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Amino Z Whey Protein Isolate WPI 1kg $29.95 Delivered (+$5 credit) / 3kg $69.95 Delivered (+$15 credit) + 25% off @ Amino Z


Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support for this promotion! We unfortunately have exceeded our stock allocation as of this morning and have had to end this promotion prematurely to avoid lengthy backorder delays. All orders placed will be fulfilled within the promised time frames. Thank you again to everyone! - Jay

I've been inundated with requests to run this deal again. So here goes (with something extra):

1kg for $29.95 Delivered + $5 back in store credit (Usually $34.95 + Delivery)
3kg for $69.95 Delivered + $15 back in store credit (Usually $94.95 + Delivery)
Plus 25% off any other Amino Z branded supplements (that's the "something extra") :)

Coupon code: OZB-BLACK (add in shopping cart)

I've done another video today outlining product info and a mixing demo (sorry for the below average editing!):

Update (27/11 12.17pm):

  • As of 27/11 12.09pm, this deal now excludes Choc Coconut and Coconut for new orders only. If you have already placed your order you will not be affected. The discount will no longer apply to new orders on these flavours. This is because we have sold high volumes of these flavours and wait time could exceed 12 weeks for any new orders. All existing orders will be fulfilled within the promised time-frame.
  • As our sales have exceeded projections, we may need to restrict other flavours soon to avoid unacceptable delays in fulfillment.
  • Some flavours are on backorder. New stock for new orders will be produced and shipped within three weeks. If you have already ordered this and did not receive a backorder notification, then stock has been reserved for your order. Please check the product page before ordering.
  • Many flavours are still in stock.

A quick breakdown of the product:

  • Available in: Chocolate, Vanilla Creamy, Chocolate Coconut (like Bounty), Banana, Strawberry, Choc Orange (like Jaffa's), Chocolate Banana (New!), Chocolate Mint (New!), Coconut Ice Cream (New!) and Unflavoured
  • Please note we have limited availability in Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Banana flavours
  • Per serve: 29.1 - 24.4g protein / 0.3 - 0.9g fat / 0.4 - 3.4g carbs (varies between flavours)
  • Protein is grass fed, added hormone free, ultra and micro filtered and cold pressed
  • All natural flavouring and sweetener. We use stevia and no artificial flavours.
  • Soy free - we use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin (which is common in whey proteins)
  • 100% Australian made
  • Backed by our 110% guarantee. Try it and if you don't love it, we'll give you 110% back (in store credit) or a full refund (including delivery). As I mentioned in the video, we offer this so you can try the product risk-free. If you've opened it up to try it we're not going to make you send it back either.

Some other notes:

  • If you're after 3kg, you can choose a 3kg size OR 3x 1kg sizes if you want to try different flavours. We pack these into 1kg pouches so either way you'll receive 3x 1kg pouches. To do so, just add in multiple 1kg options (eg. 1kg Chocolate, 1kg Vanilla, 1kg Chocolate Coconut) and then apply the coupon code in cart.
  • To view the full nutritional panel, just click on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab on the page and then select the flavour.
  • Store credit is assigned as "Z Points" to your account within 24 hours after your order ships. It can then be applied to any future order that you place.
  • Best before dates will be 20-24 months away. We turn this product over very quickly so all current stock has been produced recently.

As an aside, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us on here and also to everyone who took the time to email me with product feedback - it's the only way we can improve! We have already made several product improvements (the scoop was a common one). And we're in the process of implementing various other improvements and new flavours too. We also now have the amino acid profile published.

Any questions please ask!

Amino Z (Owner and Deals Guy)

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    • Hi No ONE. Sorry about the confusion - this is just a system thing, we take out the larger size and put in the smaller size. It's just packed into 1 kg bags.


  • Had trouble with the payment screen freezing on my phone, once I got to my pc it worked fine and I ended up getting some pre-work out as well.

    • Thanks for the order ManaSpade, and sorry for the issue on your phone. Would you mind sharing what type of phone you're using so I can have the issue looked into? Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Op, can the referral bonus be stacked with the code? sorry if this has already been asked.

    • Hi lousy, no it cannot. This cannot be stacked with any other discounts. Thanks for asking though!


  • Hi Op,

    I initially made an order for WPI Chocolate Coconut but added a sample of vanilla which was out of stock and would not be sent separately. My order has now been amended by your team only to find that chocolate coconut WPI is also on backorder and will be delayed. I hope this can be rectified. Thanks (Order 109593321).

    • Hi hywindz - sure we can rectify this for you. I'll get Vanessa onto this for you as priority.


      • Thanks.

  • OP, couple of questions:

    A. So, what flavours are the best selling that are still in the deal?

    B. DO you have any Whey protein which has no stevia? Is that in this deal as well?

    • Thanks for asking Yoman55555.

      The best selling flavours still in the deal are vanilla and chocolate. Vanilla is running low on stock (but still available). Chocolate is on backorder.

      We do have whey without stevia, it would be the unflavoured. This is just straight whey protein isolate and only has sunflower lecithin added to aid in the mixability of the product. We have plenty of the unflavoured available.

      Hope this helps!


      • +1

        Thanks. Bought them :)

        • Awesome thanks for the order Yoman55555!


          • @aminozcomau: actually i am getting this:
            Coupon code "OZB-BLACK" is not valid.

            Also, the store credit can be used with this coupon or is that for later?

            • @Yoman55555: Try now - we turned the promo off, but activated it so you can put this through. Will need to deactivate in 5 minutes however as an FYI.


              • @aminozcomau: Hi is the promo expired?
                Invalid code for me as well

                • @MXsoul: Hi MXsoul, yes we have sold out of our sale allocation now I'm afraid. We still have our website Black Friday promotion on at the moment with 25% off across the entire Amino Z range however.


  • Hi Jay, I have tried to reach you by PM. Just wondering when the $15 Store Credit will be applied as item has been shipped on the 26th Nov (more than 24 hrs).

    Also, can we use the store credit in conjunction with the current 25% off?

    Thanks very much.

    • Hi ArtlessArt, I'll get Vanessa to check and manually apply this if the system didn't do this automatically. She will get back to you via PM.

      And yes you can use store credit with the current promotion.


  • Hi Jay,

    Its a shame this ended early. I was interested in the 3kg unflavoured protein (if still available).

    I have PM'ed you to see if anything can be done.


    • Sorry about that Cynicaloflife - the sales went nuts and we just couldn't keep up with demand. But I'll get Vanessa to look after you via PM.


      • Awesome thanks! I have replied.

  • Got order delivered. I also got some slim chocolates which was past its best before date. Wondering if it was just mistake or you were getting rid of it…

    • Great to hear it arrived already pyramid. It was just a bonus - we have excess stock in our warehouse.


  • Ah bugger, missed out again! Set a reminder to come back and order today! D'oh 😂

    Wait for round 3 I guess

    • Sorry you missed it nismo. We exceeded sales projections significantly and had to cut the deal to avoid unacceptable delays and out of stocks.


  • Coupon's not valid anymore. Can't backorder on coupon?

    • Sorry akplayer. You missed out. We had to end the deal to avoid unacceptable delays and out of stock.

      • Vanessa
  • Any news on when the next deal will be? Needing a bulk restock soon.

  • I like the additional scoops provided with my order, they weigh approx. 40g of WPI if anyone's wondering. Had a chuckle at the tiny one provided in the protein packaging though lol

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