This was posted 1 year 1 month 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Google Nest Mini Bundle 10,000 Telstra Points (Was 15,000 Points)


Originally 15,000 Telstra Points - which was a reasonable deal, is now only 10,000 points for a bundle of 2 second gen Google Nest Minis.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • FYI sold 2 of these for $30 each, so could make some $$$ out of it that way. YMMV but there are a stack of these out there so I was happy with that…

  • Thanks. Have now got 4 "free" minis from various promotions. Running out of rooms to put them in.

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      pair them, if you are using them for music.

    • Toilets?

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    Thanks, just bought 2 for $30 as I only had 5000 points. I'll be gifting these for Christmas!

  • Thanks. Had enough points to grab these.

    Will gift or sell. Decisions decisions.

  • Brilliant! Been saving for these with my points but didn't think I'd get them until next year. Suddenly I've bought them with points to spare!

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    Damn bought them for 15,000 2 weeks ago!

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      probably hasn't arrived, cancel it

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    Thanks, I needed to get rid of my points before leaving Telstra.

    • Exactly as I just did

    • You don't actually need to spend it if you plan on coming back to telstra again. Points still remain. I've left telstra for 6 months or so

      • Wasn't aware of that, thanks.

    • Same. Had 20k to spend, so ordered 2 bundles, 4 in total. Am thinking of hooking them all up in the same room, and repeat the experiment of them talking to eachother. Or I may get them to repeat-call Telstra support.

  • I've got 30k points, tempted to claim 6 of these.

  • Thanks OP, a couple less presents to find meaning less time at the shops. Cheers!

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    Never got mine from last time and they have no way to contact them about any issues, so beware.

    • Chat in the My Telstra app

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    What are some other ozbrargainer's experiences with the Telstra plus rewards store? I haven't redeemed my points yet. Are the delivery delays pretty bad?

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      As above person if there is an issue with order there is no-one who can help.

      I had a missing order where tracking did not work and orders where they took points and did not send the items. Been following up with their complaints area for a month. However, if you have the points you might as well use them and hope for the best.

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      YMMV, I ordered these on the 24th and received 26th.

  • Is it worth hoarding points or just use as its accumulated

  • I'm so pissed at Google. Google rep says I have to place my nest mini next to my router for it to work. All other minis work fine, except for one.

    • I have had a lot of reliability issues with a mini using the 2.4GHz band. Constant errors and music stopping playing. When I switched it to 5Ghz the issues went away, though the 5Ghz signal was weaker in terms of dB.

  • How do you choose colour?

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      There's grey, and chalk. Also dark-white /

      • But I don’t think I saw those options on the Telstra order page - did you?

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          Telstra only sell the chalk.

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    Just had mine delivered, ordered straight away after OP posted the deal.

  • so an error occurred at the last step for one of my orders.. no confirmation email but points were deducted. now trying to get this sorted out with telstra….

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