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Brita Maxtra+ Filter Cartridge 5 Pack $25 @ Kmart


Greetings everyone, spotted this on the Kmart Black Friday page and seems like a pretty awesome price for these filters.

Value bundle of 4 Pack + 1 Extra included.

Cheapest I've seen in recent times was $5.60 per unit from Amazon UK and this works out to be $5 each. Goes live at 12:01AM AEDT on the website.

Units seem to be Made in Germany as outlined on the packaging. - Note, may be only marked as "German quality and design" rather than made in Germany.

Should be available both online and in-store from what I believe.

As always, enjoy :)

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Verrry nice. Don’t think they get too much cheaper than this

  • As cheap as the anko brand filters, never seen it cheaper

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    Last year only the bonus was made in Germany. The rest were made in china.

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    A Brita jug with 2 filters is also available for $15.

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    Units seem to be Made in Germany as outlined on the packaging.

    I'm in if they are :) otherwise China is a no-go for me. Haven't used mine for 6+ months for that reason.

    • Why?

      • Education maybe? Lack of culture? Who knows

    • it's now virus free then

  • The package says "German quality and design" so I don't think these are made in Germany.

    Amazon UK is selling a pack of 12 for $74 (~$6) each and they are made in the UK.

    • If someone swings by Kmart today can they please verify this?

    • All the packages say "German quality and design" on the front (even the ones actually made in Germany). You have to check the actual country of manufacture printed on the bottom of the box.

      • +1

        I know. Was lucky to find 1 filter months back made in Germany at my Local Coles, Woolies and Bigw. (profanity) why did Brita have to move manufacturing :(

        • Because the majority of people prefer price over quality

          • @incipient: I always bought these regardless of price, cheaper than plastic bottled water and better for the environment.

            • @cobknob: You're definitely the minority ;)

              • @Craze: Nothing wrong with the minority :) It eventually becomes the majority.

  • Wow kmart with the goods for friday! These filters and jugs are awesome

  • Will this fit the Stefani jugs? Specifically the bench top one.

  • Of course I bought the Amazon UK 12 pack two days before this.
    This is a great deal, nice find.

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      Did you see the comments in this deal ?

      Made in the UK and most were unhappy.

    • +4

      China is considered virus free.Europe spread the virus to South Australia last week.

      • -1

        They're not talking about viral contamination. They're talking about contamination with say organic compounds to cheat quality control.

        • +2

          How is that article relevant to a water filter?

          • +1

            @spaceflight: General contamination of manufactured goods.

            • +4

              @incipient: So you must not eat food produced in Australia

              Or feed you pet food produced in Australia

              Or think that honey is safe to eat

              How can one thing that happened in one country define things for everything else that the country produces? It's not like the whole of China was supporting it.

              • @spaceflight: Ok the honey was crap. Even if it wasn't a health issue. But the two bacterial contaminations were just random occurrences, which happen everywhere, and an unconfirmed/unidentifiable issue in the product. None of them are deliberate choices to risk the lives of consumers for profit. Completely different kettles of fish.

              • @spaceflight: There are always risks. And I'm fairly certain if the media in China didn't bury all the negative news there be a hell of lot more than what happens here on an exponential scale.

                It's so funny I don't purchase any of those products. Stopped eating salmon ages ago. Taste different now, and a lot of it is farmed too and you watch those docos it ain't pretty. Bit like the basa fish in the 2000s. Would never buy honey in a supermarket now either, there are better places to buy that.

                I got no problem buying products out of China. Just not food or food related. Heavy metal contamination is always my concern. It's not everywhere it's just you can't track it. And I'm all for local produce where possible too :)

  • The last black Friday Brita filters the wife bought from Kmart were from China (the 4 pack) and Germany (the bonus filter). Hope it's not the case this time, the Chinese filters lost efficiency well before the German filters. Still had a block left when the water started tasting average again

    • +1

      How do you know it lost efficiency? How often do you need to change it? I can't find on Kmart website about how many litres of water can go through before you need to change a new one.

      • Our town water has a specific taste that Brita filters do an excellent job of filtering. The Chinese filters let that taste through before the 'timer' was finished on the jug. The German filters will last until the timer flashes and does so for at least a few days.

        • Why don't you get a filter on your tap?

          • @spaceflight: Waiting for the right deal on a whole house filter system

            • @slimdealin: They aren't worth the hassle, you end up paying alot to filter water for no reason (like your toilet)

  • Would these fit the Kmart jug?

  • +5

    Comments are more interesting than the product. People are so double standards. You get what you pay for. I am posting this comment via my iPhone 12 pro max which is made in china and I don't complain.

    • -5

      I'm posting this via my iPhone 14 pro super max :p lol I'm gonna make you eat your phone! Theres a significant difference between in-digesting a product as opposed to holding one. Food standards in China have improved but they still have problems, otherwise Daigou wouldn't be popular.

      • +1

        As far as I know, the hype around imported products from Chinese consumers is mainly due to the relatively low price of their competitors retail locally, which should be more than relatable to Ozbers since we often order the most mass-produced stuff from the other side of the globe for $10-20 margin.

        • I don't. I'm all for quality, and then value. I don't like extortion though.

          • @cobknob: that's not what ozbargain is for

            • @oranglama: ozbargain is for a bargain! regardless of any attributes. You can get quality and value in the same mix though.

      • +1

        yank products dumped here are dreadful since they are dumped for a reason… and Indian products remain more than questionable… everything is relative..

        • that's why reviews can be helpful :) to an extent

  • How do you check where the filters were made?
    I bought a box of 8 from costco and the bottom of the box lists 3 countries. Germany, UK, and China. Does this mean that its a mix?

  • My water machine made by Breville is using Maxtra. I wonder if these Maxtra + will work on the machine or not. Anyone knows?

  • It looks like its out of stock already one hour before it's supposed to go live? Or will stock become available at the stated time.

    • Fairly sure it just hasn't started yet, none of the other BF items are marked as in stock yet.

      • Still no stock and supposedly started?

        • Website is struggling to cope with the traffic and keeps on timing out. Looks to be sold out online, is not available at the 2 nearest stores to me but then is at the 3rd nearest. Waist of time.

  • Just spent half an hour trying to buy two. Add to bag didn't register. So kept on clicking. When it finally updated I had 2,000 in my bag! Changed the amount back to 2. No stock for delivery or click and collect…

    • +1

      I did the same and got the same no stock message. Refreshed and was able to grab one for C&C.

      • Yay! Me too.

  • Just found them in store. Plenty available. Made in China.

    • +1

      Yes made in China. Though one of my bonus cartridges was made in Germany. I bought 2 packs.

  • order click and collect show no stock, but plenty in-store (northland VIC)

  • Just picked up in store. Thanks!

  • My local store was Broden-ed. According to the CS desk, someone had come in earlier and bought all their stock in one go.

  • Does not give me the option of C&C on the site for some reason. It's $10 delivery.

  • heaps of stock in store at broadway. doesn't show on the site as having any stock.

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