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Godox SL-60W Video Light $156.75 Delivered (Was $209) @ Emgreat-AU Amazon AU


havent seen this Godox this low in a while. While not historically low, it's quite a good price.

copy pasta from the last deal

A.Godox SL-60W Video Light offers high light brightness and High CRI 95+ and 90+ TLCI(Qa), excellent color reproduction, presenting the objects authentically.
B.Powerful 60W LED bead offers high light brightness and stable illumination, Sepcially designed protect cover to proect the LED bead.
C.Excellent heat dissipation with premium heatsink and built-in fan, With temperature control function to prevent oterheating.
D.RC-A5 Wirelessly adjusts light brightness, wireless 433MHz grouping system(6 groups & 16 channels). Switch the temperature between the Celsius and Fahrenheit.
E.Small size, light and portable. Large-sized LCD panel for convenient operation. Settings auto saved. Bowens-style mount adds various accessories.

might be able to stachk with 10% zip deal

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  • Bought this for $188 from the same seller a few weeks ago.

    Definitely a good price and good light, highly recommended

  • I got two of these when it first came out. Only ebay sold them. Paid $250 each.

  • Have had this for a few months and can confirm it's a quality light for the price.

    Just make sure to manage your expectations though. If you're needing this for a gigantic heavy softbox the plastic construction struggles a fair bit. The fan noise can be an issue for anything where audio is critical.

    I'm using it as a hair light and it's perfect for my needs.

    • Which light you are using ? If don't mind sharing

      • I'm using the Godox VL150 as a key light with a Neewer 48" softbox, the SL-60W as a hair light and two Aputure AL-F7's as practicals.

        I bought the Vl150 for around $450 from tobydeals which was a great deal, no longer that price now though. The Vl150 is definitely much higher quality and higher output, plus fanless design. It all depends on what your budget and needs are.

        • I am just starting out, just a new hobby W/ intention to take good photos of the kids, videos etc

          • @Question Mark: Nice! Again it all depends on what your needs are. If you're getting into it and want to capture great moments it's always best to understand the fundamentals first and utilise natural lighting in the best way possible.

            If you're asking yourself the question do you need to buy lighting you probably don't need to.