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40% off Prime-V Series, 35% off Alpha-X Series & More @ Metabox


Upto 40% off including gaming laptops, performance laptops, ultrabooks, workstations and multimedia laptops. see website for more info

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    It's actually only 20-30% of most of their 'deals' you gotta look really hard to find the single 40% off.

    Here's to find the amd ones https://www.metabox.com.au/store/search.asp?q=amd

    There's only one current gen AMD on special - Edge NL50RU-R7 - seems $20 cheaper here and free shipping - https://www.kongcomputers.com.au/metabox-edge-nl50ru-r7.html

    Then they advertise that one computer as thin and light but they don't indicate weight or detailed specs at all, omg ¯_(ツ)_/¯ c'mon MetaBox tell us what you are selling, the price is over a thousand bucks, you gotta detail what it is!

    My guess from looking at the images closely is it's not actually thin, nor light, for equivalent spec machines, and that is why they don't tell us those rather important details.

  • Recent purchaser of a Metabox Flo - huge battery life, clean W10P interface and light. Very impressive bit of kit just over $1300 with 16Gb RAM and no OS. Bit meh appearance (dull grey) if that's your thing…

    • That's pretty cool that they fit a huge battery and 2 ram slots into 900 grams

    • Same. Just got as Flo for just over $1300 and its awesome especially with linux. Good screen, very lightweight, small size and keyboard is good too.