expired Geronimo Jerky - Christmas Specials - Order before Dec 14 for Xmas Delivery


Best damn jerky that you won't find down the grocery aisles!

From their website:

Got an uncle you have no idea what Christmas present to buy him? What about a brother that's made for beef jerky? Or maybe you're just going away up the coast for a few weeks. The Big Chief has something for everyone with these great stocking fillers. We have specials on Pow Wow, Variety Packs for 40g and 200g as well as an awesome special on 500g bags.

Get in quick and order your Christmas and New Years Eve Geronimo Jerky NOW to make sure it's delivered in time. To have your jerky by Christmas, please order before Wednesday 14th December.

LIMIT OF 3 / customer

3 x 40g Any Flavour Special $13.00 normally $18

200g Pow Wow Party Sharer Special $15.00 normally $24

7 x 40g Flavour Special 0066 $28.00 normally $42

500g Pow Wow Party Sharer Special $35.00 normally $55

3 x 200g Any Flavour Special $50.00 normally $72

6 x 200g Any Flavour Special $95.00 normally $144

3 x 500g Any Flavour Special $120.00 normally $165

Can you tell that I'm a fan???
Disclaimer: not sure if these prices include delivery charges!

Geronimo Jerky

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    Average.. 70$/KG + Delivery Charges is what I see..Guess you could say its on par with other people :)

    insert comment about 3 month wait for delivery

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    Got some from their last special and loved it - although they were supposed to provide samples of their other flavours in my order and forgot… but I loved em so much I forgave them :)


      I think you had the same misunderstanding I did. I expected a flavour samplier too but only got a single tiny strip of the new teriyaki flavour. When you go back and read their post it's clearly stating you receive a sample of their new upcoming flavour, not an extra "sampler pack" of all their flavours.


        It was for their last special.. where if you bought 3 x 200g bags you got a sample of the other flavours (or something similar). Even if it was meant to be just one sample flavour, I got nothing extra.


          That is a bit bizarre as the packers are marking it down as soon as they pack it but maybe they have missed one or two I am sure.Send me a email if you want with your order number and I will look at the picking sheet.

          Kind Regards,

          The Big Chief


          I had emailed previously (order number 1509) but got no reply - i have just completed a new order (order number 1913) if you want to send something extra in that
          maybe some flaming arrow? ;)


    Bought 2x200gm bags on the last deal, recommend this highly.

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    Anyone still waiting on their last order?

    The status has yet to be shipped…

    Quite concerned considering the companies shady past and empty promises

    My last order was never sent, and it wouldn't have ever came if I had not chased it up.

    After so long thought they would have fixed the issues they were "supposedly" having..

    Guy said arrival in 10 days, from order date…
    We will see if it gets here in 10 days or if at all..


      Howdy MrSquiggle,

      Almost all orders on the ozbargain special have been sent-
      All issues have been fixed as stated before and as mentioned we do have a ten business day policy and it has only been 8 days if you ordered on Tuesday, 7 days if it was Wednesday and 6 days Thursday.

      If your concerned please contact me via email mark@ geronimojerky.com and I will look into it again.

      Thank you,

      The Big Chief


        Hi, just wondering if order 1822 has been sent yet? Ordered on 23rd but still says confirmed. Cheers

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      Got mine in about 2 business days.

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    I got mine about 2 business days as well

    I got the flaming arrow and the one that won some award, flaming arrow nearly killed me but it was addictive

    I paid for it on the toilet a few days after lol

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    Loved mine and received order quickly - with the Teriyaki sampler - and samples of all the flavours. Yeah….didn't last long…about 2 days, and everything had disappeared…especially when thrown in the middle of a burrito. Gave it to my son…sure got a surprise when he ate that one!!

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…and regretful (that there's never enough in the pack when you have to share them…)


      So true… it's like when you go to share them people think it's like a bag of chips… don't realise it's a bit more expensive than $3 a bag!


    Hm well all these good comments made me give in and get two 3x40g packs - love being able to support a local biz too, and it's affordable enough. The physical store is just a hop, skip and a jump away from one of the people I'm getting the packs for, so if they're hooked onto it more is just around the corner. Really banking on this stuff to be good :)

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      Don't get your hopes that high, got my 2 bags and the stuff is more or less unedible
      It's just salty rubbish :(

      The spices are nearly non existant, and the saltiness just overpowers everything. After your 2nd piece you'll feel dehydrated and the thought of the flavor and having anymore makes me nauseous. No jokes


        Did you provide feedback back to the store? What did they say?


        Hello Mrsquiggle,

        I am sorry that you didn't like your product-I do see through eparcel that it arrived on time though and you bought before.

        We have not changed method or recipe since last time you ordered so I don't understand.

        We have always stated that our beef jerky is dry and traditional and that it is artificial flavour and preservative free. All beef jerky has salt in it and is very salty but ours has less salt than most other natural jerky in Australia.

        Thank you for your kind feedback and have a Merry Christmas

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        Hello Mrsquiggle,

        Sorry you didn't like your Geronimo Jerky- if you send back we will refund your money. (must be full order (all bags) and 75% or more in each.

        Our address is 32 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton Qld 4053 or P.O. Box 6090 Mitchelton Qld 4053..

        Warm Regards,

        The Big Chief


          Thanks Chief,

          It may just come down to personal taste tastes, as we all know flavour is quite subjective.

          I will be sending it back, they are definitely both more than 75% full, should be done tomorrow,

          Thank you


    Awww.. No FREE SHIPPING for OZBargainers? Christmas Spirit??

    By the way, I was a first time buyer when they had their 50% off 200g bags. Haven't really had jerky before so was my first experience…bit dry..but VERY hard to stop once you've started. I must say..Blazin Saddle was awesome..loved the heat..not for everyone though. I had Buckshot too and felt that it was quite nice…tough I had some pieces which were rather hard to chew into..other than that, very happy and will be making an order again.

    PS TBC> I just ordered again..quite a big one too..wouldn't mind if you threw in a couple of freebies since its Christmas! Hint Hint! :) No pressure.. haha.


    Hello All,

    All paid orders have left the building :-)

    This deal will run until the end of this year for all.

    Merry Christmas from Geronimo Jerky

    The Big Chief and Tribe..

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