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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Black $199, ProtectiveClean Navy $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Order on app for an extra $10 off APPONLY10 (First-time users)

Cheapest I've seen so far on Sonicare. I've been using my Diamondclean for 2 years now and have been great!
The main difference between the 2 is DiamondClean has more bells and whistles (app connect, wireless charging, cup etc)



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    Just buy the Oclean X Pro and get a better toothbrush for half the price of the Diamond Clean. I've owned two Diamond Cleans down the years but now have the previous gen Oclean X and it's far superior. The battery life alone is about 4 times longer.


    • That does look pretty good. Good price.

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      I have the X Pro and I wouldn't recommend it. It has issues with changing the intensity and cleaning time with the touchscreen. The other screens work fine so it appears to be a software issue rather than an issue with the digitiser. I purchased it from the official Aliexpress store but no response to my messages on there. I emailed Oclean and they requested a video of it, before claiming that's how it's supposed to work. Not sure how since it's basically impossible to change the settings.

      I ended up using the app but that has issues and you have to reconnect it every time to get the settings to sync. The settings reset about once a week too so I have to continually reconnect the app.

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      I have the x pro too. Fantasic brush. Much better than the faulty prone sonicare ( 2 now have stuck power buttons)
      Go the xpro

    • that oled screen looks really nice. Is it on the whole time you brush? I can see it eating into battery life a little.

      I have a crap ton of philips sonicare heads though, so I don't want to switch brands otherwise I'd give this a punt. And also, getting brush heads for it will require importing.

    • I couldn't care less about battery life as I put it back on the charger after every brush. I don't take it with me when I travel, if I did I would just take the charger.

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    I would never recommend Philips toothbrushes over Oral B - I personally much prefer the oscillation to vibration.

    • I agree.Stuck with Sonicare for now.
      Better to buy OralB.
      Oscillation is much better than vibration

    • I had this for 2 years and just recently the battery died. Prior to that had an oral B. Preferred the sonicare but due to price ended up buying another oral b.
      A lot noisier and doesn't feel as nice brushing but I think the clean is MUCH better with the oral B. Feels more polished and gums massaged better.

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    DiamondClean Costco $180 currently.

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    I would like to add something regarding the DiamondClean.
    In my experience they don't last very well. Out of the four units that me, my partner and my brother have collectively owned, only one has passed the 2 year mark. The other three, their vibration weakens and they basically turn into a thick, heavy manual toothbrush. I think they have parts inside that become loose. One of those units was a replacement from Philips because it was within 2 years, but my brother didn't do anything about trying to get his replaced until it was too late, and they refused anything after 2 years from purchase.
    Pretty ridiculous for the price, even at half price.

    • Mines been going for 6 years. I prefer it to the OralB. Feels like a BMW compared to a Chery. I wonder if it has anything to do with how you charge it? I tend to let mine get quite low before charging rather than have it plugged in all the time. The heads last for ages too.

      • mine is going strong for 3 years now. I do the same. I only charge when it is low on charge

      • Mine is going on it's 7th year! Hope i don't jinx it by writing this though lol

      • I never used the charging base. Only charged it in the travel case when it prompted me to charge it. And I never dropped it, just the occasional knock over. I was going to post a similar review on productreview.com.au but there are already lots of recent negative reviews about their durability on there.

        I would also like to add, they do feel great the first time you use them. I think they clean quite well, especially if you move them around like a regular tooth brush when you clean your teeth.
        And the Philips customer service was good to me, but they do seem quite strict. I was going to suggest to my brother to claim that the expected life-span of a tooth brush this expensive should be more than 2 years, but he didn't want to go through the hassle of calling upon the all powerful Australian Consumer Law and its ambiguous wording in regards to product/service lifespan.

        edited for additions and grammar

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        Mines also been going for over 6.5 years. They're good brushes.

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      Same thing happened to mine, the middle part of the toothbrush came completely loose and rendered the brush unusable. Total shame since I did like the sonicare experience but i'll stick to regular electric toothbrushes :/

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      this is because of a design fault… you can actually fix it if you want to open it up, ive done it a couple of times but its a hassle and should not need to be done for a top of the range product.

    • Agree with OP. Bought 2x DiamondClean and they both broke within 2 years!!!

      Oral-B cleans better than DiamondClean or any other brush because it spins/rotates vs vibration (which every other brand uses). Oral-B has a patent on this method/tech which no other brand can copy. This means when you buy any electronic toothbrush not Oral-B, you're buying an inferior brush that will still clean your teeth…. just not 'as good'.

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        That’s blatantly untrue. I’ve used at least four if not five oral B’s of varying price ranges and a diamond clean and the diamond clean does a much better job of plaque removal.
        I’ve also looked into thousands of mouths, so I know what I’m talking about.

      • Just because someone has a patent on something, it doesn't mean it's the best way of doing it. It just means no one else can do it that way for a while.

        Personally, I didn't think much of the Oral-B electronic toothbrush I had, and preferred some knock-off of the Phillips style. But that's just me.

    • lmao I was about to say the same thing. Phillips superior customer service gets a thumb up from me but I’ve got replacement unit literally every year lol. It’s either the battery is not charging or the toothbrush just all of a sudden go crazy itself

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      Agree. Had one of these, they suck compared to the Oral Bs for cleaning and break down after 2 years. Avoid!

    • mine lasted 4 years but yeah basically this exact thing happened to it.

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      we had 4 of Philips Sonicare DiamondClean top of the range toothbrushes, and 3 of them broke within couple of years. Overall we still like them but we already learned that they may not last long. We also had same issue - vibration weakens with time. This happened with 3 out of 4. Then 2 of these died. We also had phillips sonicare kids brush and it had the same vibration weakening issue after 6 month. We still have not changed these brushes for another type as they clean quite well

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      Same. Last 2.5 years. But my wife still wants it. Bought one again for her. I'm using oral b now.

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    Got DiamondClean a couple of years ago from JDexpress for about $150

  • A good comparison between Oral-B vs Diamond Clean. Oral-B Genius 9000 vs Sonicare DiamondClean Smart

    • They say they prefer the Philips, but made the OralB first choice because list price is twice. Blimey how much can you write about toothbrushes (it's a thorough review).

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    My Diamondclean is 3 years and going strong.

    There might be ongoing arguments of whether Oral B or Philips is better, but ultimately either toothbrush system is 10x better than a manual toothbrush !

  • good price

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    I own a diamonclean and here are my 2 cents:
    The weakening vibration can be fixed with a little bit of effort. There are youtube videos of how to fix it, but you can judge how easy or hard it is for yourself.
    There is a study out there on oscillating vs vibrating and I think oscillating slightly won that one. Not sure if there have been anymore.
    Cheap replacement heads can be purchased on sites like ali but I've been told the main difference is that the bristle ends are cut flat in the fakes, and the legit ones have a tapering bristle. I also believe the fakes are a bit firmer too.
    I personally have gone back to manual brushing with a fine soft toothbrush as I have slight gum recession and desire a gentler brush with more control.

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      From professional anecdotal experience, going back to soft manual brushing is likely more damaging than using your Sonicare, due to the fact that we’re brushing usually in our least awake states. I find most often this just leads to a relapse into the bad scrubbing habits and things get worse over time. I’d say the electric toothbrush is going to do you less harm over time.

      • Thank you my online dentist.
        I'll consider going back to the diamondclean, just need to find a rare deal on genuine replacement heads.
        The ongoing battle/trouble that I have is cleaning the plague build up at the base of my teeth but also trying to be as gentle on the gums as possible.

  • Love Philips Sonicare, Got one I share with wifey (just change heads) for past 2~ years, and got kids ones for the 2 little ones. Decent price on this deal.

  • Don't forget Amazon 12% Cashback today. I hope it stacks.

  • My diamond clean 6+ years going strong. Incredible clean teeth, couldn't go back regular toothbrushes

  • whats the difference between these and my $20 oral B electric brush?

    • Read the comparison review above then multiply it by x as the cheap ones will most likely not have Li-Ion battery just to name one difference.

    • Li-ion battery and oscillations per minute are the main differences. Whether your teeth are realistically cleaner one way or another is a different question…

  • how many intensities does it have? it only says 3 modes, says nothing about intensity.

  • If you're tempted by the deal combined with the Airflosser - don't. It's rubbish compared to the Waterpik.

  • I ended up going for this at $50 extra.

    It has 3 intensities, an app, smart brush head detection (built in pressure sensor), and a travel case that charges the brush via USB (very useful for travel — I no longer need to bring the charger and travel adapter).

    For those on the fence on whether to get the $99 model or the DiamondClean, the DiamondClean currently has a $50 cashback promotion going on at Philips.


    • Dang would have been a deal maker for me had I seen this. The $199 one is gone now. :(

  • Just my 2c feedback.
    I had a Diamond Clean from the Myer 2016 deal. Unit was strong until I dropped it recently and it stopped working.
    Took a punt and contacted Phillips to see what they could do, knowing it was out of warranty.

    The offered a new replacement unit for about $175 which I accepted. Afterwards I sold the spare case and charging cup and was only about $125 out of pocket.

    If that $50 cash back promo works then I'm pretty happy to get a new replacement unit for under $100

    • If that $50 cash back promo works then I'm pretty happy to get a new replacement unit for under $100

      I presume you will do that by selling yet another set of spare case and cup?

      Is the cup actually useful for anything, besides charging?

      I mean, do you drink out of it or rinse your mouth with it?

      • I just use it as a charging cup.
        The cashback promo doesn't work our for me as the purchase was before the promo period.

        • how is the cup better than a standard charging dock?

  • I like the way DiamondClean work but as other said, quality is not. Got one from a Amazon uk deal but it was broken in about one and a half year. Even worse, they only have one year warranty.

  • Just after I said my DiamondClean has lasted 6 years it died today after leaving it in the charger overnight.