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Asus - RT-AX56U - AX1800 Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Router $188 (30% off) + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Bing Lee eBay


solid little WIFI 6 router, I have been using one for a few months and it works great, have ordered a second now to setup AI mesh node.

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  • Will this work on nbn fttc?

    Im still confused if i need a vdsl router for nbn fttc as tpg send a vdsl router with their service but i read that wifi router is enough to connect to the nbn device and does not need to be vdsl

    • You only need a VDSL modem for FTTN & FTTB.

      If you are on any other NBN connection, you only need a router (such as this one) as the NTD (Network termination device, the equivalent of a modem) is provided by NBN Co and remains their property (i.e you can't take it with you when you move).

      • Thanks for the confirmation.
        I was kooking at replacing the to link provided for the added security feature specially restricting what kids can access. Kids now a days are cheeky they will find a way to access apps, websites and social media.

    • I'm pretty sure that TPG provide a WiFi router as well as the NCD (network connection device) on their NBN plans.as I was just looking myself.

      Perhaps try chatting to them to confirm?

      • The Huawei HG659 router I got from TPG on FTTN is rubbish. It's now bridged to one of the bigger siblings of this router.

        My expectations would be low on any ISP provided router, but if your needs are simple they're ok.

      • Yes they did. In my case its nbn FTTC and they provide a tplink vdsl plus the nbn device. This confuse me if i can onoy use a wifi router as when i look at their compatible routers, all are vdsl routers.
        A bit annoying having 2 device needs to power on all the time instead of one device.

  • This would’ve been perfect with a 20% code.

  • $165 odd at Amazon, but that is from the UK. Personally, I'd prefer buying this from Amazon AU if there's only $20 or thereabouts in it.

    PLUS3 gives me another $5 off.

  • Note, eBay only offers me click and collect on this. There is currently no delivery option showing for me.

  • Should we wait for cyber monday deal on buying electronics?

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    Was thinking , after looking into it, to go the next model up, as it has better ( I believe) MiMO and the 160mhz bandwidth range.