This was posted 10 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Steam - Control Ultimate Edition $25.48 @ GreenManGaming


Control Ultimate Edition for PC for 25.48$, seems cheaper than it has been previously as it includes all DLC.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Excellent, been waiting on the Steam version with the DLC at a decent price.

    Edit/ price came out at $23.98 when I got to checkout. Even better, cheers OP. Also don't forget your cashrewards people.

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      confirmed, when signed in its showing $23.98

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    Strongly recommend game. Big fans of SCP should get and there is one part of the game that is truly amazing that left me smiling the whole way.

    • Haha, I know exactly which bit it'll be!

      Can agree on recommendation, haven't enjoyed a game this much since Portal 2.

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    This game for me was an easy 9.5/10, but I've always been a big fan of Remedy games (I know they're not to everyone's taste).

    • I'm not sure about it. I though Alan Wake was ok but could have been better. Hated Max Payne 3.

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        Max Payne 3 was Rockstar Games (of GTA fame), not Remedy.

  • Was tempted to get it on ps4 for $30 since it has the ps5 upgrade free next year. But this is cheaper good stuff.

  • GameBillet are slightly cheaper but they charge in USD (or GBP for paypal) so conversion can be a little all over the place but paypal is showing me $24.35AUD right now -

    EDIT: still cheaper at GMG if you're signed in - $23.98aud

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    Doubt it'd be cheaper, but maybe hold off until tomorrow morning when the Steam sale starts just in case.

  • So weird, been waiting for this and it was $59.95 at 10am this morning @ GMG. Thanks for the post OP!

  • Nice price for what I found to be a great game.

  • Fantastic game. Annoyed with how they've treated console owners, but this is a great price for anyone who hasn't bought it yet.

  • Great game. I bought this on Epic Russian site.

    • for how much?

      • $13 based game and $14 expansion foundation + awe.

  • Thanks, picked up a copy.

  • I want to buy this but still holding out that it'll come out on Gamepass…

    • I don't think you'll get the DLC included if it came to game pass.

  • hm..this or PS4 version for PS5 upgrade?
    For me, PC = better control with mouse and kb (can't shoot with controller)
    PS5 = better visual / ray tracing (running a 980ti on PC so no ray tracing)

  • I already have the standard version. Is there a good deal somewhere for DLCs?

  • off topic: Destiny 2 - Shadowkeep 55% off, $18AUD on Greenman Gaming, you get the expansion plus the current season pass. Lowest price ever from legit sellers. Season pass alone is worth $14.95AUD on steam.

    update: now even cheaper @ GameBillet, $15.21AUD. see
    deal lasts for another 6 days

    • I was wrong, no more season pass with shadowkeep.

  • "This game is out of stock" ??

  • Well… I checked out, paid via PayPal then the site failed when it returned back to GMG. Money taken, no game. Lovely first experience with them.

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    Had to jump through a few hoops to get this done but in the end it worked…

    1) Add it into the cart before signing in, otherwise it will show as out of stock
    2) Go to the cart, sign in, I paid via Paypal
    3) It'll say purchase successful but then hang at the order summary screen
    4) Go to account > your purchases and activate from there.

  • I've been waiting for an opportunity to grab this game for a while, and it's now on sale everywhere.
    As my GPU (RX 5700 XT) has no support for ray tracing, I ended up buying the Xbox version from Microsoft Store (AU$34.97) this will include an update to support ray tracing on the xbox series x (when I manage to grab one) meanwhile I can play on my Xbox one X.
    I have redeemed less than 20000 Microsoft rewards for AUD 20 so the game came up to $14.97 (and I should also get some cash rewards for it).
    Sounded like a good deal to me.
    PS.: I didn't have enough VIP points to make the price go down to $23.98 so for me the PC version would be $25.48 @ GreenManGaming

  • Price is about $20.40 here:

    • damn it! on well, only $5 lol