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[PS4] The Last of Us Part II - $35 @ JB Hi-Fi


The Last of Us Part II now on sale at JB in-store and online! And as always, Happy Black Friday!

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    Despite all the controversy, i loved this game!

    • Agree, gets a bit of hate, but thoroughly enjoyed it and the character progressions.

      • best video game story of last gen

        • and to add… I cannot believe the graphics on the base PS4 for this game. It's legit black magic.

          • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Sounds like a shill thread, just sayin

            • @addison666: I mean it is what it is. Good gameplay, good graphics. For story you either loathe and hate it or like it.

              It's impressive what they do with the PS4 because technically it's pretty shit spec wise.

              Just because people like something doesn't mean they're a shill do we have to shit talk it as well everytime we say something good?

              • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Well, it's more the unnatural language, the fact that while this game is universally unlike by all but the shill media, and according to this price is selling very low numbers, and the number of downvotes I've received. I mean if I said No Man's Sky was shite, I wouldn't be getting all the downvotes. Yeah I believe it's "good", but it's not amazing, and I don't see why people are so protective it. The shills are out in force.

                • @addison666: If there was any doubt the shills are out in force, -6 downvotes proves they are among us. Just be wary and don't buy shitty games, we need to send a message and hit them where it hurts

          • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Play Gears 5 on a decent PC and that graphics wont look as impressive anymore

  • DUCK!

    today I bought a second-hand copy for $35 :(

  • dang thats good for new

  • C'mon Amazon… price match baby!! I'd rather buy it online and have it delivered than actually "go out" to buy this.

  • Just got it from JB, the girl asked manager why it was $35, the manager said, just honour :D

  • Death stranding is also $19. Getting one for that price. I am going to need to find some serious time for gaming between P5R ($49.98 from amazon), TLOU2, Death stranding and Cyberpunk comes 10 Dec… Guess that's what I'll be doing for xmas break :)

  • Awesome price!

  • Make sure you pickup in-store and ask for a sealed box.

  • Great price. Hanging out for an Amazon price match to use a voucher..

  • almost there for The Last of Us Part II

  • Greatest narrative video game of all time.

  • Thank you. Got this as well as Ghost of Tsushima for $54 :)

  • Thinking of purchasing this to replay on my PS5. Has there been any new DLC?

  • Days gone is $19 too.

    But free on PSN.

  • Gonna pick one up at my local once kids in bed. Great price.

  • I don't have a ps5… But if in the future i did get one do i get the free upgrade or will it be a remastered so re-buy scenario?

    • Nobody knows. They haven't said anything!

    • You will get PS5 enhanced patch if Naughty Dog releases one. The game works on PS5 even without any enhanced patch. It's unlikely to be remastered for PS5 (as technically, the graphics is one of the best PS4 first party title). An enhanced patch for PS5 could support 60fps.

      When running the game in backwards compatibility on PS5, the game has haptic feedback on the DualSense controller.

      • When running the game in backwards compatibility on PS5, the game has haptic feedback on the DualSense controller.

        It absolutely does not, I wish people would stop repeating misinformation. TLOU Part II is currently NOT enhanced for PS5 in any way, and that includes DualSense haptics/feedback. There is only the standard rumble which is already present on DS4 controllers. One stupid gaming site reported BS, and all the other gaming news outlets keep repeating it.

        Also, I would caution people against expecting a free PS5 upgrade patch. We do not know whether we will get one for TLOU Part II. Naughty Dog may choose to remaster the game for PS5 — that is my prediction, for a launch together with Factions II for PS5. Q1 or Q2 of 2021.

        IMHO if they were just going to make a simple free PS5 upgrade with 4K/60 fps and whatnot, they probably would've already done so, so their silence/lack of updates tells me all I need to know. My bet is that the game was heavily optimised and targeted for 30 fps, and to bring it up to 60 fps without any issues is not an easy task.

        Folks can certainly enjoy the game on PS5 as it is, but it plays exactly the same as on PS4 Pro. For anyone who might be holding off on playing the game until there's a PS5 upgrade: I say just buy it and play it now, it's a fantastic game and well worth it. This is a game that rewards multiple playthroughs anyway, there'll be plenty of opportunities to replay it later.

        • It absolutely does not

          Those articles on the Internet need to be updated to stop that misinformation. It was really weird the writer indicated he ran the game in back compat yet he can feel the haptic feedback. It's difficult to get PS5 at the moment.

          • @netsurfer: Yeah I know what you mean, it's super dissappointing to see gaming journalists put out sloppy misinformation like that — my guess is they felt the normal rumble/vibration in the DualSense controller and thought it was haptic feedback. They've already been called out on it but haven't updated their article or posted a retraction…

            • @44sunsets: However, if Naughty Dog / Sony does another spin on remaster for the last of us part 2, it is going to be disappointing.

              The remaster for part 1 makes sense on PS4 since PS4 cannot play PS3 games. However, with PS5 capable of doing back compat. on PS4 games, ND really believe that's a good idea? Also, is ND really going to push true 4K / 60fps on this game? Making Factions II for PS5 only is going to be a big gamble. PS5 exclusive games aren't selling that well at the moment.

              • @netsurfer: I'm betting Factions II will released on both PS4 and PS5 with cross-platform play, but it'll be a Sony "highlight" for the PS5 platform.

                Yeah if it does turn out to be a paid TLOU Part II remaster for PS5, a lot of people will be understandably upset. I think it makes a certain kind of sense though, it'll be like a pilot project for Naughty Dog to optimise and get experience on tweaking their game engine for the PS5, paving the way for their next big project (most likely new IP, I don't think they'll start work on TLOU Part III anytime soon).

                My guess is that Naughty Dog never planned on any of this. I'm thinking they were originally going to make Factions II only for the PS4/Pro. Then TLOU Part II and then Factions II got delayed and pushed back until they were overlapping well into the start of the PS5 generation. Now they feel obligated to make Factions II shine for PS5. So they figure they might as well revamp and remaster TLOU Part II as well while they're at it.

                • @44sunsets: Well, I hope ND won't do that. You want people to pay separate for multi-player mode (after it being late). Then, possibly another spin like Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition.

                  My bet is that the game was heavily optimised and targeted for 30 fps, and to bring it up to 60 fps without any issues is not an easy task

                  We are talking about Naughty Dog. PS5's GPU can do it. Take out the 30 fps v-sync lock, raise it to 60 fps. Honestly, if ND cannot get that done quickly, what can we expect from Factions II? We are looking at Series X pushing 120 fps for multi-player mode.

        • I have a ps5(didnt have ps4). Should I buy this or wait till they release an enhanced version to play it??

          • @Lance Miranda: $35 is a great price, I suggest buying it now. Nobody knows when they will release a PS5 enhanced version, it could be many months. The game already looks and plays fantastic as-is, so I'd say go for it.

            • @44sunsets: Alright, screw it 😂 thanks

              • @Lance Miranda: Have you played Part I? This game's story does divide opinions for people who played Part I. I do wonder what would players without playing Part 1 would feel if they were to play Part 2 first.

                I do wish Naughty Dog would let people know whether a remaster version will be available. Potential graphics aside, a remaster version would likely improve the game loading time significantly and potentially makes the game loads like PS5 games.

  • Question : if they sell this AAA title at that price are they selling at a loss? How big are the margins for shops on video games?

    Just wondering…

    • Most likely they have an agreement with Sony. For Black Friday, I reckon JB is after revenue more so than profit. Shareholders care more about revenue increase.

    • Having previously worked in the music industry where we had the same issues, I highly doubt JB are selling these at a loss despite wanting people to think this. I'm sure they'd be getting a rebate or off-invoice discount or something per sale for these. There are all kinds of creative ways major retailers like JB can be compensated for selling something "under cost". They'd be able to show Sony or whoever "on X day we sold Y units for $Z retail" - then go from there.

    • There is usually agreements in place where a publisher will buy back a certain amount of copies if they don't sell well. Additional agreements usually cover a partial buy back, where the publisher pays back some of the money per copy allowing the store to sell it for cheaper.

  • An amazing game and well worth it. Does anyone else have an issue getting their PS4 save to work on the PS5? I’ve completed it on PS4 but I’m only getting the option of new game rather than new game plus modes on PS5

    • sony for ya

    • Some people reported copying saved game data using USB from PS4 to PS5 worked for them.

      • Thanks, I did back up to USB and cloud but the ps5 isn’t reading the USB as having save files and I traded in the console so no way to try again. I’m happy to play through again, I just wanted to do it with unlimited ammo so I don’t have to scavenge. Saves seem to work on other games (horizon at least)

        • You login with the same profile? Like same psn account?

          • @Dragon9000: Yeah same account. Saved game data worked for horizon zero dawn but not Gris. Will check some others, last of us was the main one I wanted for NG+. Happy to play though again though, will wait for the ps5 update.

    • I did the normal PS4 to PS5 migration (via ethernet cable connection) and all my savegames came across with no problems. Sadly the game itself has crashed a few times on my PS5 though :/ (I never had any problems on my PS4 Pro, and I clocked up close to 150 hours of playtime there)

  • Thanks, will price match at EB, then wait 3 weeks to play this, spiderman and demons souls when i (hopefully) get my ps5 from amazon haha.

  • Thanks OP, just picked up one in store in WA :)

  • despite the sh!t story, the game play is amazing and fun, amazing buy at 35

  • Anyone know the ps5 enhancements?
    Can't seem to find a solid answer online

    • No enhancement so far. You do get faster loads (due to the SSD). The Last of Us Part II Factions / Multiplayer is going to be a standalone game it seems. People are guessing Naughty Dog could released a separate PS5 enhanced version of the Last of Us Part II (kinda like Spiderman). ND has hyped up the multiplayer part.

  • Ordered one loved part 1 on Ps3. Bought it in anticipation of playing it on PS5 if i can afford on by xmas :)

  • Same price on Amazon now.

  • I wonder if this game is gonna be any cheaper..