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Sony 75" X9000H $2995 at The Good Guys


I've been looking to get this one and the good guys started black Friday a bit early.
Great reviews about the TV and has been discussed here many times.
Free click and collect. 55$ for delivery.
Don't forget cash back.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    luckily I didnt wait til black friday to purchase 65"

    • im also shopping for a 65". do you mind sharing where you got yours from and how much?

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        $1,954 delivered from TGG back in early October.

    • Same! Paid $1995 for mine from HN beginning of November.

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    $300 cheaper for the 55" damaged box/possibly refurb deal earlier today.

    +If this is The Good Guy's sale price what were they selling them for before?

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    How does this compare to an Oled, say BX?

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    Called their sales 2-3 weeks ago.
    Was able to get close to $2k for the 65".
    This is a reasonable price, but could do better

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    Isnt the 65" always this price?

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    Aren't those just standard retail prices? Don't see these prices as a bargain

  • Call them for a better deal

  • x9000h or the q80T ? both roughly will be the same price based on JBhifi BF catalogue. i cant work out why the sony is so much cheaper (excluding sales) - seems to have everything the samsung does?

    edit was comparing. 75"

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    85 isn’t even on sale, it’s gone up in the past 3 weeks

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    Wow, that's an extremely disappointing Black Friday catalogue.

  • Sighhh waited a year for these 85" deals 😞

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    I'm still recovering from the fact I paid $2750 for pickup of the 75" I hope people read the comments and other thread before thinking this is a great deal for the 75".
    see also here, a little bit over $2500 for 75"!

    • how can i get this price during black Friday period?

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    Wasn't aware that RRP prices could be considered black friday deals.

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    No bargains listed.

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    Delete this post, not bargain here

  • $2295 for 65" is the RRP

  • $1795 for the 55" is the RRP. Not a bargain.

  • RRP

  • I think you've got your wires crossed here. This is not a bargain at all. It's either RRP or very close to it and they have been available for at least 10% cheaper in recent weeks.

  • This is RRP.

  • For the 65" inch you can see from Price Hipster that it's just standard pricing.
    The 75 inch is a little better, but it's just back to what it was before in October.
    If they want to have a Black Friday special, the whole point is to have a special price, otherwise don't bother.

  • I bought the 75” x9500h for this price, so definitely not a great deal.

    • can i still get your deal now?

      • Yes, it should be possible. I negotiated in store, so it wasn’t an advertised price.

        • when did you bought the 75x9500?

          do you mind share receipt with me ?

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