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Dell 27" QHD S2721DGF $469.60 (OOS) 38" AW3821DW $1799.20 (OOS) 27" 240hz AW2721D / 25" 360hz AW2521H Delivered @ Dell eBay


AW3821DW new shipping update

Shipping ETA update here

Hi Ozbargainers. Finally Black Friday is here and Dell have some awesome deals. The notorious S2721DGF Gaming monitor at it's cheapest price ever! The Alienware AW3831DW 38" Ultrawide and two other great Alienware monitors all listed below along with units, shipping and price. Don't forget to apply coupon at checkout: PPIBS20

Deals go live @ 6pm (aest), 7 pm (aedt), 4pm (awst), 6:30pm (acdt).
As always drop a comment to say hi or with questions and I'll help where I can. Happy Black Friday from Dell & I. 😄🎉

When will item(s) be shipped?
S2721DGF ETA: between 18 December - 14 Jan (or sooner).
All Alienware ETA: should arrive within December.

S2721DGF 27" 165hz Gaming Monitor @ $469.60 (was $799) / 1̶0̶0̶0̶ ̶u̶n̶i̶t̶s̶ ̶v̶i̶a̶ ̶e̶B̶a̶y̶, OUT OF STOCK!!! click to view deal.

Rtings Reveiw / YouTube Review / Click for full specs


Device Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz (165hz via DP cable)
Pixel Pitch: 0.2331 mm
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 1 ms (grey-to-grey)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors: 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Display Position Adjustments: Pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - With stand: 61.16 cm x 20.03 cm x 39.39 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH) - Without stand: 61.16 cm x 6.78 cm x 36.36 cm - weight: 4.5 kg
Bezel Type: Flat front
Compliant Standards: RoHS, BFR-free, DisplayPort 1.4, PVC-free, Mercury-free
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

AW3821DW 38" 144hz Curved Gaming Monitor @ $1799.20 (was $2249) / 1̶0̶0̶ ̶u̶n̶i̶t̶s̶ ̶v̶i̶a̶ ̶e̶B̶a̶y̶, OUT OF STOCK!!! click to view deal.

Product Video / Click for full specs


Device Type: LED edgelight system
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 21:9
Native Resolution: 3840 x 1600 (DisplayPort: 144 Hz, HDMI: 120 Hz)
Pixel Pitch: 0.229 mm x 0.229 mm
Brightness: 450 cd/m² (typical)
Contrast Ratio: 1000 to 1 (typical)
Color Support: 1.07 Billion
Adaptive-Sync Technology: NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate
Response Time: 4 ms (gray-to-gray fast); 2 ms (gray-to-gray super fast); 1 ms (gray-to-gray extreme)
Interfaces: 2 x HDMI (ver 2.0), 1 x DP 1.4 (rear), 1 x Audio line-out jack (rear), 1 x Headphone-out jack (bottom), USB 3.2 Gen 1 upstream, 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream, USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream with Battery Charging 1.2
Features: Ambient light sensor, LED edgelight system, Flicker Free technology, Dell ComfortView, Nano IPS, HDR 600, 95% DCI-P3, 130.6% sRGB color gamut, USB 3.2
Display Position Adjustments: Tilt: -5° to 21° / Swivel: -20° to 20° / Height: 130mm
Screen Coating: Anti-Glare with 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 89.48 cm x 29.36 cm x 44.95 cm
Diagonal Size: 95.25 cm
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Weight: 7.93 KG
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

AW2721D 27" 240hz Gaming Monitor @ $1079.20 (was $1349) / 100 units via eBay, click to view deal.

YouTube Review / Click for full specs


Device Type: LED edgelight system
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: QHD 2560 x 1440 (DisplayPort: 240 Hz, HDMI: 144 Hz)
Brightness: 450 cd/m² (typical)
Response Time: True 1ms (gray to gray) - Extreme Mode
Input Connectors: 2 x HDMI (ver 2.0), 1 x DP 1.4 (rear), 1 x Audio line-out jack (rear), 1 x Headphone-out jack (bottom)
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

AW2521H 25" 360hz Gaming Monitor @ $959.20 (was $1199) / 100 units via eBay, click to view deal.

YouTube Review / Click for full specs


Device Type: LED edgelight system
Panel Type: Fast IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 360 Hz
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Response Time: 1ms (gray to gray) - Extreme Mode
Input Connectors: 2 x HDMI (ver 2.0), 1 x DP 1.4 (rear), 1 x Audio line-out jack (rear)
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

I missed this deal, should I try contact Dell to place an order or get a price match?
No. Dell is transparent about their price match guarantee read here. Be fair, wait for the next deal!

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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        • +5

          marked as "sent" in eBay when this is clearly not the case

          To be fair, eBay marks it as sent when the tracking number is entered (or in this case tracking reference) so this is mostly on eBay as far as the misleading "sent" status goes.

          Having said that I am very pissed off to be one of the first 10 people in the country to order and pay for this only to have hundreds of other people receive their order while mine still awaits even being shipped with multiple "delays".

      • +4

        I'm in the first 40 on eBay and although I didn't receive an email, can confirm as of the last hour, the Dell site is showing mine as shipped with ETA of tomorrow, complete with tracking number.

        • Winner!

        • Congrats. I check mine…nope :-(

          • @OzLocutus: My status is also still the same. But after asking they told me that it's already handled by the courier and should arrive this week or early next week. They also gave me an tracking number and mentioned that it should be available in the next 24-48hrs.

            Let's see..

            • @daniel1301: Surprisingly, mine just arrived. Works fine on the Ergotron. Kudos to Dell, seems they have chosen the overnight express. But they truly have to work on the communication beforehand. Better a reliable later shipping date than sending out an earlier date and delaying it couple of times.

              Panel/Monitor seems to be flawless, at least in a bright room.

  • +1

    I was just on the phone with Dell support, and they said there is a shortage of supply for the AW3821DW and the ETA for new stock is 30th December. Doesn't look like the original delivery times before Christmas are going to be met.

    • +2

      I'd assume that's for "new stock" I've been informed all your orders stock are accounted for and on their way for delivery. I suggest waiting until 23rd before you assume Dell won't meet eta. And if they don't, I understand your frustration, but all I can do is stand by the information I've been given.

      • +3

        Hey LiMaaa,

        How are the S2721DGFs going? How do we know if we are in the December shipment group?

        Man im really hoping I get it before christmas. I bloody sold my monitor too early. Giant empty space on my desk lol.

        • Won't really know if you're in Dec group, can just wait and hope. A large batch is 1st week Jan shipment.

      • +1

        Hi LiMaa,

        I also purchased during the eBay deal. However my shipping has been updated to delivery for Feb 2021!?
        Revised Ship Date: Feb 1, 2021
        Revised Delivery Date: Feb 3, 2021

        Can I expect the AW3821DW to be delivered by 23 Dec?

        • Generally yes, I'm just double checking today to make sure all 38" are on schedule.

          • @LiMaaa: Thank you. Will update/comment if I receive it by then.

  • +2

    OMG. It's shipped! Thank you LiMaaa and the gods you serve!

    • Which monitor?

    • See nothing to worry about. :)

  • +1

    Another who has been on the AW3821DW waitlist (in Sydney), just checked and mine has been updated on Dell website tracking to show shipped and with tracking number (Startrack express service) so fingers crossed it shows up tomorrow (shows as despatched today from a Sydney depot so hopefully doesn't need to get too far!).

    Hope more start seeing same over next few days based on LiMaaa's comment above and can enjoy new monitors before Christmas!

    • Awesome to hear.

      • Yes arrived on 17th. Haven't actually had a chance to unpack but the box alone looks amazing, looking forward to playing around with on the weekend.

        Thanks LiMaaa - can't imagine it's been easy for you dealing with this on top of personal stuff the last few weeks. The effort, responsiveness and transparency is appreciated.

  • +2

    AW3821DW update for me:

    "We apologize for the delay.

    Thank you for your recent order with Dell. We are working to ship your order as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to feb. 05, 2021.

    Your order is very important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this change in delivery may cause."

    I honestly don't know how many more disappointments I can take this year.

    3080 ordered within 40 minutes of launch – no ETA.
    5900x ordered within 4 minutes of launch – no ETA.
    And now the AW3821DW. Ordered in literal seconds and receiving it seemingly after everyone else.

    L after L 2020 has been.

    • +1

      Hopefully LiMaaa chases that up for you. That's just awful :-(. So you were one of the first 10 or so orders then?

      • Quite a shock to say the least, reading this email.

        I was probably not in the first 10 orders, but the order was definitely placed within a minute. Dell were actually helpful with a hiccup for my order, in that the PPIBS20 code didn't apply to my order upon checkout.

        They allowed me to cancel my order and re-order again via a custom listing - which was awesome. However, I would assume this action brought me to the end of the queue.

        I thought that this would've been okay though, considering we were the first 100 in the country to secure this monitor.

        …then Dell eBay stock were mis-allocated to direct Dell orders momentarily when it officially released five days later on their website, and now here we are.

        • I think that's just a generic eta delayed notice. I think you'll be okay, but if you want to dm me your order number we can double check this.

          • @LiMaaa: Thanks LiMaaa, we already touched base yesterday afternoon via DM. I believe you've sent my info through already to Dell - perhaps worth double checking.

  • I just got an email with the invoice of the monitor. Apparently dell customer reps say that its issued 2 days after the product has been delivered. Not sure what to make of this.

    • Got my invoice e-mailed to me this morning too, but monitor definitely not delivered yet!

      • +1

        Let's hope it means we're receiving it today

  • +3

    I am awaiting the AW3821DW. After being delayed 3 times, and now the latest delay being already overdue and hearing others getting theirs, I called Dell Support for information. They provided me the following:

    • There is a unforeseen global part shortage for this and other monitors
    • My order can be expedited once made, but until then there is nothing they can do
    • Advised this means that the monitor is awaiting parts in a factory outside of Australia, before then being shipped to Australia and then shipped to me (and I assume all others still waiting)
    • Advised that they don't expect stock until January 11, 2021 at the earliest.

    I realise this contradicts what @LiMaaa has advised and assured it will arrive by 23rd of Dec and LiMaaa's statement that this Dell advice only applied to new orders - but am certainly nervous that 23rd December is rapidly approaching with nothing from Dell to assure that it is in fact on track :(

    • +1

      I understand your worry, I'll check in with Dell and find out if all aw38 orders are on track or not and post back when I get some info.

      • I have been in call with them multiple days in the last week, even escalating to their manager. It is clear they no longer have any stock. I was told that next shipment is early Jan. Well, that is extremely disappointing to say the least. So much for getting it before Christmas.

        • +3

          That's incorrect, even managers don't always have stock info cross departments. I've been assured stock for this deal is all accounted for and that all 38" should arrive before Xmas. Lets see what happens in the coming days.

          • @LiMaaa: Thanks LiMaaa. I really appreciate your assurances & am impressed by your ongoing efforts to support. I will stay optimistic!

          • @LiMaaa: Thanks LiMaaa, I really hope the manager is wrong because I really want this monitor badly before Christmas.

          • @LiMaaa: It is looking very unlikely now that this will arrive before Christmas. Looks like whoever gave you the info is not right. This is so bloody disappointing.

  • +2

    Just got my Dell tracking number over eBay.

    eBay's estimate is delivery by 23/12/2020

    Dell's estimate is 5/2/2021

    Edit: this is for the S2721DGF

  • I just checked my delivery status and it says it's been delivered. Been home all day and no monitor. On the phone with dell now. Ugh.

    • Mine's marked as delivered. My video doorbell appears show a missed delivery. Hoping I can pickup from a depo, cause I want it for the weekend, but I won't be home tomorrow :-(

      • +1

        They said that even though the status says delivered, it might not have been. What a joke. They will get back to me 1-2 business days apparently. I hope yours is at the depo. Hopefully you got a slip. let me know please. I'm southside.

        • I'm Queanbeyan. I got a slip. It says to call 6260 1412 between 7am and 9am only Monday to Friday to arrange re-delivery. Their address is 3/10 Tralee Street Hume. I don't even have a consignment/reference number on the slip. Perhaps just give them a call in the morning? I'm hoping I can pickup in the morning.

          • @OzLocutus: Hmmmm maybe I should give them a call as well to see what they say. I saw that it was in that same depot for delivery. I'm in Jerra pretty close.

          • @OzLocutus: Did your tracking on db Schenker say that yours had been delivered or that there was an attempt at delivery?

            • @Lossendal: The status is "Delivered to Final Destination" (DLC)

              • @OzLocutus: Hmmm mine just says last milestone: DLC. Wonder what that means. I guess we'll have to call tmr and see what's up.

                • @Lossendal: Yes, my last milestone is just DLC. I just scrolled down to see what DLC meant.

                  • @OzLocutus: Man I don't understand how this happened then. I was home the whole day. Ugh. I'll let you know what they say when I call up tomorrow. What time are you calling tomorrow so we don't clash with the calls haha

                    • @Lossendal: Probably right on 7am. I have a dentist appointment at 8am, so don't wanna risk it going over time and not being able to call by 9am. Amazing there's only a 2 hour call window.

                      • @OzLocutus: Fair enough. Which dentist do you go to if you don't mind me asking? Any good?

                        • @Lossendal: Canberra City Dentistry in Civic. Has been convenient for me since I usually work in Civic, and I always aim for an early morning booking.

                          Been going there for several years. They've been very good. Also got a Smile membership which reduces the cost there along with my private insurance extras covering many things.

                          • @OzLocutus: I see. Hope everything goes smoothly both monitor and dental wise. I'll let you know what I hear after calling them around that time too.

                            • @Lossendal: Number is engaged….ARGHHHHH!

                              • @OzLocutus: I got through. They said that they would be checking to see if the monitor came back. They said that they delivered it to me but no one was home. Ridiculous. Anyway they said that you can pick up if the the monitor went back to the warehouse 530am to 3pm. But they have to check the stock first though.

                            • @Lossendal: Got through to them. They allow direct pickups from 5.30am till 3pm. So after my dentist appointment, picking up that monitor, and getting to work late, lol!

                              • @OzLocutus: Did they find your monitor in the warehouse?

                                • @Lossendal: That didn't come up, presumably because I have a delivery slip so I assume they would have it there. We'll find out.

                                  • +1

                                    @OzLocutus: Went there, picked up my monitor! Woohoo! Dropped it off at home, now to work. Hopefully setup tonight.

                                    • @OzLocutus: Grats man hoping to race there during lunch to pick it up too

                                      • @Lossendal: End up getting it? Just set up mine. It's incredible. Worth the wait.

                                        • @OzLocutus: How's it looking? I have to wait til Monday ;(

                                          • @Lossendal: Beautiful. No dead pixels as far as I can see. My issue now is Cyberpunk crashes every time just after I create a new character :-(

                                            • @OzLocutus: Man that sucks. My rig was barely getting 60 on ultra no rtx with my older uw monitor. Hope you find out what the problem is.

      • Which monitor?

  • +4

    I got a message from Dell this morning and the tracking number is one effing order number which when tracked says it just entered production??? The shipping date says it would be shipped on Feb 1st and arrival is Feb 6. WTF??? This was supposed to be a receive in December deal!!! Why would they mark it as shipped when its clearly not?

    • +1

      Basically on the same boat. Still waiting on a response by LiMaa regarding my order.

      Estimated Ship Date
      Dec 8, 2020

      Estimated to Arrive By
      Dec 10, 2020

      Revised Ship Date
      Feb 1, 2021

      Revised Delivery Date
      Feb 3, 2021

    • which monitor did you purchase, 38" or dgf?

      • I purchased the AW38

        I've sent you a DM with my order number. Pls help

      • DGF. I just relocated to brissy and was looking for a monitor. Thought this would be a great one to begin with, unfortunately this has happened :(

    • +3

      mine just got revised to feb 05 and i purchased mine on 11/11 on the previous deal….. pretty annoying..
      this is for the DGF

    • +7

      For a Company of this size to be so absolutely useless at shipping products and keeping customers informed correctly is a joke. I have come across thousands of companies 1/1000th this size or smaller that keep their customers informed 1000 times better and don't lie to them. This is unacceptable in my opinion. Even small ebay stores will update me with correct tracking details, no problem. Why's it so hard for Dell? I've read of people getting their monitors without a tracking update at all and Limaa talks like this is fine. I would be embarrassed to represent Dell if I were him. They have seemingly lied to him and let him cop all the flack in the comments here and I'm pretty sure he ain't getting paid for any of it lol. This is my honestly my first and last time I buy anything from Dell.

      • +1

        Ya I agree with you. Limaa was with us at every step and was also helping people who were no where connected to this deal. Now even he got a bad rep. Its bad how dell treats customers. Somebody should sue them.

  • +1

    Hi, I sent a message to dell via ebay regarding my delivery on ‘S2721dgf’. Dell told me to refer to dell order site ( which the est. delivery date is 23/01/2021) and added below comment as well

    If you can still wait for the item, we would like to offer a complimentary gaming mouse that you can use with the unit. Hopefully, this will somehow help improve your experience with us. However, if you are no longer willing to wait, we can work on cancelling the order and provide you with a full refund instead. Please let us know.

    Estimated delivery time on ebay was 14-18/12/2020. Should I expect my delivery to be made on 23/01/2020 or dec- early jan2021 as advised by Limaa?

    Thank you!

    • They must be confused, the gaming mouse is for 38" purchasers. The dgf has an eta until mid Jan, this was always specified. It's nowhere near the ETA yet haha. I'll have a chat with them.

      • +1

        Just curious why the mouse is only for the 38" when their eta you gave them says sometime in December. Surely they wouldn't get bonuses unless it was delivered after December. Are 38" purchasers much more whiny than the dgf customers so they got a bonus?

        • Firstly $2000 purchase vs $400 give or take. Their stock was accidentally taken for Web orders which caused them a delay, not to mention coupon expiring issue which caused them to pay $20 more on the deal than some others. The mouse is valid compensation for them and fair.

          DGF eta hasn't even come close and likely won't be delayed, offering the same compensation for a potentially on time order isn't valid. I've spoken to Dell and they confirmed the dgf orders are on track for eta delivery and that if there were to be compensation for delays it likely wouldn't be the same mouse anyway.

          Just trying to be transparent with you guys so you have the correct info, that's all. :)

          • -1

            @LiMaaa: Sorry for only spending a measily $469 dollars, that's a lot of money for some people. Also I wasn't asking for a mouse, I just wanted to know why they were getting one.

  • +2

    So those waiting on the S2721DGF will get a complimentary gaming mouse for the delay?

    • +2

      Only if you complain about delivery delays I guess

      • But does that mean the ETA will be late Jan if I accept the complimentary mouse?

    • Well I'd assume not, especially considering there are no delays as of yet with the dgf haha.

      • +3

        Im waiting on my DGF and ive been offered a complimentary gaming mouse and I have accepted the offer so win win I guess.

  • +1

    My AW3821DW order delivery date was just updated to Feburary 1… is this a joke? I should have just gotten the cheaper Dell direct deal.

    To the moderator who said it was better to pay more and get it sooner… you need to wake up.

    • Automated eta, likely incorrect. I'm not a moderator. Dm me your order number though as I'm curious to see the status of the orders receiving the ETA delay notifications. Cheers.

      • OK. LOL sorry for being so direct.

    • +2

      Well they offered me a gaming mouse (DGF buyer) and I wasnt even complaining. Was just following up.

      I accepted the offer of course. Wonder what mouse theyre going to give me.

      • Let's hope it's better than this

        • Haha well they did say "gaming" mouse.

        • +2

          Why would there be confusion. They knew full well they were talking to someone about their DGF order.

          Either way, they gave me the option to wait and get a mouse, or cancel. I chose the former. I think I can hold em to it now.

          • @Jutang92: Hey it means nothing to me. Didn't want you to needlessly get your hopes up (or anyone else's) only to be disappointed down the road because that doesn't sound right to me. You're the only person here that has claimed that DGF customers are getting anything extra. Low level CS reps mispeak and/or get things wrong all the time. Good for you if you get something out of them for no reason whatsoever I guess..? More power to ya.

            • +2

              @HereForBargains: Just so you know, he is not the only one who got that message :). I asked Dell CS team about the delivery date as ebay's estimated delivery date was 18th the latest, and CS Team is the one who messaged me back about the complimentary mouse. I guess the confusion came from CS team's message, nowhere else

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