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Asahi Super Dry Black Bottles 334ml - $36 Per Case (18 Single Bottles) C&C @ BWS (Usually $68)


Time for another (possible) BWS price error!

Asahi Super Dry Black bottles are on special for $2 each at BWS (despite a case of 18 usually costing $68).

So just add 18x single bottles to score a case for $36.

Other possible steps:

  • Combine with 10% Cashrewards.

  • By purchasing 2 cases (36 bottles) I was able to combine with a (possibly targeted) 1000 Everyday Rewards points (equates to ~$5) for $70 spend at BWS.

With either or both of those additional steps, two cases will ultimately cost you $60-$65, which is lower than the usual single case price!

Enjoy !

Edit: Stock levels are getting hit. If it shows as unavailable, try changing to other stores nearby and you might find more stock.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • shows $68 for me

    • +2

      Does a single bottle show as $2?

      • +1

        My bad its showing as $2. ordered 18 bottles for $36

  • +1

    No more single bottles

    • +2

      Try changing store if it's not in stock.

      • I have 2 stores withon 5 minutes of me. They both still have stock.

  • Are these worth a 15 min drive? Only store that has them in stock is of course the furthest from me.

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      If you are thirsty like a fish.

    • +2

      Yes. The Asahi Super Dry Black is really nice.

      The one you want to avoid is the standard Asahi Super Dry which is a knock off made in China and is dogp*ss.

      Super Dry Black is the genuine article from Japan and well worth it. The standard Asahi Super Dry in cans is from Japan and is pretty good, but avoid the bottles like the plague.

  • +2

    Cheers, to clarify, 1 bottle = $2 which translate to 18 bottle equal = $36 instead of rrp $68 per carton. Grab one for myself:)

  • +4

    Good deal but last time I checked 24 make a carton

    • +8

      Asahi Black's come in 18packs because they're "fancy"

      • +2

        Ok cheers!

    • +1

      Haha, well these come in cases of 18, but feel free to buy 24 bottles instead!

  • Gonna play the long game and wait for 30% cashback through shopback today. Hopefully deal is still going then

    • Good luck!

    • Best of luck! My local was showing 25 bottles so I pulled the trigger

    • When is that happening? I couldn't find a deal link on the BWS page

      • 1-5 aedt…email came thru not long ago. It's up on the Shopback app

  • What's special about Asahi Blacks? Are these brewed in Australia?

    • +9

      Nope - Japan.
      I said the same thing - 2 weeks ago, and now its all I think about……day and night - Asahi Black Beer…….

      (No really - they are good! - and not like any other black/dark beer)

  • Nice. Picked up a case. Paid $64 for a case last time

  • Thanks. Great deal.

  • Unavailable!

    • Try changing to another store nearby

  • Stack with 30% cashback later today

    • CB is 10% atm but is becoming 30% later today?

      • +1

        Cashreward is 10% all day

        Shopback is going to be 30% cap at $25 from 1pm-5pm

        • That works out perfectly for a carton of my fav. beer - 30% off will be about $21.

          • +1

            @Bold Eagle: Yeah but deal didn't last long enough though.

            • @highdealer: Just ordered now for my 30% off hopefully they won't take as long as CR does (3 months last time)…

  • Will they actually give you are carton or 18 individual bottles?

    • +3

      I hope they give you 18 bottles with no bags just for a laugh.

      • Haha that's what I was thinking.

    • +9

      They'll give you the carton. It's similar to a Little Creatures deal I posted this time last year and that's what happened. Too much effort for them to break cartons apart!

      • +1

        Oh thankyou for those Little Creatures. I only just got around to them recently (still good) and they were amazing. If I remember something like $24 for the case and a friendly BWS honouring price error. Good 'onya mate

  • +2

    Bought a six pack for funseys. Can't let a dark beer sale go through to the keeper!

  • Thanks op. 96 available at crownest mall bws .🤙

  • +1

    I pulled the trigger before it gets ozbargained, but I don't normally like dark beer, I do like Asahi though. I going to be disappointed?

    • not a snowflake's chance in hell

    • +1

      This is by no means what you’ll be expecting when you think dark beer. You’ll enjoy it.

    • TOTALLY amazeballs - I'm so not a dark beer drinker and its all I want now.

  • +1

    Don't forget to grab 5% off if you're not getting cashback!

    • doesn't work for me

  • Broden, why you buy the whole stock (5 cases!) from under my nose at Ashfield? I only wanted a case!

  • Thanks OP. Bought.
    Wasn’t greedy so only grabbed 6.
    Trying to order again from the same store shows OOS.
    Hopefully I get a confirmation email instead of a cancellation.

  • Showing $68 for 18 bottles for me, did they change the price?

    • You have to buy the single bottles x 18 to get the case for $36.

      • 18 bottles = 1 case?

        • Yes. Carton*

  • 30% off with ShopBack too!

  • Great find.cleared up Mornington store stock.

  • Stock disappeared pretty fast.
    Lucky lots of bws around!
    Forgot cash back. Fail.

  • +1

    Bottles back up to $5.19

  • Capped at 4 bottles per cart for me

  • +1

    Ordered 12 bottles for $24 - $10 voucher = $12, linked my Woolworths rewards card BWS app and a recieved $10 coupon to spend on my first order. Cheers!

    • weird, i tried to link my card the first time it is not giving me the $10 through BWS app… only option was to deducted my $30 saved from Xmas!

  • does cashback track if paying with wish egift card?

  • +1

    Damnit I got ozbargained - had 18 in my cart and just as I was trying to finalise they 'suddenly disappeared' and became unavailable at that store…Mind you getting a carton of Asahi 500ml cans for $71 with 10% off via CB might be the next choice.

    • In that case I'd wait until the 30% shopback later today

  • I ordered 12 bottles. Looking forward to it.

  • Great deal. Don't think it's a pricing error. It's advertised as NEW(black bottles) with a saving of $3.19.

  • Hi OP, are there any other deals, all sold out

    • Try changing to other stores around you as they may have stock

      • All sold…

  • +1

    Still available in my store for $2 each bottle. 2126.

    So check other stores for stock levels.

    • not any more if I have my way ;)
      I think one of us will get a 'not in stock' reply.
      Their stocks levels did not decrease after I ordered some time back.

  • None available at 3 stores near me.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got mine.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, great deal 👍

  • price fixed

    • You might be looking at regular super dry. Asahi Black is still $2 per bottle.

      • thanks mate, looks pick up only, and not available in my area.

  • 1 hour till Dans opens… hopefully BWS website still has them at $2 for a price match/beat.

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • +2

    Worked for me with a little store hopping. Thanks OP

  • My locals said had stock but then when in cart says none. Dodgy. Guess already gone and site doesn't update properly.

  • +1

    Thanks op

  • +2

    Just cleaned out Keperra 4054. Love a BWS price error

  • +1

    It's a good feeling when you can actually get a deal before it sells out! 😄

    EDIT - Thank you OP!

  • Sold out at my locals.

  • +6

    Thanks! breakfast sorted

  • +2

    Thank you! Love this beer. Can't even describe how good it is. Very light for a dark beer

  • +1

    Tried a number of stores around VIC metro. No luck, all seems to be out of stock :(

    Anyone in VIC can advise which store they are able to purchase from? Would be very much appreciated!

    • One of the CBD store.

    • Bought from Kew but it shows OOS now

  • Seems to be marked as unavailable now

    • Tried changing to stores around you? Might have better luck.

  • 5am and nothing available at any of my nearby stores :(

  • Grabbed 18 bottles for $36, Thanks OP

  • +1

    Lol there was 68 in my local, so I thought I'd wait for cashback. Seems like it's all sold out across VIC now

  • I tried 15 stores in NSW and all unavailable.

  • "More stock arriving soon. Order now and pick up by Tuesday, 1 December"

    but doesn't let you order lol

  • +8

    OK folks, I think they're onto this. Shows unavailable but now without any option to 'check stock in other stores'. I'll mark as expired.

    Congrats to the earlybirds who nabbed this one!

  • For those who missed out, there's another beer that might work out alright combined with the 30% Shopback deal later on today (1pm-5pm).

    Mountain Goat Very Enjoyable Beer Bottle 375ml are also $2 each. So effectively $1.40 each after cashback.

    • showing as $5 ea for me

      • Yeah sorry - seems they picked up on that one too.

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