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Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite $99 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


A low price on this Ubiquiti wireless access point as it's currently selling elsehwhere from $139 e.g. Umart and PCCG.

UniFi is an excellent choice for home WiFi as they're often used in a lot of business and they're not overly expensive. This is good to add to your existing network to fill the dead spots without costing an arm and a leg.

You can run this standalone via the UniFi app for your computer/mobile/docker, UniFi Cloud Key or UniFi Dream.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • $10 shipping for anyone interested

  • OP, great deal!

    Do I need a second AP to cover some blackspots from my LR around my double brick home - tossing up grab this now, or hold out until wifi 6 APs come down to reasonable prices?

    • When it comes to WiFi 6 I think it's best to wait until more devices support it, particularly 6E with the 6GHz band. Otherwise you're paying a bit of a premium now.

      This will certainly help in a double brick home.

    • I have better coverage and less dropouts since I swapped my LR for a lite. Strange I know

  • Need 2 for my home network update, was going to wait for Wifi 6 version to be released, though so tempting at this price

    • That’s what I’m holding out for…but it’s still tempting because nearly everything in my home is cabled except for phones.

      Want to get a UDM to go with it

  • UDM pro is also $545, cheapest price I can find

  • This vs. the nanoHD? Looking for a small 4Bdroom Brick house with wood plasterboard walls.

    • Both would be suitable. How much do you need the 5GHz band? As the nanoHD performs much better in that area.

    • Could get 2 of these for 1 NanoHD, so I'd probably recommend these since you can place them in better locations, however, house layout may not need that.

      I currently have a single Lite for a 3 bed townhouse, looking at getting a second when we move into a 4 bed place since signal can drop a bit at the edges of the range in the 3 bed place (although it still keeps a good connection, just speed drops).

  • Argh, bought one last week from Centrecom

  • ended up buying 2, With no ETA for the Lite 6 AP's in OZ and this price, I found no reason to wait

  • I got an LR in ebay sale for $140. Surely a better buy? At $99 though really good to cover those dead spots.

    • Not always. It depends on your wireless airspace and also how far you need to reach.

      You are actually better even if it costs you an extra $60 to get 2 of these and have them spread out than 1 LR trying to reach everything. With wireless if you have 1 device that is further away, the AP will drop all clients to match that low speed as everyone is treated equally.

      • These APs do not drop everyone if one device is further away. In fact, I've never heard of any router doing that.

        Also, 1 LR is the only option if you're connecting it to a non-unifi router, and you can't drag a cable hallway across your house.

        • Unifi APs mesh wirelessly and I have a Lite meshing quite happily with an LR.

  • So, is this one where you have to plug it in to ethernet? Or can it connect wirelessly?

    • In general they need to be connected by ethernet cable back to your router/switch equipment. They can however be connected to another AP using a wireless uplink to extend the network.

    • Ethernet cable required

    • I am using it as wireless uplink without ethernet. I use the ethernet port to extend to other devices with an unmanaged switch. Note that if you ever suffer a power outage or need to reboot equipment, the AP will always first assume that whatever you connect to the ethernet port is the source, so it might be annoying if you anticipate this happening constantly.

      • +1 vote

        Not true, it looks for a DHCP server on the ethernet port and if not found it goes into mesh mode. I have tested this to death :)

        • In my experience, every time I power cycle the AP I always have to disconnect all the cables from the unmanaged switch as it will never pick it up (it will become isolated). Maybe I have a faulty unit. Thanks for sharing your experience.

          • @Tarnos: It takes a while, sometimes many minutes, for it to do the check. Mine also goes isolated for a while but then comes back eventually.

  • Currently in a rental so I cant run Ethernet. Reading the above comments, this can do a mesh network via Wireless uplink, so each device doesnt need to be connected via ethernet, which works well for me.
    So the question is, what else do I need to buy? I have a Ubiquiti Edge Max router that I used to use at my old house. Currently I am just using an ASUS wifi router only. Do I need to buy something to connect to the NBN box? and then hook up a couple of these Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite ?

  • I have a nanoHD arriving in a couple days but two of these might be a better fit for my home. Especially since now I've found out that (thanks to posters above me) the Lites can be setup for meshing (curse these double bricked walls!).

  • argh.. snooze i lose.