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20% off Mechanical Keyboards (Excluding K3 & K4v2) + Delivery @ Keychron


These are decent wireless mechanical keyboards for the price.

Shipping is fairly expensive ($26 USD to Melb), but I've heard if you don't go through with the order while checking out, Keychron may send you a 15% off code.

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  • Mwave have Keychron boards in stock and I think it's cheaper to get it from them assuming u can click and collect.

  • Im looking at the mwave pricing and I'm surprised to see wireless key boards in the 119-159 range, is this brand any good?

    • I bought myself a K8 direct from them. Quality is good, very nice to type on. The frame of my K8 is probably not as nice to look at as my Ducky, but it is solid and the keys are nice. Lots of review on YT.

      If it has the features you want them I recommend it.

      I like the K8 as it works as a wired keyboard for my home pc and a wireless keyboard for my laptop. So when working from home I have it wirelessly connected to my work laptop and triple monitor set up. My personal computer is also connected to my main monitor, and usb connected to the keyboard. So using the switch on the K8 I can swap inputs from one computer to the other, controlling/swapping between devices easily. Previously I had two keyboards which was a pain.

    • qc is kind of bad, keyboards are fine enough.

  • The K2 Hot swappable version has a blurry legend on the black and orange keycaps and they have not fixed this yet. Would not recommend until they do.

  • I have the K2 v2 with brown switches and love it! So satisfying to type on. There are lots of reviews on YouTube if you want to research more.
    I’m not into modding or anything fancy like that. Just wanted something nice to use that wasn’t the Apple wireless keyboard and do not regret my purchase for a second.
    They also have a very active fb group where even the founder posts regular updates. Search ‘keychron user group’

  • I backed the k8. I really enjoy using it. The key caps sit solid on the stems and don't rattle like they do on my corsair kb.

  • For those interested in low-profile mechanical, K1 is best low-profile apparently.
    K3 is also low-profile but excluded from sale.

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    I found this code KCSD15FL for 15% discount and use it 2 days ago to order the K4V2. Can try to see whether it still work.

    • Just tried, it does not work. But still thank you for the tip though ! :)

      • but I've heard if you don't go through with the order while checking out, Keychron may send you a 15% off code.

        It’s written in the deal post.

  • Do any of these Keychron boards come with PBT caps?

    • No, but their PBT keycaps can be purchased separately, note they are not shine through

    • I read a previous comment which said there is both good PBT bad PBT.
      Also good ABS and bad ABS.
      And some ABS is better than PBT.

    • I asked them a few days ago about whether they will be bringing out the K8 with PBT keycaps (something they said they would do during the kickstarter), and they confirmed that, yes, will be bringing PBT keycaps to all of their keyboards.

      Unclear whether they meant just all the new ones that come out, or all previous ones as well (I think the latter).

  • Interested to buy their Hot Swappable K6, but All sold out sigh…