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Dell 27" QHD S2721DGF $469.60 (OOS) 38" AW3821DW $1799.20 (OOS) 27" 240hz AW2721D / 25" 360hz AW2521H Delivered @ Dell eBay


AW3821DW new shipping update

Shipping ETA update here

Hi Ozbargainers. Finally Black Friday is here and Dell have some awesome deals. The notorious S2721DGF Gaming monitor at it's cheapest price ever! The Alienware AW3831DW 38" Ultrawide and two other great Alienware monitors all listed below along with units, shipping and price. Don't forget to apply coupon at checkout: PPIBS20

Deals go live @ 6pm (aest), 7 pm (aedt), 4pm (awst), 6:30pm (acdt).
As always drop a comment to say hi or with questions and I'll help where I can. Happy Black Friday from Dell & I. 😄🎉

When will item(s) be shipped?
S2721DGF ETA: between 18 December - 14 Jan (or sooner).
All Alienware ETA: should arrive within December.

S2721DGF 27" 165hz Gaming Monitor @ $469.60 (was $799) / 1̶0̶0̶0̶ ̶u̶n̶i̶t̶s̶ ̶v̶i̶a̶ ̶e̶B̶a̶y̶, OUT OF STOCK!!! click to view deal.

Rtings Reveiw / YouTube Review / Click for full specs


Device Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz (165hz via DP cable)
Pixel Pitch: 0.2331 mm
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 1 ms (grey-to-grey)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors: 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Display Position Adjustments: Pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - With stand: 61.16 cm x 20.03 cm x 39.39 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH) - Without stand: 61.16 cm x 6.78 cm x 36.36 cm - weight: 4.5 kg
Bezel Type: Flat front
Compliant Standards: RoHS, BFR-free, DisplayPort 1.4, PVC-free, Mercury-free
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

AW3821DW 38" 144hz Curved Gaming Monitor @ $1799.20 (was $2249) / 1̶0̶0̶ ̶u̶n̶i̶t̶s̶ ̶v̶i̶a̶ ̶e̶B̶a̶y̶, OUT OF STOCK!!! click to view deal.

Product Video / Click for full specs


Device Type: LED edgelight system
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 21:9
Native Resolution: 3840 x 1600 (DisplayPort: 144 Hz, HDMI: 120 Hz)
Pixel Pitch: 0.229 mm x 0.229 mm
Brightness: 450 cd/m² (typical)
Contrast Ratio: 1000 to 1 (typical)
Color Support: 1.07 Billion
Adaptive-Sync Technology: NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate
Response Time: 4 ms (gray-to-gray fast); 2 ms (gray-to-gray super fast); 1 ms (gray-to-gray extreme)
Interfaces: 2 x HDMI (ver 2.0), 1 x DP 1.4 (rear), 1 x Audio line-out jack (rear), 1 x Headphone-out jack (bottom), USB 3.2 Gen 1 upstream, 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream, USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream with Battery Charging 1.2
Features: Ambient light sensor, LED edgelight system, Flicker Free technology, Dell ComfortView, Nano IPS, HDR 600, 95% DCI-P3, 130.6% sRGB color gamut, USB 3.2
Display Position Adjustments: Tilt: -5° to 21° / Swivel: -20° to 20° / Height: 130mm
Screen Coating: Anti-Glare with 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 89.48 cm x 29.36 cm x 44.95 cm
Diagonal Size: 95.25 cm
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Weight: 7.93 KG
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

AW2721D 27" 240hz Gaming Monitor @ $1079.20 (was $1349) / 100 units via eBay, click to view deal.

YouTube Review / Click for full specs


Device Type: LED edgelight system
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: QHD 2560 x 1440 (DisplayPort: 240 Hz, HDMI: 144 Hz)
Brightness: 450 cd/m² (typical)
Response Time: True 1ms (gray to gray) - Extreme Mode
Input Connectors: 2 x HDMI (ver 2.0), 1 x DP 1.4 (rear), 1 x Audio line-out jack (rear), 1 x Headphone-out jack (bottom)
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

AW2521H 25" 360hz Gaming Monitor @ $959.20 (was $1199) / 100 units via eBay, click to view deal.

YouTube Review / Click for full specs


Device Type: LED edgelight system
Panel Type: Fast IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 360 Hz
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Response Time: 1ms (gray to gray) - Extreme Mode
Input Connectors: 2 x HDMI (ver 2.0), 1 x DP 1.4 (rear), 1 x Audio line-out jack (rear)
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

I missed this deal, should I try contact Dell to place an order or get a price match?
No. Dell is transparent about their price match guarantee read here. Be fair, wait for the next deal!

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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          • +2

            @LiMaaa: In all fairness, I'm happy to pay more to upgrade my shipping to get the monitor expedited asap.

          • @LiMaaa: Thanks LiMaaa, please let us know how you go.

    • +9

      Do you do that to every single deal you buy out of 'principal'. There are countless times deals are posted for cheaper on ozbargain days later but the sense of entitlement for some is astounding, as if companies owe you something.

      Some of you need to try working on retail and customer service and see what it's like.

      For the record, Limaaa has been amazing throughout all the deals and a very responsive and helpful rep.

      • Aw thanks sleet, you're so sweet haha :)

      • -3

        First of all I totally agree that Limaaa has been awesome!
        I’m not asking for free stuff or whatever, but I disagree with your sense of entitlement comment. It’s about setting expectations. If a customer was told or lead to believe they were getting the best deal they could get before Xmas then 6 days later something better comes along by the same company, how do you think the customer is gonna feel?

        • +1

          Define better though? We had a teaser qty 5 or so days prior to launch at a great price with awesome shipping times.

          This new deal is 20 odd dollars cheaper with significantly longer shipping times. If anything it's awesome to see Dell offering a launch product at a discounted price again, but that deal likely won't ship by Xmas anyway, whilst ours will. It's really just a matter of preference. If the discounts were substantial in comparison I'd understand, but they're really not, and I think the snappy shipping and receiving your product before Xmas far outweighs the saving. That's just my opinion though.

          • @LiMaaa: Let’s see I guess, I suspect some people who got the other deal might get theirs around the same time as ours. Unless you are staying dell are only shipping 100 before Xmas, this is ozbargin :) $20 is $20 lol

            • +1

              @bowtiehoon: Haha fair enough. Yeh I'm curious to see. Let me know when you get yours. ^^

              • @LiMaaa: We are working to ship your order as quickly as possible. The delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to dec. 14, 2020.
                missed 2nd week by this -> <- much…

            • @bowtiehoon: Some people who ordered through the website have had their delivered today…

          • @LiMaaa: Do eBay orders also get dell advantage coupon? If we don’t, the new deal is $20 + 5% of the order cheaper.

            • @Dentom:

              the new deal is $20 + 5% of the order cheaper

              what S2721DGF new deal is cheaper than Black Friday? I've never seen one.

  • +1

    Big shout-out to LiMaaa - for some reason eBay ate my order, I contacted eBay, they said "too bad" - I reached out to LiMaaa and he was able to score me one for the same sale price as it was on Friday.

    Thanks LiMaaa for an awesome job :) <3

    • +3

      Ebay can be a glitchy nightmare. Glad we resolved your issue. :)

  • Following all the shens on delivery date just confuses me, the only thing I really want to know - possibility of delivery before the 10th for the AW38? (Cyberpunk yo).

    • +1

      As mentioned previously 70% of you guys who ordered AW38 can expect it by the 7th - 14th. So fingers crossed.

      • +1

        Well I hope that comes down to purchase order, as my drunk ass somehow was still 16th cab off the rank :P. Thanks for the update though.

      • Any estimate for the AW2721D? Given it hasn't shipped yet I'd say there's zero chance of arriving by the 10th to me if via AusPost.

      • Just had confirmation from people I know that people who ordered directly from Dell are getting theirs shipped today, getting it earlier and cheaper….

        Dell's disconnect with their Ebay store is shocking, I can't even get them to look at it because they tell me to contact Ebay….

        Obviously nothing on you LiMaaa, Dell has really been shocking in this instance

        Edit: Someone just had theirs delivered…. this is ridiculous

        • Dell shipped using StarTrack Express while the Ebay listing says "Standard Parcel Delivery" just to rub it in further.

          • @Figo10: Have you tried contacting them, every time I ring with an Ebay order number they just essentially tell me to fob off

            • @cille745: Nope. After my 3080 and Reverb G2 ordering experiences I'm just going to sit back and hope it shows up some day 😂

          • +2

            @Figo10: I think StarTrack Express will be used even if the Ebay listing says Standard Parcel Delivery. I got the cheaper 4K monitor from another LiMaaa’s deal and it is shipped using StarTrack Express even the listing said Standard Parcel Delivery. The monitors in this deal are more expensive so they will likely use StarTrack too.

            • @FrugalNotStingy: I ordered that monitor as well on that deal and haven't received that one either :(

        • I was happy with the price when I bought it so the $20 off that some other people got this week doesn't bother me too much.

          It does leave a bit of a bad taste though that someone can order several days later on the 2nd of Dec and receive their monitor today. Well done to that whirlpooler though, I'll just hope I get mine next week at some point.

        • +3

          This is laughable. We were led to believe there were only 100 units and we all competed to buy one. LiMaaa now says only 70% of the eBay orders will be shipped on time but people who purchased from Dell directly gets it earlier and faster? Instead of fulfilling Dell.com.au order, why not get the eBay orders filled first for those who put in the effort to score one.

          $20 difference I don’t care, but to score one under 45 seconds and to be the “lucky” 70% to get one “on time”. This is a pretty shitty deal for a Black Friday sale…

          • @Dentom: how do you know if you're one of the lucky 70%?

            • @cille745: You don’t. But if it goes by the eBay unit sold history, the first 70 orders may get it on time.

          • +5

            @Dentom: There were only 100 units at the time as it was pre launch. No, I didn't say only 70% will get it on time. I said..

            70% should arrive in the 1st - 2nd week of Dec. And all aw monitors should be delivered within Dec

            Optimistically before Xmas. I have been transparent with shipping times with the best knowledge I have, and I also stated I'd find out if deal orders are shipping slower and try sweeten it for you guys if that's the case

            Try be patient for a resolve/more info before you start jumping to conclusions. ^^

            • +1

              @LiMaaa: That’s my bad. It’s hard to be optimistic when after launch units are shipped earlier than pre launch units. Like others have mentioned, I just hope Dell will have enough units to satisfy the pre launch now that they are rapidly shipping out sales from their direct website. I know this issue is out of your control and most of us are frustrated at the event and the disconnect between Dell and dell eBay. Thank you for finding ways to sweeten the deal. I look forward to hearing the outcome.

  • How accurate is the eBay estimated delivery date for the AW2721D? I usually don't shop on eBay so wanted to ask here :)

    • Deal eta is generally more accurate than ebay eta.

      • How about the eBay ETA for the s2721dgf; that one is accurate?
        Does the tracking typically begin when it leaves Dell, or do they usually show up at the doorstep/post office?
        My ETA is Dec 23.
        If possible, I'm keen to avoid having it locked up in a post office/collection point over xmas.

        • How about the eBay ETA for the s2721dgf; that one is accurate?

          I think that is what LiMaaa just said:

          Deal Dell ETA is generally more accurate than eBay ETA.

          I think he/she meant to write Dell.

          So your ETA of 23/12 if that is coming from eBay, most likely that wouldn't be accurate.

  • +6

    I'm as disappointed as the others on here who got the AW3821DW ebay deal. I agree the $20 is neither here nor there, and would be worth it for getting the monitor before anyone else. The issue is we essentially ordered this monitor before those who were able to order it directly from the dell shop, and those ordering it from the dell shop are getting theirs shipped already. If we all knew a cheaper deal with quicker delivery was coming so soon, no one would have bought the eBay deal. Of course, those sort of things happen, but this is a brand spanking new model monitor we're talking about here, which appears to have high demand, and limited stock.

    I'm already concerned that our deliveries will be later than otherwise would be, because stock which probably should have been sent to us first (first in first to receive) is going to others who ordered later.

    I was the 8th successful buyer on the eBay deal (12 seconds!). Unfortunately for me, I've had a family issue come up and had to go away for a week or two, so wouldn't get to play with the monitor, if I had it, till end of next week at the earliest. But the point is, those who got the eBay deal (which was the only way to order the AW3821DW at the time, the first release of the monitor in Australia), are now wondering why have they been given less priority for shipping than those who ordered later and cheaper through Dell website directly, which leaves a bit of a sour taste.

    I'm not blaming @LiMaaa for this, I'm sure out of LiMaaa's control. For those 100 who got the eBay deal, expecting to be the first in the country to get their hands on this monitor, to see other's receiving the monitor before us, it just doesn't feel good.

    In saying all that, still trying to get my hands on an AORUS 3080 Xtreme to power this beast of a monitor……not having much luck with that either!

  • Just received an email saying my S2721QS order has been delayed and new ETA is Jan 22, 2021. Any one got same email like mine? TA!

    • Yep. many did

      • Right, I thought maybe because I live up north but sure, thanks for letting me know!

    • Same here, bought it for my current job, but will be finishing up at that point…

      • +1

        Got my shipping notification. Mine is due in 2 days according to star track.

  • I got an email 2 hours ago saying sorry for the delay and my AW3821DW is scheduled to arrive dec 10. It has a link to the dell support site with order information and said it will ship Dec 8.

    • Got the same e-mail, same dates.

      • Assuming Sydney? my update was shipping 8th arrive by 15th. (Brisbane)

        • I'm in Canberra

  • My AW2721D was scanned by StarTrack in Sydney at 12.30PM today.
    It was one of the first 10 orders from the AW2721D ebay deal. The Dell "delayed" email listed "Revised Ship Date": Dec 8, 2020, "Revised Delivery Date": Dec 14, 2020

    • How do you know which order # you were for the deal?

      • On desktop you can go to the eBay listing then click on "XX sold/XX available" and it will list all the orders with timestamps.

  • +2

    My S2721DGF has been marked as shipped. Est: 13-20th!

    • +1

      likewise. 14th - 23rd. The tracking number is a bit weird though, DELLORDERNO****. Not showing as valid currently but might do so once it's scanned.

      • +3

        read the message they sent you on Ebay, its not sent at all, that just your order number. It will likely be in production like mine.

        • If that's the case, then I'll file a complaint with Ebay, Paypal and perhaps even the ACCC, then leave negative feedback. They can't mark it as sent if it's not, as that would be completely misleading and fraud.

          • @Genesisfury: did you win the case?

    • +1

      Mine too! Do you know what courier company they use? The tracking I've got is "DELLORDERXXXX"

  • Mine was just shipped out too (Tracking ID provided)

    Estimated delivery Monday 14 Dec 2020 - Monday 21 Dec 2020

    • +1

      Don't get your hopes up, but check your eBay tracking number against the Dell's tracking website that was in the eBay order update email.


      Mine's not due until mid January. Remove the "DELLORDERNO" portion.

      • +2

        I think you guys should trust Limaaa and the dates on this post. A few people have quoted that the dell estimated days are way ahead but their order arrived early - ordering via ebay deals.

        My DGF got 'sent' today too.

        • i hope this is true too - im in the same boat

        • i think some got lucky with getting available stock and some got unlucky (like me) and have to wait for them to make more (dell tracking for me says 'in production') :(

  • +1

    My AW3821DW has shipped today.

    • Correction. I thought it had shipped, but clearly it hasn't.

  • +1

    Just received an email saying my S2721DGF "has been processed and it will be on its way to you soon". Ebay says estimated delivery is Dec14 - Dec21.

    The Dell tracking site says its in production (Dec 5) and Estimated Ship Date: Jan 25, 2021.

    Which one should I believe?

    • I also just got this email and I am also confused haha.

  • Mine sent today too (S2721DGF)

  • +4


    Ebay says "your order is on it's way", estimated delivery Dec 14th.

    Dell says "in production", estimated delivery Jan 17th.

    Dell's Global Shipping portal says "having temporary out of stock of your item at our local warehouse"

    Which one am I suppose to believe?

  • Oof, like others i got an estimated ship date for the S2721DGF of 25th Jan on the Dell website. So much for S2721DGF ETA: between 18 December - 14 Jan (or sooner)

  • +1

    My S2731DGF shows delivery of Jan 29…

  • Estimated Ship Date: Jan 25, 2021.

  • -1

    Hope they ship out based on first in first serve on purchase, I'm amongst the first 10. Hope Limaaa's guarantee of first 150 before 25th still applies irrespective of dates given by dell/ebay or couriers :D

    • How do you check your position, purchase history only shows last 100 of 1000 sold

      • At the time of purchase completion, quickly refreshed the page out of curiosity to see how many have been sold.

        • I see, since you're in the top 10, does your tracking from Dell also say "In production" or something else?

          • @Hellcrusher2903: Unfortunately still "In Production" :(

            • @teeskiies: Ditto. Purchased within 20 seconds of the deal going live, but still listed as "in production" with a Jan. 17th estimated delivery date :\

  • I also got a notification on eBay for my S2721DGF with a "DELLORDERNO" today as well.
    Went on the Dell order site and mine is expected to be shipped on 12th Jan.
    Not sure what number I was when I purchased, but I completed my order within the minute it hit 4pm…

  • +1

    Hey everyone, LiMaaa gave an update about dell shipping dates in another thread (it applies to us too)


    • Somewhat, it doesn't apply to AW38 buyers, I'll update here shortly.

  • I ordered the AW3821DW through Dell eBay. A week and a half later and it still hasn't shipped.

    Kind of stings that orders made five days later on the Dell website have already been fulfilled and ended up being $20 cheaper than this Black Friday deal.

  • +29

    Update: S2721DGF and non 38" Alienware monitors can ignore delayed eta shipping notices. I've been informed by Dell these units are on track to meet expected delivery ETA in OP.

    AW3821DW customers. I've always tried to be as transparent as I can regarding shipping, because as a customer myself I know an informed purchase is a good purchase. Unfortunately Dell had stock reserved for this deal and it was mistakenly used to fill those web orders that had fast shipping. As soon as this was realised, it was halted which is why web orders for this model now have a 30 day shipping time. 60 units were recovered for this deal, but basically you are looking at shipping delays. I've been informed this may only add a couple of days to eta, but I'm waiting on a more solid time frame to update you guys with.

    In the meantime Dell has informed me they understand the frustration of the slightly cheaper web price and the delay in shipping and want to acknowledge they value you as customers and are offering all aw38" customers the option to cancel their orders should they wish to or keep their orders and receive a complimentary aw610m wireless gaming mouse.

    For those wishing to cancel their orders please dm me with order number. For those wishing to keep their purchase there is nothing you need to do. Thanks for your patience, any questions, just ask.

    *Complimentary mouse will be shipped in Jan to all 38" customers who chose to keep their orders.

    • +4

      I wouldn't be opposed to Dell sending the sheriffs over to confiscate monitors off anyone that received them before the ebay deal customers if that is an option?

      Thanks for advocating for us LiMaaa, tough situation but I hope most people will be satisfied with this outcome.

      • +3

        Haha not a chance. You're not getting mine off me lol

    • +6

      Thanks LiMaaa - really appreciate the honesty and the effort to rectify.

    • +3

      Thanks Limaa, you have truely gone above and beyond! I honestly was expecting nothing and was just voicing my thoughts.

      Happy to relay my appreciation and thanks for your amazing work here to your superiors if there is a way to :)

      • No superiors as of yet, as not employed… Yet hehe, but Dell does pay attention to these deals so I'm sure your praise will be well received. Thank you.

    • +2

      Thanks LiMaaa 👍

    • +2

      This is top notch customer service right here!

    • +2

      wow thanks for this! yeah it's a bit frustrating that we did not get it as soon as the Dell website orders but we really appreciate this gesture!

    • +1

      Well, I am holding onto my eBay order. Thanks LiMaaa for being open and transparent about this, and look forward to receiving the monitor and mouse, hopefully before xmas!

    • +1

      LiMaaa, this transparency and good will offer makes all the difference to me. Sticking with my order.

    • +1

      Are you referring to the email sent out with our order number? I went to the dell website and it has estimated ship date 25th jan and estimated delivery as 30th january. This had me a little annoyed/worried until I saw this post. I bought the S2721DGF. If delivery is still on track for before xmas, why don't dell update the eta shipping dates on the orders?

      • +1

        Let's not even question the Dell automated eta, it's a global update system and isn't always accurate. Just to specify in case you're confused the S2721DGF eta as specified in OP has always been…

        S2721DGF ETA: between 18 December - 14 Jan (or sooner).

        So there is a chance you could get it 14th of Jan, but based on past deals I'd say sooner and you can likely ignore 30th Jan automated eta that was sent out. :)

        • Thanks for the reply and letting me know, it's great appreciated! 👍

        • Hey LiMaaa, I ordered on the 12th of November at the previous deal on Dell website. It still says the estimated shipping date is by January 6th. Is there a chance that people here would receive it prior to me who ordered off the ebay dell cause that would be a bit of a gut punch given the almost $100 difference. Thank you.

          • @LINK91: I'm not sure I understand, can you link the ozb deal you purchased from?

            • @LiMaaa: Um, sorry. That was terribly formatted. I ordered it off this deal :
              Basically there wouldn't be a chance that people who ordered off the ebay deal would get the monitor prior to us who ordered on the 12th of November? I'm guessing it goes by order number sequence so that shouldn't happen.

              • +2

                @LINK91: They may. We started organising this deal and units for it early November in advanced preparation. I try to do this often for my deals which is what allows us to *generally have a set shipping ETA.

                I explained this in another comment on one of my deals somewhere. We basically pre order units for our deal, secure them, when they're au inbound we pop up a deal (which is why we generally have unit limits for the deal).

                Lots of planning, lots of fun haha.

    • -9

      I'm the only person in Australia to order 2 monitors and I was in the first 20 or so to order via your ebay deal, but my order has not shipped. Can you give update on Order 876443342?

      Can you also confirm I will be receiving two mice? Because there would be no reason I would receive a lesser deal than every single other order is there? Thanks.

      • +4

        I'll give you an update. I threw up after reading your post.

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