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Chobani Oat Barista Edition 6x946mL $12 Delivered (50% off) @ Chobani


Received by email, $2 per carton and free delivery:

For one week only, we’re offering you Chobani Oat direct to your door. But hurry, this exclusive online offer is extremely limited and only available until December 5th, or until stocks last.

The new dairy alternative from Chobani Australia. With a superior taste and a rich, creamy texture, coffee makers and drinkers alike are sure to froth Chobani Oat.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +1

    Here’s to trying new things (and less need to mix Oats in with shakes/smoothies) thanks OP!

  • People that have tried it — what does it taste like? Bought a pack anyway, looks good. Thanks OP!

    • First ever sip may feel different, but you will like it. Worked for me though, will buy again

      • Never had Oat Milk before… excited to try this :)

    • To me it tastes like malted milk. Quite delicious

  • +3

    Been drinking this with my coffee this week. A bit sweet in taste than expected. Good deal OP!

    • +4

      Has quite a bit of sugar in it compared to other milk alternatives.

  • Most barista oat milk is double this price so bought it just to try…how bad can it be?

  • I think that's a fantastic deal. Cheers OP.

  • Is there a Best Before on this ?

    • +1

      There is. I'm not sure what it will be, however it should be at least a couple of months from now, based on the fact that I got some last month in October and it was best before 20 Jan 2021.

      • Pretty confident this will be from the same batch as yours ;)

  • +7

    11 grams of sugar per cup, sheesh!

    • +1

      Yeah wow! We drink Vitasoy oat milk (2 for $4 at Coles), which only has 2.5 g per cup. Tastes fine to me.

    • It says 4.4g per cup on the website.
      Where was it mentioned that it contains 11g of sugar?

      • +1

        4.4 you read is per 100ml. But there's no added sugar listed so maybe Canadian and Australian definitions of sugars differ in terms of legal food labeling.

        • You are right. I totally read it wrongly xD

    • There's no added sugar listed in the ingredients and the carbs are roughly the same as the Vitasoy unsweetened oat milk. Must be some different interpretation of what's classed as a sugar?

      • +2

        They add enzymes into the product that breakdown the starchy carbs into sugar, making it sweeter but keeping the net carbs identical

        • Ah ok, that makes more sense.

    • You know that's less than full cream milk right…?

  • -1

    no one thinks its weird drinking things with added oil?

    • +4

      Not really? Animal milk has fat in it, so presumably it's to give oat milk a similar feel.

    • Plant oil is much healthier than animal fat.

    • This is Barista edition, you need added oil so you can make nice cappuccino/late etc.

    • no one thinks its weird drinking things with added oil?

      I do. It seems that most people don't really think about what's in what they're consuming. At the dietary level they're choosing to avoid animal products. But when it comes to taste they still want a creamy coffee. They're not thinking about how cream originally came from animals' mammary glands. So we have all these animal product simulants. To eat simulated animal flesh seems to be in even poorer taste to me (pun semi-intended).

      • Not all avoid dairy milk out of choice. Not everything is meant to simulate animal products too. Olive oil vs butter, canola oil vs duck fat. Sometimes they're just different products.

      • I know some asian soy milks don't have added oil - typically the fresh refrigerated ones. They're generally just cooked and ground soy beans with water strained through it (with added sugar or not).
        Bonsoy doesn't have added oil, but am not sure what the thickening ingredient is.

    • Literally every time you cook in a skillet or pan you are drinking oil

  • How does it compare to Oatly Barista?

  • Thanks OP, ordered 12, goes well with a coffee made with Barista Express! :)

  • From Chobani Australia - Made in Canada. Should this be in a plastic bag? https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/81468/why-do-canadians-d...

    • These were around in the ‘80s (in Queensland at least).

  • From someone who has to drink oat milk at home because their kids are allergic to cow’s milk (CMP) and the common alternatives - soy and almond - I must say it is an excellent alternative from a taste, texture and nutritional perspective. Much better than rice milk. Usually drink vitasoy but will give this a crack.

    • Usually drink vitasoy but will give this a crack.

      Hey that's the same as me!

  • Interesting that it's not a litre but 950ml is that a Canadian liquid quart or something?

    • +1

      Yes, a lot of food packaging there is aligned to the common US quantities rather than metric values. Soft drink cans 355mL/12oz and so on. Probably half a holdover from the transition to metric and half because so much food trade occurs between the two. If you go to a store, things like fresh produce are primarily signed in price per pound, with metric in smaller font. Imperial has much more daily use there than here.

  • what is the expiration date?

    • OP got some in Oct that are expiring late Jan next year. Based on that, a few months from now, possibly?

  • +7

    If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative than oat milk is the best. Low emissions, land and water usage. It also supercedes all other plant based milk in texture if you want to make barista style coffees like lattes ect. High sugar content in this one though…

  • +1

    I just finished a carton of Sanitarium So Good Barista Edition Oat Milk (that's a mouthful), and it was really good in coffee. But it cost $3.00 on sale at Coles last week. So, I bought this deal. Hope it's as good. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      That is my fav oatmilk so far. I hope this one is as good.

      • agreed, up there with Oatly

      • Yep, best tasting by far. And heaps of added vitamins and calcium. Vitasoy has virtually no calcium.

  • Does anyone know how this compares with Bonsoy Soy?

  • Bought one, interested to see how it compares to Oatly

  • I've gotten into oat milk during lockdown. I bought 12 (it generally lasts for ages).

  • Has anyone received their order yet?

    • I received a shipping notification today

    • Nothing yet

      • I reached out to their facebook, they told me that they had overwhelming number of orders. so just have wait it out in line.

    • Got a notification from Auspost about scanning a few days ago, but nothing received in metro Melbourne.

    • +1

      Just got sms from Chobani that it's shipped, but no tracking info..

    • Shipping took approx. 2 weeks, received today.

      Best before reads 20/01/21, a little frustrating they don't clearly state these products are short-dated in the promotion/offer.

      I'm sure it would still be ok shortly thereafter, with this considered I'm not sure this is great value, glad I only got a half dozen, I'll try it from tomorrow.

  • +1

    I received mine today, made iced latte and a smoothie and was very impressed with the taste. Then I realised how much sugar is in it …….

  • Just received my box of 6. Expiry date 21 Jan 2021, drink awayyyyt

  • I was stupid enough to order 12, so have to drink fast! It tastes OK (I guess because of x4 sugar compared to other brands), but this milk is not barista edition, they just slapped a word barista on regular oat milk. It doesn't froth at all, makes loud screeching noises as if it was water. Even Coles barista edition is easier to froth than this.

    In general very disappointing with this brand, first for not disclosing best before dates and also selling regular milk as barista edition.

  • Finally received mine today.

    Best before Jan 21.

    Can safely say will be my first and last purchase of this particular Chobani product.

  • I've tried this milk a few times now and quite apart from the short best before date, it tastes very not-good to me. Almost like fish oil is part of the production process. Sure it's from Canada, it's name brand, but it's worse than any other oat milk I've tried. And it won't froth! 0 stars.

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