This was posted 1 year 6 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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US$7 off US$50, US$9 off US$90, US$12 off US$110 Spend + [email protected] AliExpress


Update: Some of the promo codes appear to be working again.

Promo Codes for Black Friday/Cyber Monday starting 23/11 7:00pm AEDT

Usually more codes are released before the sale starts, so will update accordingly. Please add any promo codes you find in the comments and I will add them also.

Note: AliExpress now accepts payments via PayPal.

USD Promo Code
$3 off $20 TUDOBLACK20
$7 off $50 CHCUPONBLACK50
$7 off $50 TUDOBLACK50
$8 off $80 ALIPROMO8
$8 off $80 AECZARNY10
$8 off $80 BLACKWEEK8
$8 off $80 2020FRIDAY
$7 off $50 ALIEXPRESSBF7
$9 off $90 ALIEXPRESSBF9
$12 off $110 ALIEXPRESSBF12


Referral Links

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +3

    Will cash rewards fail if codes used?

    • +2

      Not in my experience. They will if you don't confirm your order once received as that's a requirement set out by AliExpress.

      • What happens if the item is delayed and you don't ask for a delivery extension?

        These items are being automatically assumed to be received and I can't or haven't been able to have the seller acknowledge that the item has now been received. I have had one item take 5 months to arrive. Human malware wouldn't have helped, but the problem seems to be Australian customs.

        • That's why you'll hope it arrives within 2 months.

          • @Clear: Aliexpress have extended the delivery time to at least 3 months now.

            • @whats up skip: Then that's the answer. Cashback sites have the terms. But delivery must be marked.

      • Which company paid cashback after using unauthorised code? I'll use that one today :)

  • +3

    My CB wasn’t tracked during singles day’s sale.
    I applied the code not listed on Shopback, and realised I might not be qualified for cashback so I removed the code. :(
    In the end, i got neither the promo discount nor the cashback.

  • Has anyone had issues with refunds from them lately?

    • I would like to know too. I'm about to lodge a dispute as the seller has tried to mislead me and has no intention of fulfilling my order.

  • +2

    Couldn't they just make a a nice simple/easy 10% off without all the convoluted codes?

    • You are on Ozbargain and asking this question. I think you are supposed to hand in your badge or something. :)

      • Prefer simplicity

  • Ali"express", the name is so ironic. Most parcels take more than a month to arrive. I have one order that's disputed for a refund after 3 months. 3 months! Honestly, I don't even want that now.

    • Agree. Some people happy to pay triple from local store, some people happy to wait and take risk of refund if fail.

    • Not surprised when Australian government agency took 8 months to look into my complaint against an Australian entity. 8 months! Honestly the involved employees I was complaining about might have already left and found other jobs in other entities.

      Hope PayPal now takes care of the disputes quicker if all future AliExpress orders are paid through PayPal.

    • +3

      The delay in shipping isn't at the Aliexpress end in the vast majority of cases. The delay is the Australian Customs and then to a lesser extent Australia Post. If you have tracked parcels you can see this more clearly, but even the tracking used for the basic parcels this can be seen.

      I have had small items in envelop sized packets take up to 5 months. Yet other items ordered on the same day come within 3 weeks. The time it takes is really random and has no correlation with the value of the item or the size of the package.

      There are some sellers that are drop shippers who seem to hide this fact when they are selling. These guys seem to delay the shipping date by up to a week or so, but this is clearly seen once an order has been made.

    • I've not been refunded twice despite saying they will refund. My bank has stated there's numerous issues with the vendor (as I had to organise a chargeback).

  • So what are peoples opinions on the best shipping methods at the moment ?..

    For a couple of different things I'm tossing up between ..
    "AliExpress Standard Shipping Estimated Delivery on Dec 18" (no tracking)
    "ePacket Estimated Delivery: 13-20 days" (has tracking)

    Cheers :)

    • +1

      epacket was fairly quick when I ordered for one item but I had one seller tell me it was unreliable and even though I paid for epack still sent standard…

  • +1

    AEBLIX3 working just fine…

    • +1

      What'd you buy?

      • aquarium stuffs…..

  • Anyone know if cashback will be eligible? Oh well ordered anyway. Used the biggest discount coupon ALIEXPRESSBF12. Worked fine.

    • how many times can you use it?

    • I just place a single order for a bunch of items, about $130aud worth, Cashrewards only tracked a single item worth $6usd… So it appears you have to checkout every item separately and click through cashreward for every one of them…

    • +1

      I used Cashrewards. Only 2 of 3 items were tracked. Should have used Shopback.

      • I noticed Shopback now says "Only purchase Affiliate Products" in the promo info. There is a link to check. When I tried it the other day, many of my items weren't affiliate links. Be wary.

  • ALIEXPRESSBF12 dont work no more :(

    • Just tried and the same…wtf?

  • ALIEXPRESSBF9 dead as well

  • -1

    what hope they will top up with more considering black friday isn't here yet? I'm going to sit and wait…

    • Omg..

  • +1

    Aliexpress missing from cashrewards ?

  • +1

    BLACKFRIDAY305 no longer working

  • +1

    ALIEXPRESSBF7 and ALIEXPRESSBF9 also dead now

  • CHCUPONBLACK50 Also dead


  • it seems shopback is playing up.

    Some transactions were tracked some weren't. But also the 5% calculation looks off by a dollar or two? What happens if I pay in USD how is shopback calculated?

    Is it calculated on pre GST amount? I've tried back calculating the amount and none of it matches 0_0

  • +1

    It looks like all of these have expired now…

  • +1

    2020FRIDAY is working again…

  • These codes works, $7usd off $50usd I think

    There's others mentioned here but you have to alter them a bit to get them to work, like "CHCUPONBLACK201 50" needs to be changed to "CHCUPONBLACK50"

    • Thanks! Updated OP.

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