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Furi Pro East/West Santoku Knife Set, Japanese Stainless $61 Delivered @ Value Village Amazon AU


Quality knives
Comes with gift box
Price is $61
Free shipping on amazon prime

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • what a lousy deal!

  • I don’t think it’s a good knife. In my experience it was always blunt

  • Designed in Australia… Interesting

  • Actually isnt really a good deal. Has been cheaper on amazon before.
    Furi pro's are mediocre, below Global.

  • The problem with most knives is they're made of soft steel and designed to be sharpened often.
    If you're going to buy and use, with little care, you want a good stainless, with a little more carbon than usual.

    A few good steels for the lazy home folk who want better knives, but don't want to have to 'care about them' much are: X50crmov15, X70crmov17 and VG10.
    The first 2 were invented in Germany, and the latter in Japan; but they're all sold to china happily.
    It's quite easy to find good knives for cheap.

    If you're in the mass produced, cheap, but acceptable knife brakcet:
    Look at TitanForge, some of the Messermeister range, Victorinox, and in all honesty for home use? Anything that bothers to tell you its steel….. ebay listing that bother to claim it's an "X55 steel" probably AREN'T lying; steel is cheap in China; the heat\cold treating may be sub par, but at least you know the base materials minimum quality.

    As an example of a soft steel, which would require weekly sharpening, even in home usel; would be things like sold at baccaratt which like to say "Japanese Steel" (like VG10 is); however they're 420J2, which is also a Japanese steel; used in single use blades like scalpels; they're not designed to STAY sharp, and they don't.

    • That felt like listening to another language but appreciate the comments and expertise! Feel like I just levelled up just then…

    • What if it tells you the steel type but Made In China? e.g. IKEA VG10 knives.
      I happened to have a close look at the Masterchef knife from Coles before and yep Made in China.

      My Wiltshire I've resorted to using for a few years now says German steel. Couldn't have cost that much either considering it would've been from Big W.

      Are some of those brands you mention typically made in China as well?

      • Yes, most have domestic and chinese ranges.

        Since raw materials like steel are so cheap in China, i dont see any reason to distrust them.

        Just assume its on the softer side of that steels range, because where they'll cut time and cost is on the heat/nitrogen treating.

        Also, different countries have different "made in" laws; for example, Germany.

        If the company is headquartered in Germany, and designed in germany, it can be assembled anywhere, and still legally stamped "made in germany".

        Only a few countries (Australia being one) have strict 'made in' advertising laws.

  • Today I got the small Masterchef Santoku knife = 20 Coles knife points. I'm surprised of how sharp it is

    • Catch 22 is that all knives start sharp; and often, the softer steels are made sharper (because it's quick to do in the factory compared to hard steel).
      If it's still that way in a month, then you have a good deal.

      But hey, cheap (almost free) who cares? lol; get a sharpener and be happy.

      • My Global Santoku, which I have been using in the last 5 years and I love, was never that sharp.
        Even if it doesn't last long, as you said, it's an almost free(100% free for me) knife ;)

        • Yeah, global is a VERY soft steel, designed to be struck against the sharpening rod every few hours.

          They're very popular in professional kitchens for this reason.

          They don't ship nearly as sharp as your ceramic rod should be able to make it.

  • I use Kiwi knives…always sharp, easy to sharpen and <$10…

    • In the less than $10 range, theres some solid rumor that savanna Essentials are x50crmov15.

      But kiwi are proven; just not everyone likes wooden handles and most are.

      • True, I didn't even think about the non-wooden handles vs metal. I've used both so feels the same. Care more about the weight. Prefer lighter ones for the smaller knives, and a heavier feel for the cleaver.

      • Agree the wooden handles are horrible . Was looking to get a cleaver for bones and such but the HD for put me off.

    • They used to make plastic handles which went better in the dishwasher, however now all seem to be wooden

  • i dont like my furis purely because they dont retain an edge

    • On the plus side they sharpen really easily, I think they were designed this way just to sell the furi diamond sharpener…