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[eBay Plus] Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor $743.20 Delivered @ futu_online eBay


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  • Is there anything that justifies the more than double price tag compared to the S2721Q? Genuinely curious, none of the specs jump out, except more IO…

    • Yes. That’s the only difference it seems. But good ones. USB-C upstream and downstream. You can connect your laptop with USB-C for display plus charge it as well. Less cables.

      • The price of convenience here is far too steep then. Seriously, no one should have to pay this sort of premium simply because they only want a one cable solution. Even if you've got dough to just throw away my ozbargain soul just can't do it!

    • Better colour accuracy for broadcast editors like me, along with 4k and inputs combined.

      Jumped on this like a shark and I think they're out of stock now. Price has jumped!

      • Since you're editing for broadcast content you would only be concerned with the sRGB coverage, both of which have the same 99% rating, making the colour accuracy statement redundant…

  • I have both S2720Q and U2720Q.

    U2720Q is much more convenient if you are using Mac because you can connect it via usb-c and you also get a usb-hub from monitor.

    S2720q on the other hand has a not-so-good stand and speaker. (no usb-hub)

    I don't think it justify the price difference for normal user though.

    • I had bought S2720Q but haven’t delivered yet. I’ll use it as single monitor setup for work mainly. No gaming or graphics. Not going to use speakers. USB-C hub doesn’t matter really so you reckon I’ll be ok with S? Someone on ebay has reviewed on same listing that Dell doesn’t support MAC and their U27 has already stopped working with MAC.

      • If you don’t care about USB-C connectivity, P3 colour space or the integrated USB hub, there’s no reason to get the U2720Q over the S2720Q.

        Edit: and the pass-through charging

      • It does work with Mac, you need a Thunderbolt 3 (Certified) USB C cable for 4K Res.

        • You don't need a Thunderbolt 3 cable for this, just a USB-c that supports monitors will be fine. The monitor is not a thunderbolt monitor

  • Highly recommend U2720Q - comes with USB C ports - 30 Bit Color. HDR+ / HDR 400. Bought it for $790 from Dell a few months ago.

    Please note S2720Q only has 10Bit Color and no USB C ports. If you're editing 12 Bit 4.2.2. videos or editing photos, you may not like it.

    I use with a MacBook Pro 15 - 2018 - Thunderbolt 3 (Certified) USB C cable.

  • Waiting for LiiMaaa's post tomorrow, will be epic.