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MacBook Pro M1 - Black Friday Deal $1799.10 @ Harvey Norman


Harvey Norman is offering 10% off on the MacBook Pro M1 (8GB)

You can further enhance this if you have a Macquarie Bank account (or open one online), as you can get a gift card from the online platform at 5% off. (JB HiFi gift card is 3% off)

Provided there is no restriction on how many gift cards you can use at HN (I can't find anything online that says there are restrictions) you can then score this for close to 1700 dollars.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • You must be new here DarkVegan…. price in title please, before factoring discounted gift cards.

  • I've got the M1 Air: best notebook I've ever had (and I've had a LOT).

    Light, terrific screen, battery goes on for ever, instant on. And even on Rosetta 2 translation for Lightroom 10 it works on my 45 MB RAW files almost as quickly as my MB Pro 16" with 32 GB RAM.

    • Which model did you get - just the base one? 8gb/256gb?

      • I splurged: 8 Cores, 16 GB / 2 TB :)

        For those sitting on the fence: buy at Apple directly - they've extended the no questions asked return period to the beginning of January over the holiday period.

        • Splurged you did :)

          well we've got an old 2012 MBA that is in dire need of upgrading, so i think the base air should be a bit of a step up. I'll keep the work MBP until the beefier upgrades come next year to upgrade that one.

        • Bought something directly from Apple recently and returning it was easy. Full refund. It really was "no questions asked".

        • Can you return it if it was a custom configured model direct from Apple store online?

        • Where did you see the info about returns?

        • Did you order MBP 16GB from Apple directly? Wondering if the shipping timelines in the order email is correct or can they ship earlier as well?

    • +1 vote

      Same. I got the base air and everything is instantaneous

    • If you'd had told me it was going to be that good prior to launch I would have said you're on crack.

      Awesome to hear the performance is good even on x86. Performance will only get better with time!

    • We got the base M1 and I have to say…I have to begrudgingly agree. I've never owned any Apple products before and it was a gift for the GF but I've been using it as much as her and I must say it's an absolute joy and admittedly very easy to use. It's so good, I'm considering leaving Windows/Android altogether and diving into the Apple ecosystem.

    • Yeah they're insanely good. I'm a web developer and my Air is compiling code faster than my 16" MBP despite not even being optimised for the new processors - and with the added bonus of never needing to hear a fan or have the device get uncomfortably hot.

      • Do npm, brew and all those things work?

        • Yeah npm is working fine for me (my node projects are building faster than ever). Brew isn't officially supported yet but it's pretty easy to get up and running and I haven't had any issues so far.

        • Docker doesn’t work yet, and I’m not quite sure how it will.

      • Any idea what temps it's actually hitting? My 2017 MacBook core is idling at 50degrees and hitting 90+ lately.

      • I'm on a similar boat, currently using my 2012 MBP for coding. Trying to juggle between 8GB or 16GB.

        Will definitely need at least 512GB though.

        At that point, do I splurge an extra 400$ for the MBP.

    • I have been using my MacBook Pro 15 for over 3 years now. While I love mine, it has been quite a burden for me carrying it. I am wondering if I should go with the MBA or MBP13 M1 this time. I've read a lot of positive reviews about the MBA where it performs just as well as the MBP13 M1 (while doing better than Intel ones). The only thing holding it back is thermal duration since it only has passive cooling. But for the stuff I do with it (e.g. Lightroom), I don't need sustained rendering and even if I do, I am not pressed for time.

    • Think I'll wait for the 2nd generation of these ARM chips, I think 1st gen is a risk and I know of some software that isn't working well on Rosetta yet (I work in audio/video editing).
      Also, the 13" for what I do is just not big enough.

      • They're not 1st generation, actually, M1 is based on A14 chip, which was based of A13 etc.

        • 1st gen in a Mac with Rosetta, very different.

          I'm not going to be running ANY Apple made apps on this thing (A very different purpose to what they've been used for previously)

  • Oh no Apple post…… watch out for tears.

  • People are buy this at JB for the same price and paying with 15% discounted gift cards.

  • Is there a 16 inch variant of the M1 spec available/coming?

  • this or MBA M1?

    • MBA, for the cooling alone. If you want to use that new found processing power. Give it every chance not to throttle.

    • I am in the same situation. MBA M1 or MBP13 M1? But I kinda like the very slim form factor of the MBA. Also worth pointing out the MBA's screen doesn't go as bright as MBP13 although they are both great at colours.

    • From Macrumors.com;

      The main differences are the display brightness, Touch Bar, microphone and speaker quality, two extra hours of battery life, and active cooling system that set the machines apart in favor of the MacBook Pro. For casual users, this means that the additional $300 to upgrade to a MacBook Pro may be difficult to justify, especially without knowing the exact performance benefits at this time."

      The improved microphone might be handy for WFH Zoom, but note that webcams on all models are 720p and rubbish.

    • 1799ish I’ll go for mba 512gb

    • MBA for always silent, no Touch Bar, slimmer profile.
      MBP for more battery, more thermal headroom, Touch Bar.

      The MBA screen is plenty bright, no real advantage for the MBP on screen brightness alone.

  • ShopBack also allows you to buy Harvey Norman gift cards at 5% off. Will be looking to do that to get the new M1 MacBook Air

  • Ye ol' Reward Gateway too for 5% off gift cards

    Pretty decent deal for new tech

  • Looks like all MacBook / Mac products are 10% off, not just the Macbook Pro 13"… OP did you want to update post?

  • Doesn't AGL rewards also have 5% off HN gift cards

  • I would rather pay double the price and buy it from somewhere else than pay this price from Harvey Norman.

    • Ok, I'll sell one to you for $3598.20. Let's call it a deal.

    • Jbhifi appears to have the same price currently. They’ve got 10% off macs

    • Completely agree with the sentiment - I wouldn't rate the customer service experience I've had from any other major retailer in AU less than a 5/10 but HN is a 2/10

      • I had an issue with a laptop years ago and it was never covered or fixed even though it was 6 months old. That was about 15 years ago and I ha e never been back

  • I hate Apple for various reasons, but even I'll admit they've struck gold with this M1 chip. If you work in design/graphics, this should be your next purchase.

    • Try one out.

      The battery life is crazy good, better than iPads, the performance is very good in a light notebook.

      But once you use one, you notice some other small things, like on any of intel MacBooks when you plug in an external screen everything just freezes for a while while everything re-adjusts. Not on these, everything is instant. Also changing screen resolution is instant, never seen that before on Macs.

      When you wake it from sleep, the instant on really is instant.

      Silent operation even when doing demanding tasks is also a godsend.

      It's all those things in one package.

  • https://www.slashgear.com/m1-macs-can-run-up-to-six-displays...

    Seems like there's now a workaround for the previous limitation of 1 external extended monitor on the current M1 laptops.

  • Such a compelling laptop but I really want to have a laptop that plays Rocket League. Hoping Parallels gets an update for the M1

  • Nah, if you have uniday, you get a better price which is 1.4K delivered.

  • any news for future bootcamp support?

  • In the mean while, I am being patient waiting for the beast mode 16" M1 MBP :)

  • has anyone able to pricematch to Apple store and then take further student discount? .. asking for a friend

  • Air/Pro don't officially support 2 external displays. That's a deal breaker. Otherwise I would be fully in!

    • Source please? That's huge if true. I've been thinking about upgrading to one of these but thinking just the two USB C ports (not even thunderbolt 3?) would make life a little tricky (work environment using multiple monitors and other bits and pieces connected up).

      • Can't find it at apple website, but at appleinsider.com they say "The 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 processor can connect only a single external display at a time in conjunction with the laptop's screen. It supports up to 6K at 60Hz just like the MacBook Air."
        There is a workaround using Displaylink, but it's a pain and CPU intensive and might lose the support with the next update. One display support might be a new Apple feature, so for us who needs more than 1 external monitor there will be a new MB Pro 16" at a premium which can handle that … sucks … Have almost bought one an hour ago, but at this stage it's a no-no.

      • Found it:
        Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display in millions of colours and:
        One external display with up to 6K resolution at 60Hz

        source: Macbook Pro M1 Tech Specs

    • https://www.slashgear.com/m1-macs-can-run-up-to-six-displays...

      You can get multiple monitors working pretty easily as per above article.

      • yeah, workaround using DisplayLink as I mentioned

        • One display support might be a new Apple feature.

          It's not.

          it's a pain and CPU intensive

          In the video linked, it takes all of about 30 seconds. Displaying more monitors, especially at high resolution is always going to be more intensive. Would be interested to see any stats on the CPU cost using display link vs normal multi monitor setup though.

  • Stack with Suncorp 5% GC

  • How long did the Harvey Norman gift card take to be active? Its been 5 hours i'm still waiting.

  • Just bought mine and set it up. Runs rings around my 2019 27" iMac! The speed and snappiness is honestly astonishing!

  • My 2014 MBP better last till the Gen 2 of these things are released.

  • I've had my macbook air 2012 for 7 years, is it worth upgrading to this or the macbook air m1? I need to use light room so concerned about performance.

  • IT pro / devs - please advise !!

    MBP 8 gig enough to run normal stuffs like office, Visio, VS code and for a change full visual studio (sometimes)?

    I’ve got windows since long, but it usually heats up after 4-5 hrs of usage - my poor surface pro 4 (16gb ram and i7)

  • I stopped buying apple due to a warranty dispute in 2013. Really poor form on their part. Anyway…

    Said I would never buy an apple product again but these M1s are crazy good. Tempting but no. I'll stick to my stubborn guns and no sale to racist Harvey.

    I am sure there will be an new cpu arms race, exciting to see.

    There was a period where CPUs didn't really improve until Ryzen.

  • If you go to the deal it says 256gb SSD for $1799.10
    Apple store is selling the 256gb SSD for $1599

    So not a deal unless it is meant to be the 512g SSD model