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Vinbolt Cable Thunderbolt 3 Cables, 1 for $24.49 or 2 for $45.49 or 3 for $62.99 + Shipping/ $0 with Prime @ Vinpol via Amazon A


Hey Guys,

Black Friday is started and so down here the deal for this product :

Vinbolt Cable Thunderbolt 3 Cable Compatible 6.5 feet (2 Meters) Up to 40Gbps Data Transfer,(20Gbps Guaranteed) 100W Charging,4k/5K UHD Video Display, 5A, USB C Cable 3.1 Generation Male.

Price from $39.99 down to $34.99 + promotion:

25 % OFF for 1 ( down to $24.49 each )
30% OFF for 2 ( down to $22.74 each )
40% OFF for 3 ( down to $20.99 each )

AVAILABLE ONLY UP TO CyberMonday (30/11/2020)

I remind you of previous discussions:

The specs are all on Amazon, just be careful in the description that your device is compatible.
Some eGPU and device will have issues to reach 40GBps but we had no cases under 20GB so far, if you want to try and won't work as you expected we will refund you 100% anyway hopefully you will tell us which device to help others.

I am from Vinpol Staff and I am hoping to keep promotes Australian products here on OZ for you. Give us a shot and feedbacks to work with.
If you have questions DM me or I will try to answer under here as I can. Cheers!

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  • Hi,
    Do you have a right-angle version?


      No, unfortunately, no, can I ask you for what specif reasons would you prefer it to a right-angle version? Is for a specific device?

      • My laptop's Thunderbolt port is on the right hand side. With a straight connector, the cable would protrude out about 15cm, and there's less room for the mouse


          Hmm, thanks for that, I can see the problem to make one as inside the plug as you may know they have specific technology, but I would check whatever is possible maybe a value-added for future.

          I asked also because we are doing some 3.1GEN Cables 5m for VR sets and they are 90 degrees angle, but not thunderbolt compatible unfortunatly.

  • Might want to re-word the title. It reads as if you're getting 3 for the price of 1.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks Everyone! 80 left to sold out!

  • I assume 40gbps @ 2m means the cable is active. Can you confirm?

  • This cable doesn't work properly with a CalDigit TS3+ dock connected to a 2019 16" MBP. Only one of the two external displays is recognised.

    • +1 vote

      Thank you for let us know, please request a refund from Amazon we will make sure it will go through as soon as possible.

  • I tested this on my Dell laptop connected to a Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt dock, running 2x 1440p screens, with no issues.