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Xiaomi Poco M3 Snapdragon 662, Dual Sim, 4GB, 64GB, US$130.90 (~A$178) Shipped @ POCO Store AliExpress


Update: Deal is back on. First 1,000 orders get a free Mi Band 4C. Coupon ALIEXPRESSBF9 still valid.

Xiaomi have just released a new budget phone, the Poco M3. The launch promotion includes a significant discount on the 64GB version at US$130.79, price after promotion US$163.90

To get price in title:

  • Apply coupon ALIEXPRESSBF9 at checkout.
  • Pay via PayPal for a further US$2 discount.

The 128GB also available for US$149 + GST - There's US$10 store coupon underneath price that can be stacked with ALIEXPRESSBF9 promo code & US$2 PayPal discount.

Note: First 1,000 orders at 7:00pm on the 27th get a free Mi Band 4C. Price tomorrow will be US$141.90 including GST. With promo code ALIEXPRESSBF9 price will be US$130 including GST, so might be worth waiting provided the promo code is still working tomorrow.

Full Specs GSM Arena

Note: AliExpress now accepts payments via PayPal. Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

Original Coupon Deal

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Band 28, a full HD screen, dual sim + SD card support, and a giant 600mah battery for under $200. A new budget king i reckon

    • yes 600mah gonna last for many days!

      • Haha God damn it now I can't edit my comment to fix it 😂

        No NFC is a bummer though.

        • hahaha ill edit if you edit!

    • Band 28
      Dual Nano-SIM + Dedicated MicroSD
      6000mAh battery
      Headphone socket (and FM Radio)
      IR Blaster
      USB-C interface

      Great feature set !

      ( if CPU and display was better, this would be almost the perfect phone )

      The deal is still going on, until end of Sunday 29/11

  • No NFC, but still very cheap

  • When does the 128GB unit go on sale ?

    • +1

      Tomorrow 7:00PM, if you purchase tomorrow the first 1,000 orders get a free Mi Band 4C. Same with the 64GB, although it could be slightly more expensive as not sure if promo code ALIEXPRESSBF9 will still be valid tomorrow.

  • +6

    man i cant keep up with these xiaomi phones. redmi, realme, poco and many numbers and models, what is what who knows..

    • +2

      You need to buy one then you will know what Xiaomi phones are.

    • Realme comes from the same group as Oppo, not Xiaomi. The rest I can't keep track of either.

    • Yes with so many new phones coming out is there a good time to buy ???

  • Vs Oppo a52
    Seems very similar in specs, main differences in camera and battery, I guess?

    Atm Oppo a52 can be gotten at a similar price but requires some coupon/gift card stacking.
    I guess the 1000 mi band 3s is what tips this over as the better deal atm?

    Then again, this wouldn't have warranty, would it?

    • Warranty? Of course not.

      • Hmn so the Oppo a52 is probably still the better buy.
        Still, good deal.

  • POCO M3 In-Depth Review

    What would be the delivery time on this?

    • Estimated delivery is 21st of December.

  • the link seems not working, cant find the store coupon
    do i have to wait till tmr?

    • +1

      Must be none left. Have marked deal expired for now.

      Will update deal tomorrow at 7:00pm, price should be US$129+GST, hopefully promo code ALIEXPRESSBF9 still works which will provide a further US$9 discount.

  • +1

    Just bought it and and it says: Will be shipped within: 41 days 22 hours 42 minutes

    • Surely that has to be an error, you should contact the seller.

    • +1

      That's OK you will have it in time for Xmas 2021

  • Got one at 7.05, but how do I know if I got the MiBand?

    • No way of knowing until you receive the phone or you could message the seller and ask.

      Why didn't you purchase at 7:00pm? Or did it take that long for the order to go through?

      • Took that long, Paypal was being a ***** as well, so I had to enter card details.

        • if you pay via Aus paypal wouldn't it add transaction costs?

        • I reckon there's a very good chance you still got one even at 7:05pm

    • I got one 4+64G at US$130.9, got the paypal receipt and confirmation email at 7:02, hopefully can get the MiBand.

      • Nice, you should get one, don't know why PP failed, it works at every other store.

  • Anyone know if there is screen protector/film pre-applied to the phone, like Poco X3 NFC?

    • Screen protector included, not pre-applied. Skip to 1.03 in video

      • Thanks, good to know, no need to buy screen protector then.

  • Do we have the correct band for Oz?

    4G: LTE FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28
    4G: LTE TDD: B38/40/41

    Which one am I looking for?

    • +1

      Yes has all the correct bands for Australia. See here

      Although coupon ALIEXPRESSBF9 has expired, so no US$9 discount.

      • I have a coupon so can get the 128gb delivered for $226.
        Think should I get it or should I wait for a better deal?

        • This is the early bird price so after promotion, price will be US$169 + GST and you would have to wait a few months before it gets discounted again.

          The price after using coupon ALIEXPRESSBF9 was AU$220, so $226 is still good. IMO now is probably the best time to purchase.

          If you take the POCO X3 as an eg. the launch price was the cheapest at $293, the next cheapest was 11.11 sale at $300. Even though price in title says $282, when you read the comments no one purchased at that price.

          • +1

            @adr8: Thank you, took a leap of faith and bought it!

  • Has anyone rec'd shipping info/tracking details? My order is still processing since 27th Nov. I've sent a message to seller but get generic response.

    • Nothing yet for me

    • Just logged on Aliexpress, found a new message dated back to 30th Nov, the seller asking me to provide full name saying the shipping company asking for it.

      Can't believe it, it is all in the order detail.

      Did not get any email from Aliexpress notifying me the new message, a week wasted.

      Now I'm worried.

    • Actually, just double checked. It has now refreshed and shows that it has shipped with a tracking number. However, delivery is only due end Dec, early Jan. I can't see anything else.

    • +1

      Mine was processed on the 30th
      Picked up 2nd
      Sorted on the 3rd
      Picked up by airline on 3rd, left China later at 11.30pm
      Departed transit country on the 5th

      ETA is 17th December - 1st January 2021

    • +1

      A further update;

      Sorted at distribution centre of destination country on the 8th
      Delivered on the 14th

      Setting it up tomorrow, didn't get the band either. Was 14 days from processing to delivered, not bad, and 3 days before ETA.

      The tracking wasn't good, no customs clearance and big blanks in-between.

      • Too bad on not getting the Mi Band, quick delivery though! How's the phone?

        • The phone isn't for me, but I did set it up. It feels good in the hand,

  • +1

    Thanks for posting the deal adr8. I managed to buy the 128gb version on the 27th. Was pleasantly surprised to see it sitting at my door today especially since AliExpress tracking can be spotty at the best of times. It was nicely packed and as a bonus I got the free mi band as well.

    • Congrats on getting the Mi Band, that's a nice bonus. I'm guessing you ordered at 7:00pm on the dot? Also was the Mi Band delivered in the same package or separate?

      • +1

        Thanks, yeah I ordered pretty close to 7. The Mi Band came in the same package along with the phone and the pair of earphones i ordered with it.

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