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$5 Small Big Mac Meal & Cheeseburger @ McDonald's (via mymacca's App)


$5 for a small Big Mac meal and Cheeseburger redeemable via My Macca app. Pretty self-explanatory at that. Offer ends 11.59pm tonight 29/11/20 and part of 30 Days 30 Deals promotion.

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  • Already posted here

    • Apology. I checked but the tag wasn’t clear so people might miss out on this awesome little deal.

      • I think it warrants an extra post due to it offering considerably more value than other deals.

        • To be fair I definitely will miss out on this deal if it wasn’t for my missus asking for McDonald’s. For true Ozbargainers they probably set this in their calendar already so this post is more for the casual users who check out the site once in while. Again I’m not trying to upstage the OG post or anything.

  • One of the better deals

  • I will NEVER use the app again.

    Convinced my wife to order dinner with it about a month ago. The app crashed. The store didn't get the order or the transaction, and we had to re-buy the food and were told to contact tte customer service center who look after the app. Well they couldn't find the transaction either. 2 weeks of phone calls and emails and being told by both the store and the service center to pursue a chargeback (more paperwork there).

    Finally the owner of the store called and provided vouchers, but 2 weeks of crap to get not money back but food to the same value.

    I've used a lot of apps and websites and on the rare occasion I've had an issue it took at most a couple of calls and an email to sort it out, but this experience was next level hell.

    My advice: If you must use the app, do it only for the bargain item and order the rest separately.

    • Never had a problem ever with the app. Used over 100 times.

    • Maybe he needs a dialling wand to correctly use the app?

    • Always had issues with this 30 day deal.

    • +1 vote

      Yeah Macca's app is pretty flaky, as can be seen in the Google Play reviews. When the app thows up errors or gets stuck after submitting orders, I just force stop the app and retry. More likely than not it will work the 2nd time. Sometimes you need to log out too.

      Once I drove there and was told they did not receive the order. The girl said that happens so she just manually entered a new one on the spot. They are supposed to only charge when you are there to pick up the food, so the run around for refund never happened to me.

    • Don't know why you're getting so much neg. Maccas app is garbage.

      Sometimes its endless loading, not loading deals, order disappearing after payment screen, app not recognising your location so cannot pick up and the app automatically changing the pick up store halfway ordering (e.g. in Melbourne Central with maccas at basement and level 1, your pick up location gets randomly swapped during 'I'm here' page.)

    • Sometimes the app is a bit flaky, but silent majority knows it works.

    • Just because %99 didn't have any issues with the app doesn't mean %1 won't, or doesn't make it the user's fault. Different phones, Android versions, etc, make a difference. Better to keep an open mind than insulting at people's abilities. I also had similar issues (at least 3-4 times) where the order failed upon trying to add the coupon, one of which ended up with being charged the full amount when I thought the discount had gone through. Had to contact them to get refunded. Even if it's a $1 or $10, I'd also chase it up as it's not about the amount but the failure of their system. Move along people, nothing to criticise here.

    • Of course this was downvoted. And someone's going to claim it's my attitude again too no doubt. At least there were some upvotes this time.

      Look to get roughly $50 worth of food vouchers back it took hours of work. If you want to deal with that mess, or lose money, that's on you. You've been warned.

      No app should ever put through a charge on your credit card that the vendor cannot track. That happening just once is ridiculous.

      And I had used the app probably a dozen times in total without issue. Blaming me for the app crashing is just lame.

    • I've personally had very few issues with the iOS app in my time of using it (must be… 2-3 years now?). One issue lately is that it crashes whenever I select a large frozen for some strange reason, but not that annoying to be honest.

    • I constantly have issues with the app too, never have any at all with KFC or Dominos so I don't think it's user error.

      Just today I had to reinstall the app to be able to add something to cart, then when I finally placed the order it got stuck on the 'we've got your order, head to the restaurant' screen so had to order in person. On Android, not sure if that's the difference…

    • Yep it's a terrible app, had so many problems with it through the years and has become practically unusable in the last few weeks. KFC app is 10 times better IMO (surprisingly)

    • I had a problem too, I usually just scanned the order instead of order ahead because the app is a bit buggy

  • 2 weeks of phone calls and emails and being told by both the store and the service center to pursue a chargeback (more paperwork there).

    All this for a missing online fast food order? Wow

    • It's nothing I haven't done for Menulog. Their customer service quality is the absolute lowest in the game.

      In the end, it was more about ensuring the driver wasn't sacked for Menulog's errors and that the phone operator who told me one thing and the manager another didn't get into trouble either. The actual order I couldn't care less for after a few days but Menulog couldn't take any of the blame themselves.

  • does anyone know how to get that $5 visa card offer to pop up?does it appear on new mymaccas accounts only then you add a visa card to it?

  • Did they ever fix the damn app? Gave up on the 30 days 30 deals and it kills me inside seeing offers like this.

    • Nothing worng with the app for me.

      Try reinstalling the app?
      Make sure location setting is enabled.

    • App is flaky but just use it to get the code on the screen and pay when you put your order, don't use it to actually order and pay (crashes and fails to transmit)

    • Oddly back near launch when most people were complaining about the app it worked for me, these days however it's not.

  • No problems with the app for me. The servers however… if you aren't logged in can be a real bitch to sign in

  • They couldn't give this stuff away for me to eat it.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that McDonald’s beef tastes like vomit recently? Something has changed for you to get what you pay for…

    • Nope. Still tastes like processed meat to me. But I only have McDonald’s like once or twice every two weeks so can’t really say for sure. Depending on the store as well I guess?

  • To anyone saying the app is fine, are you using an iPhone? Like many others, I pretty much have to delete all data associated with the app every time I use it on my Android phone.

    • Iphone user here. The app seems to work fine 9 out of 10 times for me.

    • fine on iPhone but i just use it for the code, don't use it to pay as that's when i ran into issues.

    • Works fine for me. However mate with android always running into issues so I think you might be onto something there

    • android user (Pixel 2XL) haven't had any major issues with the app for a while now.

    • Yes. What does deleting associated data do? Like deleting saved credit card numbers?

    • the only problem i have with the iphone app is it incorrectly tells me that a certain store is closed when it isn't. still puts through the order just fine.

      i use the android version as well and it simply hasn't worked putting through an order since this promo start. get the bouncing fries of death every time i checkout to confirm the order. i have to force close the app, run it again, log out and log back in so i can generate that QR code to be scanned at drive-thru or the counter.

    • I am on iOS. Havent had any issues with the app and use it often (order and pay)

  • I took the wife out for lunch on Monday at Circular Quay with Harbour Bridge and Opera House ocean views…complimenting it with 2 $2 Big Macs. 🤣

    November had been great for a cheap feed.

  • What an incredible luncheon! Thx OP.

  • The sprite and fanta here is still the original not the 40% less sugar crap which is nice.

  • Title is wrong, should be - $5 Small Small Mac Meal & Cheeseburger

  • Don't forget your free small drink /coffee with student edge!

  • iOS. Never had an issue with the app.

    More importantly, great APP!