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Masterbuilt Gravity Fed Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker $996 @ harveyNorman


Also available at BBQs galore for $999

Maybe if no-one buys them they'll go on clearance in a few months/years

Check here to see if you can get any discounted gift cards, to sweeten up the deal. Just note you won't get any extended warranty from your credit card (if it has that feature)

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Very small good quality. but pricey for half a smoked brisket.

  • Bought mine on release from BBQs Galore for the same money. Great units.

    • I am thinking to get one myself but I am worried with the electronic components, in case they malfunction say after 1-2 years. Do you have this concern?

      • Switches seem to be one of the weak-points if you're doing high temp stuff, but I'm yet to experience issues, and they're easy to bypass or replace if need be.

        Fan seems reasonably easy to replace if it comes to it.

        Controller I'll replace with a Fireboard Drive if it ever dies.

        Also I'd expect a $1000 bbq to last longer than 1-2 years, so I'd push for statutory warranty if anything happened in that period.

  • It is overpriced here even at $996. US has it for $500 and had gone to $350-$400 when on sale at Walmart. I understand currency rate but the difference is just too much

    • Yes I miss living there, not right now, but under more normal conditions

    • Think I've seen people snag them for as low as $150 on clearance. Pretty insane price difference. I feel it might be a marketing strategy to get as many out and about, flooding the market with them, since MB have since released 2 more models.

      • Yeah some Walmart's had them for that cheap, it depends on the city.

        Brickseek website is good for Lowe's, Walmart and other stores, you can check the price and stock for most products. They even had pitboss pellets for as low as $2/bag.

  • Nice bit of kit with a very clever PID controller, but really overpriced here.

  • You'll get better after-sales support for this from Barbeques Galore than Harvey Norman, easily worth $3 more.

  • This or the Traeger Pro Series 22??

    I am new to these things