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Hisense 70S5 70" 4K UHD Smart TV $1040.25 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


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  • seem like average price

  • Now if only I took TGG Telstra $500 GC offer instead of JBHIFI.

    Come on JBHIFI, make a better offer on your price!

  • Can someone recommend something similar that has real 100hz?

  • Thanks, Bought one

    Order total:
    Price AU $1,095.00
    Postage AU $55.00
    Gift cards, vouchers -AU $54.75

    Total charged to Paypal AU $1,095.25

  • Great price. If I wasn’t after a 4K/120Hz tv, I’d get this.

  • Is this good for watching sport?

    • Would like to know as well. Watching kayo.

    • Should be ok most broadcast stuff is 25-50fps so a 100hz native panel is largely inconsequential for sport. Some TVs do have better motion handling which can make a difference though! Best bet would be to go try in store. I have 2 older Hisense TVs, kayo is perfectly fine (using shield and vodatv). Kayo is not that high bitrate to begin with either.

  • good price for a decent 70 inch?

    • 70S5 seems an old model, maybe clearing stock for the new?

      The rest of the world seems to get the 70H6570G (120Hz version).

      Not sure $1k is a good price for a cheap panel either way though. The price points are moving down, probably faster now as they were delayed by SARS-Cov-2 and all its havoc given we failed to heed the warnings following the first SARS outbreak 20 years ago.

      Aldi have the 65" at $599 this week
      Equally bad is Kogan's at about $699 (oldest) to $1099 (latest), or his 70" XU9210 reduced to $999 just now: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-70-smart-hdr-4k-uhd-led-t...

      Hisense however seems to have an extended 3 year warranty :-)

      Bah. Def worth waiting out the clear-outs for a modern model IMHO. Not sure if its China dumping in the Oz market or Aldi/Kogan/HiSense, up to their usual shenanigans

      • From Ebay listing

        Release Year:   2020
            Manufacturer's Warranty:   36 Months
        • I meant total 36 months warranty, 12 months statutory plus 24 months extended. That's the thing the Hisense has going for it above all the others at this price point.

          Oh, and I should have said 100 'motion rate', not 100Hz refresh :-p

      • Motion Rate: 100
        So it's 100hz? can the xbone2 and ps5 run at 100hz or only 120?

        • Just found the Hitachi SM20 in 65” has 120 motion rate instead of 100 in this model at a similar price. It has 3 years warranty to, but also QLED panel! But I’m still not buying… so many old models still on the market in sub $1000 prices, muddied waters as the big brands are still charging 3x what the poverty brands ask for their latest models

          • @resisting the urge: Hitachi is a good brand right? Personally I'd spend the extra.. I use a 10 year old LG at the moment, going strong. I think 120hz TVs will flood the markets in 6 months and next gen console issues will be sorted too good time to upgrade both

            • @gfunk zero: Yes, but these LED TVs are different. They are Chinese whitelabel products, as good or bad as the rest of them. Not distributed by Hitachi Australia, probably they sold the rights to the name for a period with a view to returning to the market, or not. Unlikely to be anything to do with Hitachi at all. Warranty is from Tempo, a local distributor/service agent, not the not manufacturer. Hitachi global support all kinds of consumer and industrial products, just LED TVs.

              Hitachi used to make reasonable televisions, but like Sony find themselves incapable of competing in some markets for a raft of reasons.

              • @resisting the urge: damn, thanks for the info. Have you got a preferred brand?

                • @gfunk zero: It's a matter of being wary rather than choosey: Samsung and Sony set the benchmark, followed by LG & Panasonic. Philips remain a basket case in Oz, same as many other brands like Sharp and Toshiba. Euro brands Leowe and B&O barely bother here either.

                  All are too big for their boots, make mistakes, have poor service/attitude, offer short warranties, produce products that are less reliable than the previous ones, only put bug-fixes in their updates (instead of managing their software to make it more secure over time, and enhances rather than impacts the consumer's use of the products)… which is really the reason we all wish an upstart vendor can pull a cat of the bag.

                  They very old-school approach to building TVs- all care and no responsibility: Implement networking and software like another peripheral component, invite people to connect and use the product like it is a fridge or a TV… don't accept that the consumer's data is private, (to the extent of publishing it), etc. All this is unsustainable given that they've actually put a powerful computer inside their products and should be designing and supplying them like they have.

                  They don't improve though, as consumers just accept what comes in the box:

                  Poor hardware, software, testing, quality, not to mention- crap service, support, vulnerabilities, no regard for data security or privacy. Just an impossibly long set of Ts&Cs that fail to warn you that (funneling all the telemetry (your behaviour, preferences, activity), and even private identifiers, off to numerous third party clouds in all kinds of strange places.

                  And to top all that off, we still respond to all the poor marketing and advertising they commission.

                  At the end of the day, they are all worse than the next one!

  • I went to JB hifi..this is pretty basic ..low end tv..no deal for me.

  • is the picture quality of this unit similar to s8 units?
    (asking the question because, one of the jbhifi staff said s5 is an event model and it is slightly lowe picture quality than the s8)

    • I picked one up today, still unsure about it though. Not too big a bezel but still feels and looks a bit cheap compared to the more expensive sets. The remote is nicer than other Hisense models, which look to be the same unit with a putrid chrome edging.

      As soon as we got it connected up, we turned off the back-lighting (it is bright enough at 50% anyway), and the dynamic picture adjustment (reduces light output when you turn your lights turn down), but it turned out that it is its dynamic contrasting which both darkens backgrounds but also adds murkiness (you'd think it would do the opposite). If you leave it on you only begin to see details, such as wrinkles on people's faces, after a second or so. This is with a HD FTA stream, not sure about SD, but it seems poor no matter what. All that is clear is that these picture improvement features are barely half-baked.

      TL/DR: After turning all the dynamic picture controls down/off, it seems alright… except SD performance seems murky in comparison to previous TVs. Going to do a side by side test tomorrow to see if I can live with this.

      Remote control is great, response excellent. Haven't used the PVR yet, but the EPG works alright. Nowhere as near as nice as a Sony, but alright. OSD and subtitles are average, but functional. All the OSD's elements are far too large, and a bit murky in appearance. It's Audio is awful- like a transistor radio stuffed inside in a pizza box, and only serves to diminish Dolby brand value with their labelling deal.

      JB had the $995 QLED Hitachi as well, also has 3yr warranty and looks more modern. Likely a better option if you don't need the extra 5 inches of diagonal goodness.

      PS. The shops all seem to claim its a new model (promotional event model for the cricket or something) but with no info about it on the Hisense website, and no specs in the manual, for all anyone knows it may easily be a a generation or two behind their current models such as the S8 or a C715, etc.

      • FWIW, here is a link to the 58" version:

        Hisense make info available for this one, including a spec sheet. If the same, the 70S5 will be HDMI2, have a quad core cpu running the VIDAA 3.0 OS. However, on the 70S5 box is a big ULED logo, which means it has 'QLED Quantum dot color' (the 58S5 is just UHD). Only other models with QLED branding that are Q7 and Q8 models with VIDAA 4. Weird.

        • Thank you for the detailed first hand experience. I was leaning towards the 65Q8 or 65Q7. I think after reading you description on set, I think i better forget about the extra 5" and stick with the 65" choices. do you think the Hitachi 65"+ google chromecast tv is better than 65Q7 or 65Q8.

          • @djsiyathu: I've no idea, the only way to know for sure is to compare them side by side with the same input sources. With this 70s5, on screen performance varies depending on input source/resolution a lot, but no doubt the quality brands make a better effort to get consistent results.

            Remember, the amount of mistakes we see in specs and advertising (usually down to enthusiastic translation) are way higher with the Chinese brands (but they're improving). Still pays to be wary of what they claim is in the box, or if it actually works as others do.

            On something you use all the time and intend to keep, it may be worth spending more ;-)

            I haven't been able to evaluate the Hitachi, however the external build quality looks better and it is possibly the newest of the whitelabel units, so could be good, or bad.

            PS. What I said last night about ULED on the box is wrong- it's just a UHD logo. Looks to me like the main problem with this unit is the 4K upscaling is poor (so no good with with low res inputs), and more generalised blurriness common to cheap panels.

            I consider it similar to the picture performance of the H6570G (US model), comparisons here: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/hisense/h6570g#page-test-c...

          • @djsiyathu: From your list, q8 will be the better choice but more expensive

            • @svsvk: I was just comparing the specs sheets ( From Hisense AU website) of Q7 and Q8, I haven't seen any difference of the specs other than the refresh rate (and the sounds on the 65"). do you guys know any hidden features on Q8

              • @djsiyathu: Diff panels, are they not? Either way, you'd want to have a far better backlight than the S5.

                The Low/Med/High setting does nothing, and all around the edges are much brighter than the main viewing area, indicating the backlight is poorly made, or the LED driver voltage is incorrect, etc. who knows. Either way, a rudimentary QA test should catch it if it happens, even on a cheap panel.

                Mine will go back, and with it, my newfound murkiness will be gone, I hope. I won't spending more on a Losense though

              • @djsiyathu: i don't think even the salesguy know more. went to JB and harvey, asked few sales guy and they all saying the same thing.

                from my experience checking it in store, they look identical albeit the Q7 is bit dimmer. it could be the display setting.

              • @djsiyathu: Q8 has more dimming zones, higher refresh rate 120hz vs 60hz, front firing speaker, higher brightness 1,000 nits vs 700 nits