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Samsung Galaxy A51 128GB Black or Blue $399 (Save $200) @ JB Hi-Fi (OW Price Beat $379.05)


Samsung Galaxy A51 128GB Black or Blue $399 (Save $200) @ JB Hi-Fi
(OW Price Beat $379.05)
Or use 15% Off Gift Card Offer

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • LOL Ebay was going to do a lottery system at this price! Good job JB :)

  • How does this compare to the Redmi Note 9 Pro 6GB/64GB $269.14?

    • Would also love to know this

    • I was going to buy RN9 Pro.

      There is a youtube video comparing the two - worth watching.

      RN9 Pro faster and probably even better camera. But also larger and heavier - for me a little too much so.

      A51 has AMOLED screen which is better.

      RN9 Pro battery capacity better, but both have Turbo charge.

      After watching the vid I'm concerned about the A51 in screen fingerprint sensor - looks unreliable and slower than RN9 Pro side sensor.

      Off the JB today to physically try out and decide between Galaxy A51 @ $399 vs Vivo y70 @ $359 (20% off vivo australia wide til Dec 1st).

      Vivo y70 released last month - not a lot of reviews and videos online yet. Also has in screen fingerprint sensor. Very similar to Galaxy A51. Main concern for me is sub-par camera. So want to compare both cameras in particular in store.

      I will probably install GCam .apk on Samsung if I get it - faster.

  • Just saw that Amazon also is trying to match the price - however the blue colour is out of stock and Black which is in stock is showing 429 (and get 10% credit if you use Zip pay)

  • Thanks OP. Time to upgrade my Son's phone. He said he wanted a Samsung this time. Welcome to the world of bloatware.

  • Is this the dual-sim version?

    • I google'd the model number and it looks like it's the single sim version.
      I'd have bought it if it was the dual sim version.

  • Good price for a good phone

  • Nice one Trent

  • Tempted between this or the Moto G9 Plus that's just been released… Similar on paper but I'd assume this would have better camera. Currently using Moto G7 which has held up quite well.

  • Bought one this morning (OW PB). Seems very nice so far (wife has an S10) and pretty much what I expected. Working my way through installing apps (started with a clean slate, didn't bring over former setup (Nokia 6.1 (2018) as was having some issues with a few apps.) Bought this one rather than the Amazon UK ones due to local availability and warranty.

    • Thanks mickeyjuiceman. How do you find the fingerprint sensor? I saw reviews online saying it wasn't 100% accurate and a little slow.

      Also, how do you find the camera? Is it slow to start?

      • Both are far better than the Nokia 6.1(2018) that I came from. Not used the FP sensor too often, I've got it setup for face recognition and that works very well. Butt on the FPS, the times I have used it it's seemed perfectly snappy and good.

    • Curious if you claimed the PBG when the price was higher than 399?

      I've since been refused as the prices are matched.

  • I'm quite keen on this - probably PBG at OW.

    Caught between this and the realme 7 Pro for $479 at JB currently.

    Both have super AMOLED, similar size, resolution, cameras.

    A51 is slightly bigger & heavier, has 6GB RAM, slightly better chipset and side finger print reader.

    Realme 7 Pro has 8GB RAM, bigger battery & 65W (!) fast charge, stereo speaker, under display finger print.

    I believe both have 60Hz screens? Kinda sucks.

    Probably go with the Galaxy A51 at $100 cheaper.

  • I've been refused OfficeWorks PBG in store and by phone as the prices are exactly 'matched' - has to be lower to qualify for PBG, apparently.