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Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G 8GB/128GB International Ed $577.15 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals


Absolute biggest bang for your buck phone for the price IMO. Got this for the wife cheapest by far. There is also the 6GB version available for $10 less but why would you?

Comes down to $568.15 with cashback.

Looking forward to the no band 28 and Chinese spy phone and Miui suck comments but honestly very happy with Xiaomi especially with Miui eu

Don't see these going cheaper Black Friday

Thought about getting the pro but couldn't justify the price.

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  • Going to post the same thing I did in other TobyDeals thread. Ordered the Mi 10T in Cosmic Black on 11/11 and have not received any updates regarding shipping yet. Multiple emails sent through but have yet to receive a reply to those either.

    • Identical situation, status - processing, even though they promise shipping in 24-72h. No reply to my email sent 4 days ago.

    • same here, still 'processing' and no reply to emails

    • The communication at Tobydeals is in the dumpster. I got a dispatch email within 2 days. Will see if I get a coin in an envelope or an actual phone though.

    • 2 weeks, 4 emails and 1 PayPal dispute later, this is the response I got:

      "Dear Customer,

      Thank you for your message.

      Please be informed that the order has been cancelled due to filed dispute from your end.

      With that being said, the full refund has been processed on your account already.

      We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

      Should you have further questions, please do contact us."

      Edit: No reply/refund received via PayPal just yet but I'm guessing they'll let that drag on as long as they can before refunding.

      • I think i'd prefer your situation I've actually got a tracking number and I ordered the wrong spec device lol wasn't able to contact them to get the change I wanted.

  • Does this have expandable memory there was no mention of it in the feature specs.

  • I understand why people dislike this phone, but truly I have had nothing but an amazing experience with my Mi 9T Pro (the last gen version). Xiaomi makes it incredibly easy to unlock the bootloader and flash a custom ROM, so if you're interested in getting rid of MIUI it can be done rather easily with one YouTube video. Can't speak for the quality of TobyDeals though, as I bought mine straight off of AliExpress. Seems like some people have had some problems with them, so best to steer clear if possible imo.

    • Does it have band 28?

      Had a mi5s absolute amazing phone at the time lasted over 3 years and retired working. Now on a Poco F2 and love it.

      Bought about 3 phones for family. Never had any issues with Toby. Slow postage and no communication but arrived in one piece.

      • Mi 9T Pro and non Pro model both have N28 and NFC.

        This phone once again is not the international version, this is pure false marketing as it doesn't support N28 as it should. (International Model sold by Kogan does have N28).

        This is a Chinese version flashed with the global ROM so it doesn't make it International Version.

        I have the Mi 9T at the moment and I love it and I'm so reluctant to upgrade to anything if it won't be that much better and even though this should be I'm not falling for this fake/false advertising.

        OP correct me if I'm wrong. (I did email them asking for the model number and they refused to give it to me apparently for security reasons lel)

        • There is an Indian version and a global version. Both have B28. I don't think there is a Chinese version.

          Please link me to this so called Chinese version.

          ….Recently, the Xiaomi Mi 10T series was announced for many markets. But it is not available for purchase in China….

          So many misconceptions about Xiaomi. Oh well, people missing out.

  • TobyDeals service is too inconsistent. Stay away. Ordered a phone from them that was listed in stock only to find out almost 2 months after I emailed them, that they have no stock and are awaiting a new shipment to get to their warehouse. Ridiculous!

  • Thought about getting the pro but couldn't justify the price.

    Pro comes to $670 after cashback and cart3

    Better (Sony) camera for the extra $100

  • Buy a screen protector for that one and a solid case. Parts of the phone are linked to the device, if you drop it, can’t go to the local repair shop

  • A phone with flagship specs and a large battery that was launched 2-3 months ago for <$600. That is pretty damn cheap by today's standards.

  • Hmm is it worth buying this and selling my Exynos s10+? Could get a new phone and pocket $200 or so.

    • There is no way you're getting $800 for your S10+.

      • Plenty of them going for that on marketplace on facebook! $700-800.

        • What someone asks for and what they get are two very different things. The very best of luck.

          • @xyron: Haha fair point bud! Ill keep my s10+ for a while i guess. Might pick up something next year.

            • @Shanetrain: I upgraded to a Note 20 Ultra recently and couldn't even field offers of more than $800 for my mint condition, under warranty S20+ (which is what Mobile Monster would pay for it). People asking $800+ for their S10+ are dreaming honestly.

              That said, if you can do without wireless charging, I do think that the Mi 10T is an upgrade over the S10+ (especially the Exynos version). You could probably get at least $600 for the S10+ second hand so you wouldn't really be out of pocket either.

              • @xyron: Yea second hand phone selling is brutal haha. Appreciate the input! I read a lot about pros and cons for mi 10 vs s10+ and most said stick with s10.
                Any reason you recommend mi 10?

                • @Shanetrain: The Snapdragon 865 and 144hz screen are both a big step up from the S10+. S10+ probably has better cameras though. Mi 10T will have much better battery life, especially given how inefficient the Exynos chip is in comparison.

                  But it may not be worth the rigmarole of upgrading, TBH.

        • I find that extremely hard to believe.

          You can get a brand new s10 5G (the version above the s10+) for $800.


  • This or the oneplus 8? Very comparable.

  • Just bought this decent deal gamble with tobydeals tho will see