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Black Friday: Bulk Discounts on Shelly Wi-Fi Home Automation + Free Shipping @Smartguys.com.au - Save up to A$250


Hi everyone,

We had quite a few people use our 10% discount code a few weeks ago, so thought you would like to check out our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on our Shelly home automation range.

Shelly 1 - $30.99 (RRP) ->
Buy 2 Get 1 Free - You save $30.99
Buy 5 Get 3 Free - You save $92.97
Buy 10 Get 7 Free - You save $216.93

Shelly 2.5 - $49.99 (RRP) ->
Buy 3 Get 1 Free - You save $49.99
Buy 5 Get 2 Free - You save $99.98
Buy 10 Get 5 Free - You save $249.95

*Please note that the Shelly 1, Shelly 1 PM and Shelly 2.5 must be installed by certified electricians. All devices have been certified for use in Australia by Global Mark Australia (GMA-507618,GMA-507368, GMA-508410).

**Shelly devices can be used with the provided app, or be integrated with most existing home automation systems (Smart Things, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Fibaro, HomeKit. MQTT and Rest APIs are also available).

A quick overview of the products: The Shelly 1 sits behind a standard light switch and can make it controllable over WiFi. The wall switch continues to operate as normal. It also has dry contacts, meaning it can be used to control a garage door. The Shelly 2.5 functions the same (no dry contacts), but allows for control of two lighting circuits with one device (2-gang switch). Full details on all Shelly devices are available at the deal link and on the official Shelly website.

Feel free to message us if you have any questions, or would like further clarification. Would love any feedback you might have to help us improve as we are still new (this is our first Black Friday deal) and we will be available to answer all your questions in the thread in the comments.

The team @SmartGuys

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Ordered. Was waiting for a deal on these before pulling the trigger.

  • I know they've only just been available to order, but wil lyou be getting in the 1L?

    • Hi,

      The Shelly 1L could take a while to become available in Australia as it will need to go through the certification process. Currently, the focus in on getting the dimmer certified (hopefully before the end of the year). If you were after something that doesn't require a neutral and is Australian certified, it may be better to wait a bit for the Dimmer certification to come through.


      • Put me down for 9 of the Shelly dimmers when they receive certification.

        • Haha! Done :) We actually have a mailing list for the Dimmer 2 to notify customers when it becomes certified - if you PM me your email, I can add you to the list. Alternatively, keep an eye out on OzBargain as we will be doing some introductory deals when it receives certification.

  • Any chance the 5(+3) pack will be restocked? would be the perfect amount for me to try!

    Thanks :)

    • Hi mate,

      Really sorry but these have been selling like crazy today and we only have 2 of the 2(+1) deals left for the 1PM.

      There are plenty of Shelly 1s and 2.5s in stock though, if you aren't too concerned about the power monitoring aspect!

      The team @SmartGuys

  • My order seems to have gone through (email confirmation) but I received this error on returning to your web page from PayPal:

    Error in Paypal

    Must be greater than zero. If the currency supports decimals, only two decimal place precision is supported.

    • Hey Tom,

      Thats strange. Don't worry though! I can confirm we have received your order and payment. In fact, it has already been packed!

      Any other questions/issues, please let me know. You can email us directly on [email protected].