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Viofo A119 V3 Dashcam $139, A129 Duo IR Dashcam $199 + Shipping (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Been eyeing the v3 for a while but haven't seem any discount for a long time. not sure if this is the cheapest but decent price for v3, good for Christmas.

2.0” HD LCD display
Quad HD+ 2560 × 1600P
F1.6 aperture 7 elements glass lens
140° wide viewing angle
G-sensor and motion detection supported
Buffered parking mode
review v3
review v3

A129 Duo IR
Good for front and interior use, twin channel 1080p camera
2.0” HD LCD display
Full HD 1920 × 1080P video resolution at 30FPS
Interior camera with 4 infrared lights
F1.6 aperture 7 elements glass lens
Sony Starvis image sensor
Built-in dual band Wi-Fi – 2.4GHz and 5GHz
G-sensor and motion detection supported
review 1

review 2

Mod 9/12: For future reference, the A119V3 came with GPS Module. Thanks SmP46

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  • Amazon is selling the v3 for $141.19.

  • The IR model is for Uber or taxis. The latest non-IR model is A129 Plus Duo, inbuilt GPS, comes in two versions, one with 16Mb EMMC internal memory in case the micro SD memory card stops working, the other version with no internal memory. Cable to rear camera is not as thick as the superceded A129 Duo. The rear camera of the Plus model has its own processor to process video internally. I paid $US167.47 ( $AU226.76 ) net of discounts but including GST for the non-EMMC version. Kogan's price for the superceded model is higher than that at $AU258.50. Black Friday sale prices on Viofo website are $US151.99 for EMMC version, and $US143.99 for the non-EMMC version.

    • Thanks for the info! I was looking at a comparison vid of the A129 Plus Duo vs the A119 v3 (https://youtu.be/dAuT2SZ966k) and it seems like if you're just comparing the front camera, the A119 v3 picks up license plates better when zoomed in. Would you know if the A119 v3 is generally better than the front cam of the A129 Plus?

  • The Viofo webiste still has their 28% Black Friday discount going, v3 $80usd, under $110aud?
    ($100usd with GPS + CPL, about $140aud)

    • $80 is without gps module. also wouldn't local kogan warranty better than overseas stock?

      • this is also overseas stock. says on kogan its an international version

      • True, I didn't catch the "G" in the Kogan title, I guess? that means it's the GPS version? … Hmmm, I'd be double checking that because there's no mention of the GPS in the Kogan description and the specs say GPS Logger (Optional)

        Either way, v3 + GPS from Viofo is $90usd, about $121aud, and I think I'd trust direct from Viofo more than Kogan, lol

        EDIT: No mention of the GPS @ Kogan:
        1 x Viofo A119-G V3 Dash Camera
        1 x Dash Camera
        1 x Car Charger
        1 x Mini USB Cable
        2 x Non-GPS Mount
        1 x EVA Foam
        1 × 3M Sticker
        5 x Clips
        1 x Mount Detaching String

        I suspect they've just added the G to the title to be deceptive…

    • at kogan, the gps is $24 and the CPL about $20 so adds up pretty quickly.

    • Great deal. Comes to $92.68 US with GPS module, which is less than $126 AUD

  • Hey guys, I am eyeing the Viofo A119 V3 $139 deal.

    Do you guys think its a good deal and a good dashcam?

    • Kogan prices are higher than Viofo ATM. If you don't want a rear camera, A119 V3 is good value at low price point, see dashcamtalk.com. Reviews are good, and it is has buffered parking mode too. Viofo is selling the A119 V3 bundled with a GPS for $US89.99, which is $AU121.85. Without GPS Viofo A119 V3 is $US79.99, or $AU108.31, compared to $139 at Kogan.

      • Does it make sense to buy from Viofo US? (Do they even sell to Australia?)
        What about warranty in this case?

        V113 V3 without GPS is $144 from Viofo AU (not sure about shipping).

        • The US site, for the US they ship from the US, for everywhere else in the world they ship from China, free shipping…

          I assume for returns, you'd have to ship back to china, not a big deal if you pay with paypal, just use the Refunded-Returns to get the return postage costs back from Paypal…

      • Just bought from Viofo. It's $112.24 due to Paypal international transaction fee.Paypal is the only payment method provided. Still cheap. Tracking will be provided according to Viofo

    • Its an awesome dashcam - Ive had one for 3 years now never missed a beat and the image quality is impressive especially for the price

    • I have a V3 for nearly a year now, I hardwired it to my car (for parking mode, which works but I need to test it more haha), I love it! Honestly, its a really good camera for an affordable price. I got mine for that price with GPS from ebay.

  • Is it worth paying a bit extra for the model with GPS? Pretty new to dash cams and not sure how much GPS is necessary

    • Yes, if you do not go over speed limit.

    • I like having GPS, in the unlikely event you get a speeding ticket you think is in error, it's handy if you can check the dashcam footage…

      • Unfortunately the speed side of things may not be admissible in court (at least not for minor speeding offences)since the GPS is not something we get calibrated regularly.

        The only time it may be useful is if a camera pings you as going 20-30km/h over the limit but you have a solid amount of footage that says otherwise, then it may be used as evidence to force a calibration check on the camera. May also be useful in situations where you suspect that they've issued you the fine when it was the person next to you that was speeding

      • Has this ever happened?
        I'm pretty sure that calibrated police instruments are more reliable than a noname-made-in-china dashcam?
        And even if it wasn't is any judge likely to take your device readings over theirs?

        • Probably not, but it would be grounds to get a ticket reviewed, GPS is just a calculation of Sat data, there are no variables, there's nothing in there that needs calibrating, unlike speedos and speed guns/cameras…

          30+ years ago I had a cop eye-ball my speed and give me a ticket when I was confident I wasn't speeding, lol, guess I still have some PTSD over that, which is why I like to have the GPS :p

      • A little fun trivia: Police's record overpowers most of the other evidences.

        • I am more interested in other trivia.
          Hypothetically… I hope it will never happen to anyone…

          The car was doing right turn while you were going straight in the opposite direction. It suppose to give you a way but it tried to cut in front of you and you crashed.
          You have dash cam footage but it shows you were doing 10 kmh over the speed limit (let's say 70kmh instead if 60kmh).
          Is this footage helpful for you?

          • @SickDmith: I was only talking about speeding ticket scenario.

            In your case, you'd be better off without a gps. With your footage showing that you are speeding, it's gonna be both parties' fault and you would need to pay insurance excess for the other car (if it is insured).

          • @SickDmith: Just make sure the dashcam is not set to display the current speed embedded into the video file. They record the speeds as a seperate log that software can overlay onto the footage if you need to review it later.

    • The A119V3 with GPS from Viofo is cheaper than same without GPS from Kogan.

    • Yes simply because these don't have batteries and occasionally you'll have a complete power loss, the GPS will automatically set the time and date when it turns back on, and without that any new footage will be deleted automatically because the date is older then your previously recorded footage.

    • I think it's worth getting GPS. I mean the point of having these dash cams are proof if there is an accident. good to have the GPS data there too, unless it shows you were speeding…. But presumably you wouldn't be using the video as proof if you were in the wrong anyway.

      • +2 votes

        @C_Nut Not having the GPS means you cannot be accused of contributing to an accident due to excess speed. If you were speeding then it's unlikely anyone would know so your footage could be used in your favour. Having the GPS means that even if the accident was the other guys fault you'd still be partially to blame.

    • I think it's worth it. These things will last awhile so a few extra $$ over a couple of extra years won't be too much. Really nice to have the date/time always synced and location data on the footage, ready to go.

  • There are so many A129 Sow which one is good?

  • This or the same spec'd 70mai?

  • FWIW I have the A119 V3 and the A119S. I think the image clarity is slightly better on the 119S and also I think the higher res on the V3 doesn't make a whole lot of difference. Both take 128Gb cards which give approx 12hrs recording time. I mount mine using suction cups from ebay so I can easily move the cams from one vehicle to another if necessary and I've not used the GPS modules simply because the suction cup won't affix to the GPS whereas it will to the cam itself.

    • Did you check the video on a 4k or 1440p screen? I had both the a119 v3 and a 1080p Blueskysea 1080p camera. Both looked similar on 1080p screen. A119v3 was much better on 4k screen. I like the gps with a119 v3 as you leave the gps mount plugged in on screen and just unclip the cam. Gps keeps the time synced too and shows speed and time when viewing video on computer. The Blueskysea cam kept loosing the time and needed to be synced by the buggy app…

  • Wanted to buy the a129 duo with hardwire kit.

    Does anyone know how to find the right fuse type for your car? Or do we actually need a fuse? Thanks.

    Also from what I can see. It seems the official viofo website is cheaper? Or am I looking at something wrong?

    • You pull a fuse panel and either take it to Supercheap and compare the size you have to the fuse type of the fuse packs on the shelf. Then you buy a fuse tap and the appropriate fuse to suit the dashcam's power draw.

    • https://www.thedashcamstore.com/content/VehicleFuseTypeDiagr...
      This chart may be useful. Just make sure you avoid using fuses for airbags, important control units, safety systems etc. Personally I tapped into the cigarette lighter (ACC) and the headlamp washers (always on). Other good examples could be audio system, REAR wiper motors, power mirrors/rear door control units etc.

    • Viofo website is cheaper, except for the micro SD cards which are expensive. Suggest the newer Plus version, either with 16Gb internal memory or without, a viofo 3 wire kit (it has adjustable cut-off voltage so your battery doesn't go flat in parking mode), 2 fuse taps to fit your car, and two fuses (3A or 5A or maybe 2A).

  • Hi all,

    Is this the version with gps? Just a confirmation:


    The reason I am asking is that the below link is the one without gps which is even cheaper:


    I would expect the version with gps should be more expensive the version without.

    There is a $30 back from commbank app.


    • Pretty sure the version in this deal DOES NOT include the GPS even though they've added a G to the model number… The specs say: GPS Logger (Optional), and there's no mention of the GPS in the "in the box" section…

      • Happy to report that it does come with the GPS module, easily adding an additional $20-30 of value on to the product. Got it from this sale with Commbank cashback and Herald Sun Voucher for $84. Terrific value, really happy with the purchase.

  • $84 for me with $20 Herald Sun credit, $5 APPLOVE and $30 CommBank Rewards Cashback + Kogan First Free trial.

    • Happy to report that it does come with the GPS module, easily adding an additional $20-30 of value on to the product. Got it from this sale with Commbank cashback and Herald Sun Voucher for $84. Terrific value, really happy with the purchase.