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Nuraphone Headphones + Nuraphone Gaming Microphone $463 (Was $579.99), Nuraloop Headphones $239 (Was $299) Shipped @ Nuraphone


Nura is offering 20% OFF their Nuraphone Gaming Bundle + free shipping!

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  • Bit of a gimmick really, as it suffers from all of the negatives that can exist with IEM earphone and over-ear headphone fitment, all rolled into one package.

    The tuning process is somewhat novel, but EQ doesn't inherently produce a better quality headphone, and given the broad range of EQ produced by such a process, this headphone will sometimes stray beyond its technical capabilities, as would any other headphone.

    It's a portent into future tech, but for here and today, you're probably better of with a nicer sounding pair of bluetooth headphones, like the Shure AONIC 50, the Beyerdynamic Lagoon, or the AKG N700NC MK2 if you want something more affordable.

  • These are gimmicky headphones that are not worth it at all. If they weren't at a premium price point, maybe (i'm talking $100-$150), but not for >$500 RRP. I got my b&o H9's for less than this!

    Posted this on a previous deal:

    I tried these at the QVB and they weren't that great. I walked away completely dissapointed…I'm more inclined to recommend the M1000XM3 or even QC35 to poeple before I recommend these.

    If you're keen and not tried them, try them before you drop $300+ on them. I don't think they're worth it, even at 30% off.

    This is just my opinion, ymmv.

    I did my profile
    With the profile enabled they were really lacking in any sort of separation and there were no mids (worse than Bose).

    Also, with the bass thing turned right down there was still way too much. It cut into the highs reducing their definition and there was significant clipping.

    The source for the test was Tidal, my personal Spotify premium, and my personal FLAC library.

    My daily headphones are B&O H9 for the office environment.

  • Agreed with others. I actually owned these for a decent length of time (few months) but sold them because they just continued to cause ear pain for any session over 30mins.

    I thought I was ok with the sound quality but I swapped to the XM3 and they shit all over these.

    There's just very little point to these headphones. The price is way too high for a supremely average sound quality and you get the joy of a high chance of discomfort for your troubles.

  • @OP: $239 is the Nuraloop (earbuds) .. not the Headphones

    I think if the headphones were $239 or less would have definitely pulled the trigger. Unlike other comments, I tried it and enjoyed the sound and the ANC was on another level compared to my QC35-IIs or my WF-XM3's.