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Fractal Design Define R6 Mid Tower Case, $199 Delivered + $2.39 Credit Card/PayPal Surcharge @ Centre Com


If you are looking for a case that:

  1. Does NOT have tempered glass, as you don't want multiple flickering lights in your room when you are watching a movie or something.
  2. Does NOT have too much mesh, as you don't want multiple flickering lights in your room when you are watching a movie or something.
  3. Is "Optimized for silent computing with high-density industrial dampening on side, top and front panels".
  4. Performs relatively well with air cooling, even when the above three criteria are met. (Temperature performance reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHGAJYcgBHI)
  5. Is made out of a whopping 12.4kg worth of quality metal and plastic and whatever.

This case should be the one for you. Maybe. Perhaps?

One important thing I would like to note though, is that this model does not have a USB-C port at the front. -Which is depressing for some people, especially at this price range.
I'm going to live with the one USB-C port at the back from my motherboard, but the front ports ARE replaceable with a USB-C INCLUDED connector if needed ($39AUD RRP), as shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8cvH2NF0po

Some key notes that may help with your decision, as it did mine:

  1. I pulled the trigger on this case as it is an old model, and not many retailers seem to want to re-stock this non-tempered glass model.
  2. For those that may suggest the newer model from Fractal, the Define R6 is actually better than the new Define 7 for my use case scenario: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeTxUjUrw4A
  3. Amazon UK has them for $180 but their delivery fees are $250+.
  4. Some Aussie retailers do have them, but they usually only have the ones with tempered glass for $220~$260 and/or their delivery fees are around $30~$70.
  5. eBay "might" come up with sellers on Black Friday that undercut this $199 delivered price, but not by much (the lowest that has ever been posted on OzBargain before is $179 + $31 Delivery or Free Pickup and I can't do pick up), so I am confident that I can make more gains with my time spent looking for other parts on Black Friday.
  6. Opportunity costs are real on days like Black Friday to Cyber Monday. There are going to be deals you can't click into in time, especially if you are looking for multiple parts. It is a good idea to grab some deals that might not be the absolute best, but will make your PC the best bargain you could get overall.

On the other hand, if the computer case is your last piece of the puzzle and you aren't looking for any other computer parts, I would wait for Black Friday.

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    1. Does NOT have tempered glass, as you don't want multiple flickering lights in your room when you are watching a movie or something.
    2. Does NOT have too much mesh, as you don't want multiple flickering lights in your room when you are watching a movie or something.

    You could just turn off the RGB / Leds if you don't like it..

    • Too true!

      I was just talking about the people who don't want RGB in general. As they are losing more than they are gaining by getting a tempered glass model.
      1. Tempered glass is extremely fragile compared to metal.
      2. Tempered glass is much less in terms of noise reduction compared to the metal + noise dampener.
      3. You are going to have to find and download and install a bunch of compatible software to turn off each RGB light, GPU light and motherboard light and find out if there are any options in the BIOS etc… To truly turn off everything, all because you got tempered glass. I'm not going to say that's impossible, but very time consuming and lots of bloatware for someone who just doesn't want RGB in general. You wouldn't have had to do any of that if you just got the metal side panel.

      For the people who actually want the RGB, I totally agree!
      Turning it off during times where you want to focus on your screen and getting tempered glass is most likely the best option.

      • I went for a Define 7 Compact. I dont need that much space.

        Also, airflow cases are typically quieter than solid cases in load situations, the opposite is true if youre trying a super silent build without too much load.

        • Or with HDDs. Can't reduce their speed to compensate for lack of dampening. It's where these built-like-a-tank Fractals shine and part of the reason my 9 year old Define Mini is likely to remain my main case for at least a few more years.

          Actually wouldn't mind upgrading to this one, but it's short one 5.25" bay!

        • how are you finding it - I am about to buy one

          • @hotukdeals: Great if you dont use the bottom hard drive cage. Might be a bit lacking in airflow.

            • @ATangk: Agreed - the cabling is tight if you use the hard drive cage, and it took a bit of undervolting to get my 3080 to run quietly under load (temps were higher than they would be in an airflow case).

              Otherwise, looks awesome and built well. Good features as well.

    • Sometimes it's not easy to do on some operation systems, I was not able to switch off lights on some video cards under Linux.

      • Sure you can, you just need to modify the device driver yourself, recompile it, figure out why it didnt work, troubleshoot, recompile, have something fail because of a typo, compile it again and find that it worked on 2/3 lights, go back to the drawing board, remove the card and study its traces, go to university for 4 years to earn a computer engineer degree, continue refining your program, recompile, this time the problem light is off but the other 2 are on. Get a job with the system integrator, gain access to their source code, find the offending bits, flip them and you're done. Easy as. Any reasonably skilled linux user could do it ;)

    • A lot of motherboards and GPUs need to have their LED's disabled in software that only engages after windows has booted.
      So if there is any issue with the software or you haven't booted yet, you will still see LEDs depending on the parts.

      Also a lot of people just see glass windows on PCs as incredibly tacky, LEDs or no.

  • Great Case, I have the glass side version.

  • I have this case and its easily the best case I have ever owned and I have had quite a few. The deadening is quite effective, does a great of quiet cooling and easily fits a Noctua CPU 15 cooler and a full length RTX3090.

  • Also consider this be quiet 601 case for something similar- no RGB, heavy sound foam, no window for $169.

    But fractal design has better reputation overall.

  • but RGB gives 5fps extra performance

  • I have this case. Only problem I have is that I accidentally push the power button when I
    , pulling out the USB devices.

    • You can usually change the power button from 'instant' to '4 second press required' in most bioses.

    • To get around this and to stop my cats hitting/sitting on the power button when they jump on top, I connected the reset button to the power on pins on the motherboard. Does mean I have to open the door to power on, but no more accidental presses.

      I can't remember the last time I ever needed to reset

  • The Fractal Design Define cases are great, probably the best quality case I have used. I wish they had the Fractal Design Define 7 XL version on sale.

  • I prefer the R5. Has a 140mm side GPU fan mount. Makes a big difference especially for the hot graphics cards these days

  • had this case for few years now, best case ever - quiet but HEAVY

  • How recent is this case? Looks like the one I had years ago but is just sitting in storage

    Wonder if it's still worth anything…

    • I also have an older one that looks identical to this - but not the same. I think they came out in 2013 or somewhere around that time.

    • +3 votes

      R6 Dec 2017.
      R7 Feb 2020.

  • I have an R5 and R6. Both amazing cases. Also previously an R2 XL. Great to work on. Silent. No RGB crap. Excellent airflow. Would take a lot for me to switch brands.

    • The define series is pretty great.

      My r3 door paint has started to peel after a few years tho which sucks.

      • I have and still love the R3. My next pc case must have at least 1 ODD bay, because (old man yells at cloud) I still need a drive for my movie purchases!!

  • I have this case. Can somebody recommend an under desk mount? Can't find a big enough one. The one I have is a bit flimsy.

  • I have the Fractal R2? from almost 10 years ago now. Recently I went to install a large HDD and noted there was a new screw layout that wasn't supported by my case. I emailed Fractal Design and they very quickly shipped a brand new bracket for my case to support the new HDD, at no charge at all. I was amazed - Great support at least.

  • I really hate the RGB thing and I am not into gaming/oc etc. This case sounds right for me who is after a really boring and reliable case.

    But as OZbargainer, is there any other thing that is simple and cheap with decent quality for non-oc use which meets my need? Just an IBM thinkstation like boring case would be perfect.

  • Meshify 2 is only $50 more

  • Great case, I got the USB-C model but my motherboard doesn't have the right plug (doesn't seem quite standardized yet) so I needed an adaptor from Aliexpress.

    It's very quiet very well built and lots of hard drive slots if your PC doubles as a server like mine.

  • I don't get it. How am I meant to impress women if they can't see my expensive PC components?

  • It pisses me off when they make cases that "support 11x 3.5" and only include trays for 6 of them. Its a folded piece of sheet metal and you want me to spend another $100+ just to use this case to the extent (by their own admission) it was designed for.

    It's a nice case, had one a while back, overrated but not many options for tower cases for that many HDDs these days. There are other brands that build better cases with less gimmicky "look how many ways you can assemble this".

  • I bought one of these for $50 second hand, highly recommend it. It's so quiet compared to my Corsair tempered glass case

  • I have this case myself and would recommend it to anyone, especially people who don't like to be distracted by the RGB lights from your mb, gpu and rams.

    I also found the glass version is not practiable to me as it doesn't provide good sound deadening as the thick metal panel does.

  • I've had 1 FD case and 1 be quiet case in the past and currently on Phanteks P600S with all sound dampening panels removed. The thing about sound dampening cases is you could just lower fan speed on air flow cases to achieve the same noise performance and equal or better thermal performance.
    This noise normalized chart should say it all. A whole 12C warmer CPU than top mesh cases while being 1.4dBA quieter. Although it's worth to note that GPU temp is surprisingly good.
    So unless you have those noisy spinning HDDs, air flow cases are just gonna be better in either (pun intended) case really. After all, that's what a case should be all about in my opinion: air flow performance.

    • As much as I agree with GN on airflow cases being great- for people who just want silent, not 36dbA, but actual, inaudible silence: there's only one way. Bad thermals and sound deadening. Yes you can get impressively quiet by lowering fan speeds. But at the lowest fan speed you can still hear it on mesh cases. Then there's coil whine, vibration noise, high pitch from fan motor noise. Every fan has it. I have noctuas and arctic p12s at minimum fan speed and I could still hear them in my previous case.

      36dBA is too much for me. I want it to be at my noise floor of 30dbA. Would happily trade 10C on my CPU for inaudible fans.

      So unfortunately there will still be a 'case' for noise-dampened cases. I should know, I'm one of these neurotic people.

      • You do realize 36 dbA is just an arbitrary normalized noise level GN picked for their torture test? In reality you probably can get much closer to your 30dbA with a mesh case + proper fans. You mentioned p12s and I think if you're so obsessed with noise 120mm fan is not a good way to go about it. Let's take this Lian Li 215, it's (gasp) almost 16C cooler than a FD Define 7. I think you can easily get 30dbA on it or just about any 2x200mm mesh cases with normal (not torture) usage. Since noise normalized test is fairly new, GN doesn't have data for the CM H500 series yet but I wouldn't be surprised that they pull similar numbers. My guess is 2-3 of good Noctua/be quiet!/Phanteks 140mm fans can get there too on cases like LL Lancool 2 Mesh or Phanteks P500A/P400A without a 16C sacrifice.

        Another point I'd like to make is you can't really pick your GPU/PSU coolers easily and you are doing them no favor running them in sound dampening cases. I'm running D15S + 3xNF-A14 + RM850X + 1080 Ti Lightning Z on the Phanteks P600S. If I'm browsing/working/light gaming (probably 90% of my usage at the moment) then both the GPU and PSU fans don't turn on, coil whine is non-existent for me, and the only noise then comes from the Noctua 140mm fans and let me tell you they are supremely silent, enough for my light sleepers in-laws to visit us. Honestly my mouse/keyboard are way noisier. Not to mention the P600S is far from the best airflow cases even with both sound dampening panels off.

        • I'm just offering my experience. No need to be demeaning. If it works for you, then it works for you.
          Mesh cases don't work for me, because I can hear the fans, vibration noise, and coil whine on their lowest settings and it bothers me. This may be the case for other people interested in a sound-dampening case.
          I don't know what else to tell you. I'll eat the 16C penalty because it doesn't matter to me.
          I'll run hot so that I can't hear my computer when I do anything. There's not much more to say than that.

  • Is there no case with good airflow and no tempered glass?

    • Meshify C, meshify 2, phanteks enthoo pro 2 and p600s are a few with a solid side panel option.