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Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40mm $579 Delivered (Officeworks Price Beat $550.05) @ Aus Post


Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40mm $579 Delivered (PB OW $550.05) @ Aus Post


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    really only worthwhile if you get cellular imo

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      Eh? No mobile on this.
      3% off RRP at post Office? Whoop de doo.

      But +5% at Officeworks? Yeah, that's worth a post. Thanks RogueWolf .

    • +2

      Not necessarily. I’ve been looking for the S6 GPS as my phone is not often too far from me. If I need to make a call, I could just use that instead of the watch.

      • +3

        Of course you can do that with a series 3, at half the price. S6 does not add a lot, if we are talking about bargains.
        O2 sensor? You going to use a watch to tell you when you need a ventilator?

        • +4

          My comment was more around the fact that the iWatch GPS is perfectly fine without the Cellular component if you are someone like myself who tends to have their phone nearby a lot of the time. I’m sure a lot of buyers would find value in the S3 but personally I prefer the user interface of the S6.

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            @FemmeFatale: The whole point is to leave your phone at home and go for a run. Otherwise, buy a Casio.

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              @mrau: excatly, the only value in the device is that you don't need your phone, otherwise it just track garbage things and is less useful that the phone you have on you.

          • @FemmeFatale: I was agreeing with you on the cellular. Wifi or BT works most of the time.
            I bought a cellular model, thinking eSIM was $5/month more, but then found my phone plan did not support it, and one that did would cost $500/year extra! Forget it.
            edit: beaten by jkart on this point :)

            What do you mean by "user interface"? They are the same on both, in the normal sense of the term.

            • @bargaino: Oh right, sorry! I’m with you now.

              Re updated interface, I prefer the updated screen appearance of the S6 over the S3 :P

        • +3

          I don't mind it as is (still rocking the series 3), but the always on display will be the killer feature for some. That's about the only major update since series 3 that people will actually notice.

        • +5

          Wouldn’t recommend the S3 unless there was a crazy good deal on it, since S4 was a big step up + considering the screen size/shape changes & 32bit vs 64bit chip, less likely to be supported by developers longer term

          Best value in the Apple Watch universe right now imo would be the SE or a second hand S4 if you don’t want to pony up for the latest & greatest

          Also disagree on the need for cellular - I’ve been using Apple watches since first gen and never felt I was missing out forgoing cellular, and not to mention the extra expense of maintaining a monthly plan. I almost always have my phone on me or close by however, others might have different usage scenarios

        • Always on display…

        • The S3 isn't sold in Cellular and tbh I'd say the SE is a better deal with a way faster processor and screen overhaul like on the S4 and up. Since EKG isn't approved in Australia, I agree that only the O2 sensor is the main benefit of the S6, which as you mentioned is not that useful to most people. I wouldn't advise anyone to get the S3 as I doubt its gonna get much software support and the processor was still a bit too laggy for the experience not to be frustrating up until the S3. I totally agree with @Parcus that the SE is the best deal out of all of them.

    • +12

      The problem with the cellular version is not only do you need to pay at least $5/month extra to use that feature, but you also need to be on a Telstra/Optus/Vodafone post paid plan which is another $30+ a month over the better pre-paid options. Not worth it IMO. I've had two cellular versions so far since the gen 0 and I've only had service for them for a few months total. The sapphire glass is nice though, puts up with abuse.

      • +1

        Exactly the same situation here. I bought the cellular version and when I was on Telstra post paid I did enjoy it. But as you said it’s literally +35 dollars a month just for the cellular on the watch. That’s unjustifiable. So now i don’t make use of the cellular which is a bit of a waste but less of a waste than paying 35 a month for it.

    • Do they still have the ugly red dot on the cellular models?

      • +1

        No. But seriously, who ever noticed it?

  • No special on cellular version :(

  • +2

    Much better to buy the SE with cellular fur $499 minus $5% cashback and get the $35 apple voucher.

    • +2

      SE is excluded from both the cashback and $35 voucher though right?

      • Must be in the small print, I didn't see that. Really? Either way, still better value at $499.

  • +10

    Whats the point of series 6 in Australia considering you cant use the main features like ECG and O2 sensor?

    • +1

      Withings ScanWatch was just approved for use in Australia, hopefully the Apple Watch is next.

      • Problem is there is no sign that Apple is even submitting their devices for certification.

    • +2

      Always on display. Way more of a feature than an o2 sensor.

      • +3

        I have the series 5, not a fan of the "always on". Would rather save the battery life as its is pretty good at recognising small twists to show the time.

        • +1

          Exactly. I have always on switched off. Not a minus for SE for me.

    • -2

      If you think those 2 are the main features, clearly you have never used one before

      • +1

        I mean't difference. They can also be considered main features considering apple promotes the watch as a 'health' device first then a smart watch which is already established.

    • +5

      You can use the O2 sensor in Australia, I have it on my Series 6. Can’t use ECG for now though.

    • You can use ECG too. I enabled it on my Aus apple watch series 5. The hardware is there just needs a little sw hack to get it going. Check YouTube.

    • +1

      Which is why we are still using the original gen 1 and 4 . It’s still works, and not giving Apple more money until the ecg turns on.

  • Costco has the same price with cellular and colour options.
    Wondering whether OW will price beat Costco though.

  • +2

    I’m waiting for some near new Cartier watches to be offered by AusPost

  • When the Apple watch costs more than an Xbox Series S. Bruh

  • How do you do the price check?
    Just go in store and show them the aust post website?

    • either go in-store, or call 1300 OFFICE get c&c or get it delivered free

      • +2


        I just realised this is 40mm and I need 38mm …

        • The 40mm is the new small size on the 4, 5, 6 and SE, replacing the 38mm on the Original, 1, 2 and 3. It's essentially the same body but a display that extends to the edges better. I'd advise against buying the Series 3 and getting the SE instead since it's far faster, has the new screen and new features/faces that don't exist on the 3 and below. The 3 is on borrowed time right now in terms of updates and overall longevity as the processor isn't that fast so it might be annoyingly slow to load things up which defeats the purpose of a having a wearable to quickly access things.

  • Auspost up $20 to $599.

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