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Hisense 65S8 65" S8 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $895 Inc Delivery @ Betta


Following on from this deal Hisense 65" S8 4K UHD Smart TV.
Shows free delivery.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • The successor of R8 last year?

    • I believe the R7/8 had better specs - happy to be corrected though

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      Specs closer to R6. Q8 is close to R8 plus full array dimming.

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    It charges delivery to me

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    5% off with gift cards from Suncorp

    7% off with gift cards from Union Shopper or Agl Rewards

  • Shows $196 delivery to Slacks Creek QLD

    • How so?

      • Nevermind website is glitchy. This time I entered in details it showed free delivery from the Underwood store. First time was estimated from NSW store for some weird reason

  • Is this twice as good as the Soniq 65"? I don't need the smart features as I'd be using an external kodi box and decoder/speakers

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      Colors on my Soniq are terrible, would not buy again

  • 65" TU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV (2020) Costs $1054 inc delivery via epp. Not sure Which is better tu800 or 65s8 🤔

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      I’d go the Samsung. I bought a 70” Hisense a couple of years ago because Sony and Samsung were twice the price. Happy with it bang for buck but if the prices were closer I would have gone Samsung. I bought a Samsung TU8000 (43”) yesterday and happy with it. Nice and crisp colour and like the Samsung plus TV and bixby commands. Also connected to Google home so can turn it off and on, change channel, volume, sleep timer etc all from Google home.

    • link (or app) for the Samsung please

  • Is this any good for new consoles? max 100hz, no hdmi 2.0?

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      It doesn’t support hdmi 2.1 but you don’t really need 2.1 to enjoy next gen games. Not many games support 4K 120hz anyway

  • set up a Hisense a couple of years ago for a client and it looked grainy ,crappy, cheap compared to the decent brands but I remember some guys on here used to say that Hisense were very decent and had improved.. so in general, do they look and feel like a cheap Chinese brand vs the Samsung's , Sony, LGs pic , build quality and feel etc? Any Hisense owners care to comment

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      I have 4 Hisense TV’s in my house and we continued to buy them after the first one because we were happy enough with them. Just takes a few picture setting tweaks at first to get it looking good and I just did that by following guides I found on Google.

      Also had a Sony X8000G and that was only a slightly better picture than the Hisense 65S8.

      • Is there any chance upload your picture settings or link to the website? I couldn’t find any helpful websites

        • I bought the 658 last Friday. Pls help out with the picture settings. Thanks

    • Given one would expect the display models to be set up as well as possible, the colours always look like shit on Hisense TVs. Maybe if you didn't have a good TV sitting next to it, you would never notice. But they just don't look good on display.
      Never owned one though.

  • Is JI-BI HIFI will do pricing match this deal?

    • Yeah they price match as long as it’s in stock and Australian company. I had them price match a tv for me yesterday.

  • $68 delivery for me.

    • isn't that suppose to be free?

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        Yes, $68 free.

  • there is literally no tv deals this Christmas season.. this time last year we were spoiled

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      What do you mean? Only last week there were like three per day.

      • where? link them here. talking about 65 inch tv deals (not same hisense s8 65" that is only 1 choice which i already mentioned)

        • You have them here: plus whatever you can find that wasn't tagged with "tv", ie. multiple items deals.

          I understand that deals vary in significance, but "there is literally no tv deals" is not true either…

          • @bouncybear: Chinese garbage is not what i was after, nice try tho but we know how to use the electronics tv search function, and no i did not see any deals compared to last year where we were drowning with weekly good brand tv deals at this time of year. so (there is literally no 'brand worth buying' TV deals) is very true unless you dont know shit about TV's..

            • @striker5950: I can't be sure about your searching skills, people ask really silly questions here. And it seems that enquiring to be helpful doesn't pay off…

              Literally this argument could've been avoided.

    • +1

      Yeah, I haven't been impressed.

      I regret not buying a 65" X9000H a few months back. Now they're out of stock and no sales.

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