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Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse $150.58 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Looks like Amazon has dropped the price on the popular mouse again (was $156.20 a week or so ago).
Delivers from Amazon UK (at time of post, prime delivery is set for 13-15 December).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    With 12% from CR this evening this is really good

  • Yeah, I bought it when it went up to $160. This is a good deal I think.

  • Anyone good deals for the G Pad Wireless Mouse Pad to go with this?

    • That is one expensive mousepad.

    • aren't all mousepads wireless?….

      • Ironically this is called "wireless", but is one of the only mousepads out there that requires a wire. It's also kind of not even a mousepad since usually it gets placed under your actual mousepad.

        It's like "clipless" pedals on bikes…

  • I've got the Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless still in its packaging, should I return it and get this? Planning on playing games like overwatch and apex legends. Any thoughts?

    • G903 110g vs G Pro Wireless 80g, I'd take the latter.

      That being said, the new Superlight variant is 63g but is very expensive.

      • what kind of (profanity) nerd measures mouse weight lmao, is an extra 20g too much for you to handle?

    • G Pro Wireless

    • This is a great mouse, so is the G903. Same sensor, so technically performs the same.
      I have both, and use both competitively in FPS gaming. The G Pro is easier to use because of the weight, however the shape of the G903 fits my hand much better than the G Pro due to the larger hump in the palm area.

      The weight is a huge difference, so for less fatigue and easier flicks, go the G Pro.

    • Thanks for all the help! G pro wireless is is!

  • ordered one from the last amazon UK deal, still hasnt been shipped yet, anyone else in the same boat?

  • combine with ZIP 10% (if you still have the discount) + 12% cash rewards offer. It's a pretty good deal.
    Was thinking to get the razer to replace my mouse together with my keyboard. might as well buy this at this price.

  • This or MX Master 3 for productivity? Heard the MX has much higher latency

    • I just got an MX3 & was looking at the bluetooth gaming mice instead… I don't need 9 different buttons, but a much nicer scroll wheel & better ergonomics won out.

      The MX3 is nice :)

      (JB discounted vouchers + price-match HN $128) = $108.80

    • I have an MX Master 2s and it is not usable for playing anything competitive. You can still play slow-paced single-player games, but for anything competitive, you will definitely want a gaming mouse. Latency is just one factor. The scroll wheel itself doesn't have proper steps, even when not in free-scroll mode. That makes changing weapons cumbersome and tricky.

  • Umm lol. Just put in an order (waited til 4pm for the 12% cashback)

    Estimated delivery: Dec 9, 2020 - May 11, 2021

    • Wow wtf. Was gonna do the same but after seeing this…. Thanks but no thanks.

    • me 2. still waiting for cash rewards confirmation.

      IF ETA going to be till next year I might cancel it :(

    • Is that ETA for real? Can you cancel if it takes that long?

      • Yep the ETA was legit.

        I cancelled it anyways as I wasn't 100% if the model that was coming is the updated one with the 20m switches or if it's old stock (50m switches). There is a problem with the 50m switches where after a period of time (humidity and dust build up), where it will start double clicking when you do a single click.

        I didn't want to risk the above so I just cancelled it and got a refund.

    • Same here hopefully they aren't actually going to take that long. If I dont get a shipping notification in 2 weeks I'll probably try to cancel though.

  • Operating System DOS

    What's a DOS?

  • What's the difference between the East European and West European versions?

  • Anyone purchased this earlier and know how long is the actual shipping time?

  • my order finally shipped today hahaha