this. Worked for me. Thanks!

  • Working now!

  • Back again guys. Just tried it

  • Think code is working again for the white version

  • Same here, nabbed 2 black ones, wasn't working all hour…be quick, and keep trying… persistence pays $1

  • what time does this expire?

    • +1

      Meant to last until stocks last

  • +2

    Code works again. But this time, it works once. Got another power bank….went to get a cable and the code couldnโ€™t be applied.

  • Its working now. Try the code PPFUM69 again.

  • Got the powerbank and a cable. Thanks OP!

  • Must have restocked, code working for power bank and cable.

  • got the power bank and cable. thanks

  • massive steal of the year. ebay coming through with these mega deals.

  • Cables are still up for grabs. Just bought 2 x type c for $1 a piece.

  • Got the power bank and cable. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. Just got the powerbank and cable.

  • Got two lighting usb cables. Thanks OP!

  • power bank out of stock again

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