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Apple AirPods Pro $249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


For those who missed out on eBays AirPods Pro deal, Amazon will be giving you another chance!

Flash Sale will be happening over the next three days, starting at 9am AEDT, according to this article

Most likely would be a lightning deal, similar to today's flash sale

  • Saturday 28th November 9am AEDT SOLD OUT
  • Sunday 29th November 9am AEDT See comments
  • Monday 30th November 9am AEDT

Keep an eye out for these!


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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          hello Jackson, I cant see it at the moment. It will be available later today.

    • did you neg because you missed out?

  • Can the Airpods Pro be returned wit ebay or Amazon if the fit is not good

  • +1

    This flash / lightening deal is a joke. Wasted time to wait and click but nothing in the last 2 days.
    Just ended up buying from Catch with CR's 15% off today, in total $39 difference with this flash deal, not too bad at all!

    • these deals are known to be stressful unfortunately :(

      • if you don't have high blood pressure you do now

        • I should add to the description

          WARNING: may cause heart attack and high blood pressure. proceed at your own risk.

  • Score much better chance than eBay for sure
    Now to return my OW purchased ones for a refund

  • Hi does it have australian warranty for 1 year? it's genuine airpods pro right? because i got the lightning deal but now i am concerned about the warranty

    • It is Australian 1 year warranty and genuine

      • Thanks so I should just return the one that i purchased from JB

  • -1

    It’s from Harris Technology and they offer ONLY ONE per day - good luck to the hunters !

    • +1

      quite a few managed to snag one, with many others missing out though…

    • +3

      One release yes. No idea on quantity per release but if there were 100/500/even 1000 they would go in a second or two given how advertised the deal has gotten. I actually think a lot of people on here managed to snag some which is good to see

  • +15

    Managed to get Officeworks to price beat the flash deal down to $236. Last unit in store and a few other deal hunters had already been in that day.

    I had the Amazon app open on my phone to display the sale price.

    YMMV based on stores and staff.

    • +3

      you’re the real winner

    • That worked? Did it not show the deal was claimed?

      • Receipt: https://imgur.com/gallery/D1VhWD9

        In the Amazon app it said the price in big text and waitlisted in very very small text, however, staff member did not care. All they checked was the warranty at Harris tech and that it was free delivery.

        Also, I did not refresh the app and my screen displayed the price as $249.

    • You're the MVP of this thread!

      $236 for AirPods Pro is an amazing price and I doubt you'd get it cheaper any time soon.

    • +1

      lol damn being at officeworks at 9am on the dot lol

      • …and taking the chance (1) it is in stock (2) someone will serve you before deal sold out (less than a minute), that’s a true dedicate OB’er.

      • 10:10 am purchase and last unit in store.

        Just didn't refresh the app screen after I got waitlisted.

        • That's an excellent tip. I'd screenshot it and go to different stores if OOS LOL.

          • +1

            @Buy2Much: YMMV sales person did ask if it was a screenshot and wanted to see me scroll to prove it was a live deal. It was at the time, just out of stock.

            • @indemnity: I was going to attempt it with a screenshot as they're closed when the deal is live Perth time but sounds like it may come undone.

    • Wow, nice job! And I'm a loser… I purchase $249 amazon gift card and cant grab one …
      I hope I could manage to get one otherwise I have no idea how to spend my credit

      • why buy the gift card so early… once you add to cart, stock is reserved for you and you have 15 minutes to complete checkout. buy the gift card at that time and then use it, or you can apply the gift card balance even after you place your order (amazon charges you when item is shipped, not when order is placed)

        • I thought it's a snap to grab one lol

  • +2

    got one from jb 329 using him her card so ended up 280…

    theres heaps of him her cards in my area.

  • Sorry wrong thread

  • -1

    eBay Plus sucks. From the time I added the item to cart to clicking "Confirm & Pay" - roughly 30 secs, its already said "We noticed a problem. Please review: your items.". Sold out. Really? Is the seller dropping just 10 of these?

    • +1

      Gotta be 28-29s faster to compete with the bots.

      • I got one and I am not a bot

        • Username checks out.

          In all seriousness I managed to get one from eBay too in one of the hourly drops yesterday. It was the 5th attempt between yesterday and the day before but got there in the end.

    • Got a pair after a few attempts yesterday. Took a bit of effort:

      • Used the direct link to the listing instead of waiting for the deals page to go live (had it after missing out in previous attempts) - refreshing that page instead
      • Had shipping & payment details saved in advance
      • Had the promo code already copied and ready to apply
      • Used “Buy It Now” instead of “Add to Cart” so that it went straight to checkout

      Done in about 5 seconds in the end. Wouldn’t recommend it, anxiety went through the roof lol, but it is possible to get the deal.

    • they posted this same whinge on the ebay plus thread as well lol

  • It's way to hard to get even a single item. I guess either eBay is playing dougy or lots of bots..

  • +1

    Does anyone of a screenshot showing the price reduction?

  • Has the countdown for the second round shown up yet?

    • Nah, I haven't been able to find the next deal either.

  • Ordered yesterday 28th with zip pay

    Confirmed 10% back from zip = $224.10

    Tracked Cashrewards $9.96

    Total $214.14

    Arriving today

    What a deal!!

    • Was 10% off with zip pay just for yesterday?

      • Ends 23:59 on the 30th

    • Cashrewards Tech category is $0 ?

      • Really? I got confirmation email this morning..

        Maybe they will revoke it? 🤦🏼‍♂️

        • They increased it to 12% for all categories for a little while yesterday, maybe you got them during then?

  • Im still not seeing this under upcoming deals. Looking within the Amazon app.

    • yeah i don't see it either, hopefully it pops up later

  • Can someone confirm you dont need Prime for this deal?

    • +1

      You don’t need prime but need to pay $5 for delivery

  • +1

    Which department is this in, when trying to filter the lightning deals?
    I've tried each one, couldn't find airpods pro, I'm doing something wrong here.

    • +1

      I'm still not seeing today's either…might not be happening or they might have changed the way it works and won't appear until bang on 9am. No idea

  • my local store went from “in stock” to “limited stock” real quick and there’s nothing in any nearby stores. Gonna have to be sitting in the OW car park at 8:59 refreshing the amazon page while i wait lol

    • -2

      Not on today.

      • yea it is. Disappointing discount though

  • Can anyone see it in the upcoming deals?

    • +1

      nope can see it

      • +1


  • link?

  • @skido2: U able to see it now ?… its 8.52 almost …

  • Will it be under lightning deals?

  • does anyone have the link?

  • +8

    I have looked everywhere for the last 15 minutes or so. I can't find the link. 🤬

  • what was it like yesterday, for anyone who got it? was it under upcoming deals?

    • +1


      • i missed it yesterday, didnt know where to find it and it was out by the time i got to it

    • Yeah, it was up like 24hours in advance. I don't think they're doing it today…unless it randomly pops up at some stage. May not even be 9am, the one on Friday was like midday

  • +3

    Woke up early for nothing :)

  • Well this is lame

  • it's showing as $299???

  • Just came up, $299 today though…different seller to yesterday

  • bots got them all

    • I've got some in my cart, 15mins to decide if I'll take them. Probably be $249 tomorrow!

  • Gone in 30 seconds.

  • +1

    $299 ????

  • +2

    wtf, it is $299 instead of 249 lol

  • +1

    damn.. missed. couldnt find the link until it was too late. good thing in the end i guess!

  • Lightning Deal is $299?

  • wtf, the 2nd batch literally sold out in 2 seconds

  • Ahh damn the price is $299 today….still missed it and am on the waitlist anyways

  • +1

    Wait it's $299 today? I got one in the cart but not sure if I'm gonna checkout…

  • Scammed, why is it $299 today (Sunday)…

  • +1

    $299 isnt even good lol

  • $299 today

  • wait where was it? i got onto the waitlist 😢

  • different seller. and gone

  • Why $299 ….

  • not working

  • They must have had 5 in stock. Wasn't even a proper link.

  • +1

    299 scammmmeddd

  • Wow it went for $299 today and people still bought it.