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[11.11 Sale] Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC 6GB 64GB US$199.10 (~A$282.85) Shipped @ Xiaomi Official Store AliExpress


Same seller as the last deal, now US $15 cheaper than the launch price.

Part of the 11.11 Sale starting 7pm AEDT.

To get above price, apply US $18 Select Coupon & US $10 Store Coupon.

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

Don't forget cashback from your favourite cashback provider for an extra 5% off.

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This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2020.

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  • +4

    $282 including GST?

    Wow, I think I might sell my Oppo A52 and grab this.

    Extra $30 for almost twice the phone.

    • +2

      AUD price incudes GST.

      • +1

        Yep I noticed, just shocked is all at how cheap it is!

    • +1

      Better CPU (665 to 732G), more ram (4 to 6GB).

      Please explain what is meant by twice?

      I would be all over it if it was 128GB. Actually maybe not as my A2 doesn't come out of support until mid 2021.

      • It's got a huge performance jump going from a 665 to 732G (Redmi Note 9 Pro has a 720), and the extra RAM is very helpful.

        For example, genshin impact struggles to run well on lowest settings on the A52, but Poco X3 can run it on high settings at a locked 30fps.

        It's a pretty decent performance increase, for day to day usage you might not notice it that much, but if you play games then it's a good leap, especially considering the price difference.

          • +4

            @netjock: To each their own, I feel like the performance jump is worth the extra $20-$30. Even in daily use you'll notice it (although not as much as if you play games).

            Didn't neg you, btw.

      • +1

        I would be all over it if it was 128GB.

        OH IT'S ONLY 64GB… PASS

    • +1

      Extra $30 for almost twice the phone.

      Oppo A52 is below $200 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574953

      • +1

        If you have access to unidays and an AmEx card with the targeted offer.

        But most people will only be able to get the $~250 price.

        I picked mine up for $265 at the time.

  • How quick is post from Aliexpress lately.
    I haven’t bought anything since about 6 months ago, used to receive items within 30days.
    I went to buy a cable yesterday from a place I have bought before and Ali says post expected around Jan/Feb!. I didn’t buy.

    • +3

      it's really random lately, ive had things coming in between 1 to 2 weeks all the way to almost a month. might be due to covid

      would not trust any of the expected posting time, could swing either way.

    • Around a month or two, it depends.

      I ordered some stuff at the end of August, received about 5 of the items within 1.5 months, still waiting on the other few.

      But for the official Mi Store, it shouldn't be heavily delayed or anything, but still expect around a month.

      Says estimated delivery Nov 23rd if ordered today.

      • Ali now says guaranteed delivery Feb (for my cable example), meaning you can report not getting the item for 3 months for a refund.

    • +2

      If you read comments from the last deal some received theirs within 2 weeks (standard shipping), for others it took much longer.

    • +2

      I received an item few days ago which i had ordered 2 and half months ago.
      So be prepared to wait a loooooong time.

      • What did it say on the expected timeframe when purchasing?

    • +1

      90 days and I am yet to receive my tablet case. Opened dispute. An order placed a week before that took 80 days.

    • +1

      My last 3 orders from aliexpress took a little over 2 months to arrive in Sydney. They get sent to singapore first, then from singapore to sydney.

    • +1

      Currently 2-3 months wait is normal. After all, most planes flying out of China are parked. Pay extra for express courier if sheet gate loose.

  • +18

    Bought a note 9 pro from this seller before the end of June, 4 months later and still nothing.
    Be very wary as Ali has extended out the time required to wait before you can start a claim out to 3 months from the previous 1 month.

  • +1

    I am after a smartphone under $350 (better camera, battery, processor, ram etc), is this the best available option for me?
    OR Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro? Whats the best price currently for note 9 pro?

    • +2

      This phone is better than the Redmi Note 9 Pro, and about $10 cheaper during the 11.11 sale.

      Very good phone for the price (on paper at least).

    • +2

      Bought the redmi note 9 pro from Kogan for $369. Pretty happy with it. Be mindful of the fact that Poco is bulky.

      • +3

        I have been using the Poco X3 for about 3 weeks now, I love it so far!
        Im not sure about the bulky part, I like how big the screen is haha makes watching youtube or movie a pleasant experience.

        Oh! and the stereo speaker!

        • Do you get the chromatic aberration using the main camera?

          • +2

            @Diji: I did take a few pictures from where I usually exercise and the second picture was from my friend's place.
            The first picture with HDR switched on (you might notice a little chromatic aberration on the tree top left).

            Oh wait upon checking I cant really see the AC.


            • @froddoog: Thanks for the pic. Noticeable but not as bad as I thought. Not sure if my shallow self can get over the design of the phone's back though, really not my thing! I suppose there's always cases to cover that up.

              • +1

                @Diji: No worries, yea if you don't look for it, it's not there hahaha
                Yea, I got myself 3 cases just to see which one I like. I'm not too fond on the back design too.

  • Paypal accepted ?

    • No !

    • -1


    • +17

      Check again–I just used PayPal on Aliexpress a few days ago, for the first time. I think it's been added just recently.

      • +4

        I just looked and you are right, paypal option is there now

      • +1

        Wow no way!? That's awesome news

  • Those who bought the Xiaomi Poco X3 from the first deal what experience have you had and would you buy again ?

    • +4

      Bought one, turned it on once then sold it. WAY to big and heavy for my tastes

      • +1

        Is it really that bad? Don't skip arm day, jks.

        For me, I'd accept it for the bigger battery.

      • 225g is a heavy phone!

        • +14

          Latest iPhone with smaller battery is 225 grams!

    • +1

      yeah i would, if the 128gb gets near $300

      It'd blazing fast that 732G SOC

      Too bad this does not have AMOLED

      Chunk phone if you like them that way

      • +1

        Any deals on the Mi 10 Lite? It has AMOLED.

        • think the Mi Note Lite is up for grabs on 11.11

          < $406??

          • +1

            @DisabledUser109579: Isn't the Mi 10 Lite 5G a lot better?
            I think you can get the 128 GB version now for about $440 AUD. Hope there's a deal on 11.11

            • +1

              @Phoebus: if you want metal frame and camera, you go with the Note 10 lite

              if you want better bigger but less DPI AMOLED and battery (despite smaller battery) go with the Mi 10 Lite

              both dont have SD card in the 10 series though

              Officework had the 10 lite runout at $400

    • +2

      bought on the first wave. very happy with value for money. battery life is amazing. somehow they shipped with Free Tshirt, was not in the bundle though. would recommend it over again. (poco F1 was the old one before moving on to X3)

      • How do you find the X3 compared to the F1? I'm a happy F1 user and honestly haven't felt the need to upgrade… but this seems like a bargain.

      • I have seen noticeable upgrade in Battery, camera and Display side, UI is smooth and feels snappy. sometimes it does have glitches here and there but not major.
        google chrome is laggy sometimes. I am heavy COD Mobile user so pretty happy with the gaming performance.

    • +5

      Bought mine 64GB X3 fro around 293 aud, so that is a good price.
      Took about 3 weeks to deliver in melbourne (free shipping)
      Great phone, with a lot of custom roms in development on xda
      Bit on heavy side, but yiu get used to it. battery and screen are great, especially for the price

      • +1

        Custom rom scene is a big selling point, half the reason I want to drop my oppo and get this.

        Are you able to confirm if the phone has VoLTE/VoWiFi?

    • +7

      Runs perfectly smooth. Big phone but I got used to it fast. Now my old iPhone 7 feels small.

      The UI is great so far. No ads once you turn them off.
      Can run anything.

      Delivery took about a month. I remember checking daily to see tracking updates.

      10/10 so far would buy again if I had an older phone needing an upgrade.

      P.s this phone comes with a 33w fast charger and 120 Hz screen and the new iPhone 12 doesn't. :)

    • Depends what you're coming from. For me, I'd prefer it a little larger as I'm not a fan of the slimmer 20:9 screen ratio / 6.67". My existing 18:9 Mi Max 3 screen size 6.9"/ ratio is what I'm into.

    • +1

      I love my Poco X3, I think this phone is really bang for the buck!
      Everything I could ask for, big battery, big screen, smooth screen (120hz)

      About heavy part, ermmmm its just 215g, I dont think is that heavy for a phone, your muscle will get use to it after a while.

    • +1

      just keep in mind
      - Poco is bulky and heavy
      - camera lens needs some protection (additional glass/film) - very easy to scratch or crack it
      - has one sys update already but still has some lugs/bugs

      all other stuff is good enough

  • +1

    For those wondering about shipping time. Purchased my poco x3 on 8/10 from xiaomi offical aliexpress store. Last updates were 'accepted by last mile carrier' and 'shipment at local distribution centre' on 27/10. So probably not too far off.

    • +1

      Its from official Xiaomi, so what do you expect?

      • +10

        I dont know how to reply

    • Just an update. Got it yesterday. Was left in mailbox with half of it poking out for passers by to see. They didnt bother ringing my ring doorbell either.

  • +1

    Looks like it does not support VoLTE for Boost at least.

    Anyone able to confirm?

    • +1

      Confirming it works on 9T with Boost 80gb/$150 365 day plan - great call quality

      • Oh nice, although that's from JB (as you mentioned above), so maybe the AU stock has it enabled?

        This is a different phone anyway and a grey import, hopefully as custom rom can fix it.

        • From memory with my K20 Pro import, there are some magical codes you have to punch into the dialer to enable it. Took 3 days to find it and 30 seconds to do. Chk XDA dev.

  • +5

    With phones as cheap as this, is there any point to having screen protectors or cases (implying you you don't have extremely slippery hands and like to drop things)?
    I mean, I can see myself buying a $300 Android phone every year instead of $1200+ iPhone that is supposed to last me 4 years.

    • +4

      This phone comes with a clear PU case in the box as standard. I bought one for my dad, and he's quite happy with it so far. I have purchased a glass screen protector just because he's prone to dropping his phone, but it's just for peace of mind.

    • +6

      I have had many phones over the years and had either temperred glass or tpu screen protectors on them all the time

      and never had scratches or cracked screen after dropping with cases on many times. Had one phone with protector

      and case for 1 1/2 years moderate use and never had screen damage. Then I took off protector for a change

      but still in case, few months later dropped it and shattered screen.

      Moral of the story, how many weeks or months do you want your unprotected phone to survive?

      • havent used protectors for years and no shattered screen for years. last time for that was crushing my phone inbetween my couch

        • -1

          You must be a careful user who does not drop it much, and most likely use a solid case too.

          In all fairness, mine fell of the back of a stionwagon's roof whils driving, but my other HtC 10

          with screen protector and case survided with screen intact ( case bit damaged ). lol

          • @ozhunter68: no i use the free crappy case that came with the phone. gorilla glass is awesome

            • @belongsinforums: At least some protection for drops. Just wondering which phone that you have so solid?

              My Moto G5 + was solidly built with tough screen and shock design.

              • @ozhunter68: poco f1. ive dropped it a few times over the years but the screen is perfect still

                • @belongsinforums: Good to hear. Sometimes it depends on how it hits the deck and what surface/hight etc,….

                  oh a solid phone and some luck/non bad luck helps too.

    • +3

      $2 for a screen protector

      $8 for a case

      $10 vs paying another $280 for a new phone (when you happen to drop it when on special promotional pricing). I know what is a better return on investment.

    • Imagine if you add reasonable protection what you can do with the saved money (opportunity cost).
      The phones will go to the graveyard, your extra holiday in the eternal memory :)

    • I took the case off my phone the other day. It's so sexy without a case but god knows why they make them out of glass, it's so slippery and so god damn fragile, what a recipe for disaster.

  • Great price! Been waiting for either this of the Redmi Note 9 Pro to come down in price.

    Which phone to get Poco X3 or Note 9 Pro???

    • +3

      X3 will be around $10 cheaper than the RN9Pro during the sale, and it's a better phone.

      So, X3.

    • +5

      Note 9 Pro also part of their 11.11 sale US $218.90 GST inclusive

    • +2

      As mangobango said, X3. Better CPU / GPU / cameras / battery / dual speakers.

      • +1

        Thanks. X3 it is then!
        Although I did hear that even though the X3 has a bigger battery, the RN9 Pro's battery lasts longer as the CPU etc don't use as much power.

        • I think it's mainly due to the 120Hz refresh rate.

          Apparently there's an option to enable adaptive refresh rate, so it won't drain as much battery trying to do 120Hz when you're watching a 30fps youtube video.

          I've seen people get 10-11 hours SoT with this.

        • I've read the same from from someone who had both devices.

          Seems the 120hz screen also consumes more battery than the 60hz one on the RN9P, even when configured at 60hz.

          Still though, if the X3 can be purchased cheaper than the RN9P then there's not much reason to choose the latter.

  • +1

    Can any existing users of Xiaomi Poco advise what the OS updates & security patches are like?
    Also does it come with any bloatware?

    I am considering this phone or Nokia 5.3. The Nokia has Android One which I like very much. Hardware wise Poco X3 seems to be very good value for money but just not sure what the software experience is like?

    • +1

      Had similar concers way back with getting a Redmi Note 4 and got used to it and really liked it after a while comming from a Nexus 4

      back then. Just remove as many unneaded apps and turn off add/notification permissions and enjoy many software features when needed.

    • just got miui 12 on my poco f1. never had an issue personally with miui. apparently theres bloatware on non-international versions but there are ways to remove most of it

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