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NZBGeek Lifetime Membership US$30 (~A$40.70) @ NZBGeek


Not as good of a deal as previous Black Friday deals, but still $10 off their lifetime membership.

6 month $4
1 year $8
2 year $14
Lifetime $30

Source: reddit

Update on 30 Dec 2020

Warning: Website compromised. Customers are advised to change their passwords and secure their accounts and reporting to their credit card issuer.


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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Really love NZBgeek. Easy layout and plenty of content. One of the only ones left.

  • Would this be good to use with newshosting usenet servers? Apparently newshosting has its own front end search/indexer. Sorry for the noob question… Just trying to understand how it all works.

    • Doubt a hosting provider would de-obfuscate releases, so their indexer wouldn't be too useful.

      • Thanks for your answer! So the newshosting client is likely to be bad and this would find things on the newshosting server backbone that couldn't be found on the newshosting client?

        • Well on NZBGeek and the like, you can search in clear text for say Linux.ISO.S01E22.4K and find it, but the actual subject posted to usenet will be say f10f421a154248688f23c3edc6ab8efd split across multiple posters and groups. Now if you know this, then you could search for f10f421a154248688f23c3edc6ab8efd and likely find what you want.

          Only assuming that a usenet provider's indexer wouldn't de-obfuscate releases since that would open them up to a world of trouble. General rule is that they don't know what they host and indexers don't actually host anything.

          NZBGeek I believe has a free trial if you want to check it out. Even without that, can search/browse and see what it's indexed.

  • checked this out earlier but said it doesn't start until 12am 27/11. I assume that's U.S. time which it is currently 11pm 26/11. Deal is clearly live though so i signed up, thanks OP.

  • I don't remember having it but apparently my "VIG Membership: Expired - 2015-04-12". Anyway, my drunkenslug & nzbgrabit vip both expire early next year so I'll give these guys a shot at replacing them.

    • Would be glad to hear what your experience is with it. It's been the best out of a few providers for me, but I haven't tried those two

  • Thanks. Guess this lifetime membership serves better than Drunken.

  • The Dog has an open invite ATM for those who wants to give a try.

  • Hey if anyone used a credit card for this, they got breached so any payments from 20th Nov according to their email.