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Creative Sound Blaster X3 Hi-Res 7.1 USB DAC & Amp Sound Card $159.95 Delivered @ Creative AU


The Creative Sound Blaster X3 is back on sale.
Missed out on the last deal so have been waiting for it since as it sold out pretty quickly.

Some reviews can be found in previous post from emoticon.


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  • X3 or G6? Any advice?

    • From reddit: "G6 has the better dac. The x3 has usb c input. If you dont have speaker that can handle a sub. The x3 has sub out. "

      • +1

        the better dac

        Meaning it sounds exactly the same. The same as most DACs.

        • +3

          Not true whatsoever. It's subjective, but I've noticed a massive improvement going from my mobo sound to a fiio btr5 listening via my HD6xx's on balanced cables.

    • I bought the X3 and tested it for three days with headphone terminal problems, eventually returned it and bought the G6 instead.

      In comparing the two products, which is not better, it sounds different. In particular, the X3's Super X-Fi technology had a very good sense of space.

    • While this may have not any bearing, the X3 consists of the AKM AK4485VN DAC chip while the G6 uses the Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC…

      On paper, the G6 can decode up to 32 bit / 384 kHz while X3 at 32 bit / 192 kHz - may or may not make a difference to the "colour" of the sound… meh. My late 30's ears will probably not tell a difference.

      Most of the online reviews / comments suggest that the G6 has a bit more "power" and is the one to get for gaming.

      I've been pondering on which to purchase myself as well… and I think because of the versatility on the connections / outputs - I will go with the X3.

    • Thanks for your advices everyone, pulled the trigger for G6 this morning.

  • -3

    Creative makes the best sound cards at affordable price

  • +2

    i saw the thumbnail and thought this was a sega megadrive lol

  • Looks like both this and G6 do not support DTS. No wonder they keep discounting these products and never discount the revised Ae5 pure plus.

  • I bought one of these earlier this year for same price. Its a good combo amp/dac for the price the software has some cool features and also some gimmicks. My microphone input quality and headphone output quality was significantly better then motherboard sound card.

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