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LifeStyles Regular Condom 40 Pack, 40 Count $7.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Our easy fit shape
Pre-lubricated for enhanced pleasure (not spermicidal)
Smooth textured latex
54mm nominal width with reservoir teat

Durex Pleasure Me Condoms Ribbed Dotted $8.77 ($7.89 with SS)
Durex Fruity Fun Flavoured Condoms 10 $5.24

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +8

    Thanks OP this is pleasurable

  • +1

    Same price at Chemist Warehouse also

    • +2

      5% shopback at CW too…

      • +1

        Thanks. It's tough being an addict, I'm almost at a pack a day so every saving helps.

    • +14

      Yeah but then the Chemist Warehouse staff will know that you have sex.

      • +7

        well, now Jeff Bezos knows your business

  • +59

    Categorised as gaming. Bold choice

    • +5

      Well, you need to have game to get to use them.

      • +8

        Or money. Pay to win works here too

        • Indeed, and if that's no good I suppose there's always pay to play.

  • +75

    $9.44, save $100,000+ :)

    • -9

      Bravo! Comment of the year lol

      Mods - give this man a medal!

    • +4

      You only spend 100k on your kids from 0-18? Can I leave my newborn with you, give you 100k, and then pick her up in 18 years, I'll save a tonne of money. Just raise her properly please.

      • Yup , try closer to 500,000 lol

        • +3

          You folks don't account for inflation. By the time your newborn is in university, were looking at 1 and a half million

          • @OzCheapo: I suspected my estimate was a bit low, I don't have kids! :)

    • Damn, that's one expensive abortion.

  • +28

    nice. don't have to beat around the bush anymore

    • -1


      • +9


  • Damn, limit of 5 boxes…

    • +14

      You should probably use a new one for every box?

      • +1

        Problem is he has 41 penises, so he'll always need to open two boxes every time he bumps ugly.

  • +23

    I come here for the comments

  • +28

    Trying to work out how many years this would last me but I'm getting a can't divide by 0 error …

  • +9

    Nice, a life time supply of condoms for less than 10 bucks

    • +12

      Must be married?

    • you need to check expiry date before using it

  • +2

    Every bit of protection helps amidst the global pandemic.

    • +1

      You don't need to feel sad about it.

        • +3

          Glad wrap might work out cheaper.

          • @RSmith: Now I understand why it's called "glad wrap"!

    • +1

      For your case, using your hands doesn't count.

  • +1

    you'll need more than condoms to get laid OP ;)

  • +6

    Our easy fit shape

    Phew… Other condoms have a lot of twists and turns.

    • HAHAHAHA.. just be thankful your not a duck!! No thats not a typo.. google it (not in the office) if you dont know what im talking about.

      • Spiral

        • I have herd the term corkscrew used

  • +1

    With that many in one pack you could spare a few to practice making balloon animals

  • 25 cents a pop, bargain!
    Finally a deal for the regular Joe, usually it would be left over sizes like XXS, XS, XL, 2XL, 3XL…

    • Bang would be better than pop.

  • +1

    hope the expiry date is 10 years+

  • nice subscribed

  • Pack of 40? Get real! ;)

  • Cheaper than nappies .

  • -1

    Condoms? Step up ya pull out game, bruh.

    • +2

      Pull out method belongs in competitions sorry. Game of chance

      • +1

        Are you thinking of soggy SAO? That's a proper competition.

  • +2

    I thought it would be a larger size for Black Friday

    • Lol I thought that joke showed restraint (username being MaxDong69)

  • +2

    I still haven't opened the box that I bought from Black Friday last year.

    • it will rest in peace, forever.

  • Remember to practice social distancing when using it

  • Shame they don't have large low key flex

  • saves me buying tissues.

    • What kind of tissues are you buying at >=23.6c? A $1 box of tissues should last a damn sight longer than this 40 pack of rubbers.

      • You can reuse 40 pack of rubbers…

        • You can recycle tissues at home as well, but do you really want to?

  • @superuser be superpounding

  • So cheap I may just have to bag these twice.

  • +1

    Bareback all the way… also the cheapest

  • +2

    I prefer Skyn condoms, quality over quantity. And this is a good price.

    • +1

      I agree, thanks for the link. Bought this instead

  • +1

    Just looking at the picture before the text, I thought it's a CPU from Intel with the circle and "Intel Inside".

  • +1

    Nothing says Christmas like I want to love you.

  • more than enough for a lifetimes supply forever_alone.jpeg

  • wtf do i do with this

  • Wow $9.44 is a great price for a lifetime supply :)

  • Why no special on tighter fit?

    • +1

      Everyone here is above average so this is tighter fit for us 😁😁

  • +1

    I only come for the comments :)

  • Amazing value for a lifetime supply.

  • +1

    i just came here for the comments xD

  • what are these for?

    • +2

      Sexual intercourse.

    • +1

      Posh wanks.

  • How does this compare on value with a vasectomy, which I could also afford?

  • How do u guys know which way to put it on? Always seems to struggle finding the top end

  • Well! That sorts out provisions for the combination bingo night and meet and greet at the the Woolloomooloo Senior Activities Center.
    Thanks OP!

    β€” Dave from event planning

  • Can't get a years supply of much for $10 these days. What a buy.

    • Try a lifetimes supply

  • here for comments, not disappointed so far :-)

  • Ordered 10 packs, now I just have to find someone to use them with !!

    • Are you Tasmanian?

  • -1

    Perfect for amoral people who aren't in relationships. People in healthy normal relationships can do without condoms given that they take the necessary precautions.

  • These save more money than you think, i'd say they've saved me possibly millions of dollars ;)

  • Is this a bit of a strech?? ;)

  • Thank you for the comments, guys! :D

  • Had these rip once, misses won’t use them again :(

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