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UMIDIGI F2 Android Smartphone 6.53" 6GB + 128GB 5150mAh NFC $209.99 @ umidigi-au-official via eBay


This is my first post so be kind.!

Just broke the screen on my phone and was looking for a cheap replacement. Came across this and got one. 30% off for black Friday a guess and local stock. Looked at Aliexpress and they go for $250+. Other models on sale at UMIDIGI ebay store

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    Get yourself a redmi 9 or Poco M3 for this sort of money, at least it'll get 1-2 years of updates and have better cameras

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    I had a UMi (previous name of UMIDIGI) Z.

    The phone has permanently made me never touch them again. The camera was awful, the software was very buggy and there was no support there. Having a look at something more well-known like OPPO or Xiaomi at this price is definitely a better option

  • Na just was look for for a phone and checked on here as I do with most things. Didnt find anything around $200 with these spec. Coming from a lenovo k5 pro so this should be better. Do agree with first post about updates but was just look for cheapest/best spec phone I could find

      • I think I accident tick that box, I don't think I can undo it

  • Just never seen a deal that I need to post befor. Its $50 cheaper the Chinese stores and local stock.

  • I had the Umidigi F1 Play from their official Australian ebay store.
    It was pretty good and then I dropped it (my fault). So contacted their official store to see if there's a repairer with their parts and they just told me to go to any repairer, which turned me off the brand, as they're not interested in after sale support.

    I did approach a few repairers and no one has heard of the brand so it's now sitting as a paper weight.

    As others have said, hardly any updates but you do get the vanilla android experience.

    For that price, I would go the Redmi phones.

    On the positive note, they do ship pretty fast, came from Regents Park.

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      aliexpress with this search :Umidigi F2 LCD Display And Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly
      do it yourself or take it to a repairer .

      The fact that there are plenty of sellers for parts must mean they have sold a few .

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    I have the F1 Umidigi. The lack of security updates, ie nearly never, isn't great but hasnt affected my phone or any apps yet.
    For the couple hundred dollars it cost, very pleased.

  • Exactly what my thinking is. My cheap lenovo phone was the same with update maybe one of the 2 years I had it. Never stop me using any apps.

    With the screen broken and the charging port starting to playing just need to replace with something cheap. My look at a better phone in 1 or 2 when 5g is more available.

    I live outer metro area in Adelaide and it will be years be for 5g gets out here

  • Can't believe I have been reported for sockpuppeting. First 3 or 4 post where bagging out the brand

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      The associated tag might have put a few peeps noses out. Dunno.

      • I think I did it by accident or it was assigned, didn't start my post with it. Is there a way to remove?

        • There is a tick box that can be easily hit by accident when doing a post. Not sure if it can be removed by yourself or not, if not you could report post and mods can remove the tag.

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    I got a Umidigi A5 Pro when it came out. It was unstable, handled Bluetooth connections abysmally and was just generally a bad phone. I tried hard to like it, but even with my general acceptance of workarounds and occasional bugginess I just ended up giving it to the kids to play games on. Even they weren't impressed with it.

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    Why all the hate?
    Its a cheap phone, so yeah the camera is gonna suck.
    Little updates….it works, who cares….thats alot of peoples attitude and I dont blame em.
    Compare it to a Poco 3?…thats a $120 difference for a phone that only has 64gig of storage compared to this 128gig. Yeah the poco 3 is better in lots of areas, but Id damn well want it to be for the extra $120 I paid. If this had of been a few days earlier theres a good chance I would have bought it. $210 for these specs is damn good.
    He joined just to post this…..so what? Im pretty sure I joined so I could post something, why else would I bother joining?….except maybe so I could leave stupid comments.
    Decent saving, great first post.

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      Thanks, you got to do your first post once I guess. I have seen neg comments for a lot less and a lot more when I have been look at post befor. You are always going to get them on the cheaper end of product.

      Yer thats what I think all those phones are great but are $100ish more or overseas order. Just don't really want to spend 300 plus on a 4g phone.

      Just posting for someone like me that doesn't want to spend much e.g broken screen and don't want to speed 300 plus

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        This is also a grey import, as you will find zero local warranty for Umidigi. There is no authorised repairer, no shop front and warranty claim will be sketchy.

        Also a Poco M3 will have similar specs for cheaper.
        The 128GB version is still available for $222.90 using Mastercard exchange rate, inclusive of GST.

        Snapdragon 662 is equivalent to Helio P70 but draw less power, and Poco M3 has bigger battery (6000mAh).

    • You can get an Oppo A52 which has similar specs to this and Australian Warranty for similar pricing and better support. Umidigi has never ever released an OS update since day 1, that's plenty wrong in the current smartphone market.

      Helio P70 is comparable to Snapdragon 665 in Oppo A52, except the SD665 is built on newer nodes and SD660 which it was based on was already more energy efficient.

    • I have the S5 Pro - purchased 2 weeks ago from the Australian supplier ebay shop. Delivery to WA was 1 week. So far it has been an amazing phone for $280. Not worried about updates and happy if it lasts 2 years before next purchase

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    Its still a better option then some of the overpriced rubbish sold in Coles or Woolworths

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    I have one of these. They released it too quickly before they got the software sorted, I think to take advantage of the higher than normal specs at the time at their pricepoint. Consequently, the delivery was late and there have been software bugs with the fingerprint reader (fixed), the speaker sounding crackly in some apps (seems ok now) and then lately after an update the voice assistant hijacked the microphone which I worked around by turning off the voice assistant.
    Same thing with the microphone happened with a friend's Nokia on vanilla Android 10.

    I'd buy another Umidigi, but I would wait at least 6 months past the release date.

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    Umidigi used to be the only cheap Chinese phones that offer B28 and NFC at budget price, but nowadays you can find Xiaomi, Realme and Oppo phones at this price point with both B28 and NFC. There are less and less reasons to buy Umidigi, as they will NEVER give you OS update. All their phones will be stuck at whatever Android version it was released at.

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    I had 3 of Umidigi phones. The last one I bought based just in spec. Virtually no support, even during warranty period, none of them lasted more than a year and a bit .

    So - no. Just get something else.

    • Xiaomi .. on my second and just ordered a third. Good phones, zero issues in more than three years .. :-) .. !!

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    I've gifted Umidigis before to family and they've had no problems with it. If my work didn't provide me a decent flagship phone, I wouldn't hesitate to try it out either.

    This is a 6gb ram +128gb storage phone with B28? and NFC for $200. I'm not aware of an equivalent xiaomi or Appo offers this spec at the moment for $200.Usually they're at the 4gb and 64gb / 128gb for $200.

    If you're after a 4gb ram and 64gb storage with 6.5" ish HD screen, B28 but no NFC, then their ebay store has one for $112 delivered probably within a week to most metro areas which I feel is an absolute bargain for a stock android 10 (no updates ever) and even then there's an equivalent spec on Umidigi Ebay. Just throwaway after a year or two. Most smartphones sub $300 have terrible batteries anyway that's roughly halved by the end of 2 years.

    Personal preference but I wouldn't hesitate at this price point. You won't get a top notch phone at bottom prices.

    Thanks OP, don't mind the haters.

    • 6GB is meaningless when you get Helio P70 which is a really old SoC by now. Oppo A52 may actually run faster than Umidigi F2 with its Snapdragon 665 and 4GB RAM, and supported much better and longer in terms of software AND warranty.

      Heck I came from 4GB Pixel 2 to 8GB Pixel 5 and I haven't exactly seen anything better yet about having more RAM, because like most general users I don't open bazillion of Apps. More RAM only means if you open so many Apps they don't have to reload, not more speed.

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