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SodaKING Windsor $27, 3pk Mirabella Wi-Fi Camera $99, Portable Gas BBQ/Grill $99, Portable Tool Chest/Cabinet $99 @ Kmart


Kmart have announced their Black Friday deals. The SodaKing seems to be the lowest price.

Free shipping on orders over $65.

Other deals -

Mod - All Kmart Black Friday Posts (as of 26/11):

SodaKING Windsor $27, 3pk Mirabella Wi-Fi Camera $99, Portable Gas BBQ/Grill $99, Portable Tool Chest/Cabinet $99
Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 + 3 Months Nintendo Online $425, Joycon Pairs $95
Gaming Chair $99
LEGO Star Wars Resistance A-Wing Starfighter 75248 - $19
Brita Maxtra+ Filter Cartridge 5 Pack $25
Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire Blaster $14

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  • SodaKing cheaper than replacement cylinder, and includes bottle.

    Since when has Kmart sold tool chests?!

  • Interesting, even though Kmart stop selling Games; they have for following for Black Friday:

  • a $99 BBQ that looks just like a Weber

    If it looks like one then it must be just as good right? /s

    God Kmart is just a trash store now. They are genius at marketing but. Paying for "articles" on news sites like 'Aussie mums go crazy for new Kmart fashion item' or 'Kitchen product selling out fast at Kmart'.

    • God Kmart is just a trash store now.

      They must be doing something right, they out financially perform every other department store in the country.

      • Yes, they know their target audience and the kind of low tier articles that work on them…

      • Like I said, they are geniuses at marketing. Modern Kmart is basically a giant junk shop or Ebay, but they're great at presenting themselves as more thanks to using "influencers" who probably would never actually wear/use their products unless paid.

        • Well, they now focus on selling "house brand" products, but IMHO their products are much more appealing and cheaper than they were 10+ years ago. I don't watch or read influencer content.YMMV.

          • @ash2000: To be honest, their products are fine. It's their dirty marketing tactics that irritate me trying to make themselves out to be something they're not.

            I use to find them handy for stuff I didn't want to wait for from eBay. But now with Amazon Prime's fast shipping, that's not really an issue anymore and COVID has taught me it's not worth going into a store anymore.

          • @ash2000: Yes, for a while the house brand product was shite. But now it's serviceable for the most part.

      • Kmart with many products has joined ALDI with what John West Rejects .

    • Spot on Paintoad, they seem to have nailed the paid-for, fake news, advert-masquerading-as-an-article arena.

    • Kmart is absolutely OK for basic items. The marketing tactics are a bit shit and cringe, but honestly as a guy who utterly rejects the notion of being some sort of brainwashed 'Kmart mum', I find myself going every few weeks and always find something nice for next to nothing.

      Have a look at Kmart USA, which stayed on the same 'big brands for cheap' trajectory that Kmart Australia once was on, and today they have a store network of 30 (down from 2000+ stores) and are now regarded as being on its last legs with less than one year to bankruptcy. Bring up the topic of Kmart with an American, and they'd be like "isn't that dead?"

      They simply could not compete with online shopping, which could offer the big brands for even cheaper. Kmart Australia was on track to be killed off in 2007 before Wesfarmers swooped in and changed strategy.

      It was Kmart Australia's transformation from THAT old hat strategy to this new cheap no-brand (which has worked so well for Ikea and Aldi) that has made it without question the most successful department store in Australia.

      They sell at an extremely low every day price - so low that nothing, even ONLINE, can compete with them.

      Notice how there is almost nothing on sale at Kmart for more than $100 these days?

      But if you walk down to Big W, you'll see a whole bunch of brand name TV boxes strewn in the middle of an aisle (which are clearly because they've been overstocked and have no more room to put them out back) with $500-1000 price tags on them. No wonder they're going so badly.

      • Totally agree. I am not even on social media for the most part and don't watch influencers, but find Kmart better than ever. If I need something of higher value there are plenty of other stores for that.

  • What's the difference between the sodaking models? Is the windsor good?

  • Are Sodastream bottles compatible with Soda King machines?

    • Verified 30 minutes fire protection

      I’ll admit I don’t know anything above fireproof safes, but this seems low to me.

      Like if my house burns down, it’s definitely going to be burning for longer than 30 mins?

      On the flip side, it’s $139, so you get what you pay for I guess.

      • +2 votes

        30 min seems pretty common for consumer grade - there are a few larger models at Bunnings that are rated for 1hr.

        Bear in mind that the fire is unlikely to be lapping at the safe itself for more than 30 mins. House fires move pretty quickly.

  • Anyone else see the display pic for this deal and thought it was for an OLED TV?

  • "Remote Access - watch your loved ones live via your smartphone or tablet"
    Whatareyoudoing step-bro?

  • $149 for 160W of folding solar panels seems like a good deal

  • Does the sodaking also work with the large gas tanks?

  • Is this air hockey been sold from kmart before or new and if was the normal price? I take this price is black friday price? Not even sure if a deal or not.
    If its been available before what's it like?
    Also are some of these black friday are they delivery only and not in store.
    Im sure wife tried to get something once in black friday got her order in and did not get it.
    God told the bull story of not enough stock and like others was offered small voucher instead.
    I would not be supprised it most if not all of these on black friday not available a handfull to sell.

    Something like what aldi do with certain items not enough to go around.

  • What time does this stuff tend to go live online?

    • On their website it says 24 hour stores will start at 6am. I think it will either be midnight or 6am.

      Edit: It says 12:01am online

  • anyone finding issues with website?

    • Bit of an understatement. I managed to order everything finally. I ordered a chair for click and collect and one for delivery, not sure if I will get either. If they are going to deliver one I'll just cancel the click and collect.

      • Got click and collect notification. Called and cancelled delivery order. I expected to be on hold for a long time, but it was about a minute.

    • Website was slow and wouldn't even load checkout when I was using it a little after midnight. Works now, but all the items I want can't be ordered online nor can I click and collect. Bummer.

  • FWIW, if you gave up on the site, it might be worth trying in store. I tried just after midnight to get a number of items and just couldn't get through.. Tried again early this morning and of the dozen items I wanted, only 2 were showing stock. I've just come from KMart in Kurralta Park (SA) and got everything on my list. They had a good quantity of the SodaKing Windsor and plenty of bottles.

  • Does anyone know if a sodastream cylinder will fit in the Sodaking?

  • Anyone have experience with the wifi cameras?

  • Are the Cameras able to be connected into the Cocoon app or TuyaSmart app? this is what my existing cameras connect too.