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Dell XPS 8940 Desktop i7-10700k 16GB 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 3070 + 3 Years Pro Wty $2165.22 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Same as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584484 but with 3 years pro warranty and $166 more
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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Bit of a shame, we are paying for BS warranty. It should be 3 years anyway.

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      They're different on eBay, to add warranty they need to do a custom listing for you

      • thank you, that is correct… we had several buyers wanting to reorder with additional warranty, this was the listing for them

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    just use a credit card with free extended warranty, anything after that consumer affairs

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    • Different things this is on sites warranty, sure you could probably claim some sort of warranty under acl, but you will lose the on sites support

  • $166 more stuff?

    • 2 years extra warranty only vs the previous deal where it was an optional extra

  • Can i cancel my other DELL order and get this instead?

    As i wanted the 3 year warranty.


    • if your order hasnt been shipped yet, you can open a cancel request through ebay

    • Me too.

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      Can you purchase extended warranty from dell when registering pc ?
      might be worth looking into

      • This is a good point I would also like to know if its possible to extend the warranty when you initially register the PC? Does anyone know if this can be done rather than cancelling the order ? There appears to be a page on the DELL website to extend the Warranty but you need the service tag to do so ….

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      please go ahead and do so, our ebay team will be able to help you out

      • @dev3 I just submitted a request to cancel my order so I can order this one with the extended warranty. Hopefully the stock won't run out before it's cancelled. Cheers.

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          we will work with you on this, you allocation is secured :)

          • @DisabledUser189222: Can we get some stock of the standard warranty option back?

            • @maxwellian: yes, my post below, we are checking right now on supply

  • Does changing PSU void warranty?

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      I am probably now going to get negged. But please don't until you look into what I'm saying. This system will not use more than 400 watts of power. I know most of us go for 750-850w PSUs. But the testing does not show you need anywhere near that. Especially for this CPU/GPU combination. Look up Nexus research on YouTube. They did an extensive research and found that even with the top of the range CPUs (with a 2080ti which was what was out at that time but comparable) you get to 420w total power usage.

      • Keep in mind you should have some head space, not just get a PSU to match your draw.

        While the build should be fine as is, some people are concerned to change a PSU in future because they are looking to future/expanded power needs as well.

        • I understand and agree with you. But I felt the concern shown was immeditate as has been in the other offer thread. As is it's fine. But future upgrades of course requires an assessment.

      • Correct me if I'm wrong but the quality and stability of the psu is more important than the rated power. Good quality gold 500w psu is much better than cheap 80plus white 500w cpu.

        A few of my hdd stopped working I think because of the psu, thats before realizing the importance of 12v rail stability, I'm not an expert but I read a lot of article about it.

      • Power supply's are only efficient at a certain range. While it may work at 90% loading, you run into issues such as instability and coil wine, which wouldnt surprise me as most oem power supplies are rubbish despite their rating

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    Can anyone recommend some compatible 2x8Gb RAM for this? Dell wants $277 for the 2 sticks and I figure that there are probably heaps of other viable options out there with the correct speed and timing but I've spent a few hours looking into this already and assume there might be someone out there who has already done it or are better placed to advise because they're much more savvy on the matter. I'd prefer to order it now during the sale weekend.

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    Hello, sorry these were actually listed up for couple of cancel orders as several buyer wanted 3 year warranty, not really intended for public purchase.

    we are checking on supply right now, we might post some more up of the original listing once we have more detail.

  • Neg me to high heaven but please don't pay money to utilise your consumer rights :)

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      Think of the premium so that you don't have to lug your computer to a service centre, or send it off to an interstate address. They come to you instead.

  • Noob question here..

    Is this deal getting so much hype because of its potential capabilities as a gaming computer?

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      Potential lol 🤣

      It is capable.

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      Yeah, once you add the rgb, it's a gaming beast :)

      Till then, it's untapped potential.

    • Probably because it's selling for less than the sum of it's parts/components.
      It's not a (profanity) ugly RGB strobe
      From a reputable brand.

      Less so I think it's also due to the 3070 on it's own being hard to find stock of too.

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      This is one of the only options for husbands who want a stealth gaming pc. All the gaming PCs with glass panels and flashing lights are aimed at teenagers with nothing to hide.

      • Hahaha so true. “What new computer? It’s the same as always…”

        • Ima need to look under the hood for confirmation.

  • Finally the link to Dell' site for further details:


      • does this model come with DP and HDMI 1.4 and 2.0b respectively - doesn't specify explicitly for this model. Also does the usb-c port support only data transfer capabilities? thanks

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    So you can't buy it without the warranty.,.?

    • you can, we checking on stock, we might be able to but with a different delivery timeline, please keep an eye out on the og listing https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584484

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    that ran out of stock quick :-(

    Hey OP, any chance of a $1500 equivalent?
    With maybe a 2070?

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      Or alternatively, reducing the price of this system to $1500

      • be realistic. the 2k version was amazing value as it was, just out of my budget

  • Can the warranty be upgraded for similar cost for previous deal order?

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    Only 5 available/sold? Nice lol

  • Given the limited power options on a computer like this would it be able to handle an additional solid-state hard drive being added?

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    damn i already ordered the previous deal. wanted to cancel it and get this for the 3 years warranty. is it possible still to pay extra 166 for the 2 years extra warranty?

  • @dell - are you guys releasing more of the $1999 (other deal) listing?

    • Check their ebay store, there are a few lines with same mode /w 3 years warranty

      • weird, i wonder if itll get cancelled because the new products are for specific ebay users.

        • Give it a go and let us know how it goes haha. Doesn't hurt to try I guess

          • @prodnus: i cant afford it man. Already got $1500 tied up in HP. Really cannot afford another 2k being tied up with dell. I'll wait and hope for a restock tomorrow i guess.

          • @prodnus: I might try it as I'm keen on getting the 3070 rather than 2070s :-)