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[UNiDAYS] LG OLED55BXPTA 55” 4K OLED TV $2239.20 + Delivery @ Catch


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  • any good?

  • How come LG is ~$2200 and Hisense is ~$700?

    I'd assume OLED is the main cost, then the faster system/processor, then perhaps spekers (40W in LG). But triple the price?

    • Why ask a question then answer it yourself?

      • I asked if the features I listed are worth the price and opened a discussion, also to verify if there's anything important I've missed. I understand your confusion tho.

    • I have a hisense tv and 2 Samsung and you definitely get what you pay for. I will never buy hisense again

      • Care to elaborate? Always helpful to know feedback on Hisense.

        • I bought a Hisense once before a few years ago… returned that day.
          Was one of their cheaper models, running Android TV, the lag was horrendous, the upscaling to 4K was so bad parts of the screen just wouldn't even refresh from the frame before. Speakers literally had to be inside tin cans.
          Switched to an LG and never looked back.

          Now of course, they've come a fair bit over the years, and have more premium models that people say are good. But even then I'd prefer buying a budget "name" brand than a high-end Hisense just from being burnt in the past.

  • What's the go here? Deal expired?