Whats The Most Expensive Thing You Bought but Never Used?

Whats the most expensive thing you bought and never used ie still brand new condition
(eg cant be an investment/decoration/backup or a gift to someone that hasnt been given)

for me it was a surface laptop discontinuation sale $1000 new
sat in my draw for 1 year still in the box as I already had a laptop that was 3 months old, but always wanted a surface badly

Subconsciously I'm hoping my laptop breaks or have a need to give it to someone


  • Lenovo Flex 5 laptop. Bought it for the Mrs and she used it for a week and then her work decided to give everyone a laptop. $1000 getting wasted sitting around doing sweet F all

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    Nobody has said "pool" yet which bodes well.

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      I spent 40,000 (ish) on one about 10 years ago. We do use it quite a lot for 6 months of the year, but work out the cost per swim and it's dumb :)

      Really should have gotten it heated so at least we can get more months out of it.

  • I bought a 1up mini arcade machine from Aldi. Not the Street fighter one, the one with Rampage and 2 other games, as it was good memories from my childhood. With a plan to spruce up the Airbnb or put it in my man cave. I think it was $400 or $500.

    Itโ€™s still sitting in my garage.

    Mod: Edited. Private selling not allowed in comments.

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    Bought an e scooter worth about $500 only to find out its illegal to ride. Have been sitting in the garage for ages. Last time when I wanted to try it out, the battery have gone :(

  • HP N40L Microserver, bought for $209 in 2012. I put all my old drives in it, spun it up, and it was annoyingly noisy (fan noise). Put back in the box as a future project with the idea that if we moved it could go in a future garage or cupboard or something (we didn't move for another 5 years).

    Second-hand Wave ski, bought for $250 in 2018. Kept falling off it too easily in flat water, so forget staying on it in waves. Still in a family member's garage, need to list on gumtree some time.

    Looking at the other items in this thread, I actually feel grateful that mine are such small amounts.

    • Still have my N40L which is going strong as a raid storage backup for family photos! Only gets turned on a few times a year.

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    Bought a Mercedes c300 coupe in Melb just before covid hit, drove it a hand full of times then hit by months of lockdown in Melb I put the car in storage and now I'm overseas in Taiwan not even sure when I'll be back :|

    I think I win do I get a prize?

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      Pity you didn't get the AMG pack, then you'd be earning a high yield…

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        I think that only works for 20 year old bankers.

        I'm getting too old, bucket seats hurt my back and the stiff suspension hurts my ass :|
        I just want a nice comfortable ride to get me home so I can drink my hot tea and be in bed by 10.

        • At least you'll have the balloon payout after 3 years which won't change. :\ and possibly the better condition of the car. Sorry these are negatives. I'm heading to South Mlbn this weekend to do a possible swap or buy mine out…. don't think I want to continue though.

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            @khomeini: I purchased out right, it's already crazy buying a luxury car.. what kind of madman would take out a loan to buy a luxury car??

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              @knowskillz: You can sell it now without incurring much of a loss. Second hand market pretty hot atm

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      At least you are in Taiwan

      • I did a return trip to Taiwan earlier this year. Should have stayed.

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      Let me know if you need someone to turn the engine over for you once in a while :P

    • Happy to take it around the block for you :P

  • $1500 Dji Mavic drone for overseas trip but drones were banned at most of the places so couldn't use it. ๐Ÿ˜”

  • a $1200 DJI phantom 3 professional drone with $400 worth accessories

  • Flight tickets. $1200. Don't ask.

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      user name does not check out !

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    iPad Air 2 that I posted for $397. Still BNIB coming up to 4 years ffs.

    Also, I finally opened (and using) my $292 Huawei W1 watch from 4 years ago too -_-

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    Got about $10k worth of untouched udemy courses… Of course, got them for free…. but they're worth lots… that counts right?

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    I have a classic 87 supercharged MR2 which has been sitting under covers for most of 20 years. I would say at least this has gone up in value, so it's not that bad.

    I did set up a music PC, which cost me over 3k 8 years ago and it's sitting brand new in the box downstairs.

    I buy alot of stuff I never use, I mean 10+ orders of clothes from buying off here and it's still in wraps. I've tried to get better, and believe I have.

    Definitely music equipment I bought, then my job sucked my soul from my life ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • I was about to say do a ferrari conversion but that would just make it depreciate and thats for an MRS. MR2 is a great little ride though (recall being in one ~25yrs ago)

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        I imported it when I was 18! It was grade 3.5, highest for a 15 year old car at the time. It's under a cover in the garage, I'll probably sort it out soon and register with a classic car club. They've definitely started to up on value recently!



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    AKG K1000. Left it in its box for more than 12 years so far.

  • Gym Membership.

  • Underwear with a picture of a lawnmower on the front and one with a mean looking cat that says 'This %%%# bites' ๐Ÿ™„ I thought it was cute at the time ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

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      so do you go commando?

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    1. A DeHumidifier for $400
      Bought in 2018 from appliance online, when we saw mould on our bedroom wall. It took about two weeks for it to arrive. By the time some $10 liquid from Bunnings fixed the issue. Still unopened.

    2. Apple Watch 5 with sim ($600+)
      Bought it because the Fitbit strap was getting damaged quickly and wanted to run without carrying the phone for pod cast. But, the part where I had to charge the apple watch every night killed it for me. Now I am back to Fitbit. What a waste

    3. Vaccum Robot. Got on last Prime day for $500+
      My place is too crowded for its size. Need to be minimalist house Or some huge house with items so apart for it to work.

    4. PS4 games.
      My eyes gave up on games, but after posting it here people advised me to go to optometrist. Man, my eyes stopped burning the next day. Not going to risk my eyes again. So, Planning to sell everything and find a new hobby.

  • i got one of the 1st Samsung tables and it was really slow and not super user friendly. I ended up just using my laptop more.

    cost me a couple 100 dollars

  • At the moment itโ€™s the PlayStation 5. Just sitting in the box. Wife thought I was selling it to make profit but really it was for me

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    Kobo eReader, was $200 and I've only read two books on it. I prefer to use my tablet to watch YouTube instead of reading, who'd have thought.

  • A $2500 Bugaboo Donkey (double pram), itโ€™s an absolute pain in the neck to fold and manoeuvre in comparison to my $500 Baby Jogger so it just sits in my garage now.

    • When your youngest kid gets to 4 or 5 + they will all sit in the garage anyway.

  • $400 vr game. used it like.. once heh =(

  • hmm where to start?

    a mountain bike, $300ish, rode it a few times and has been sitting in the garage ever since.

    treadmill, probably a few hundred, now it is a cloth hanger.

    dozens upon dozens of scale models which I will never complete in this life time (at my current rate of building 2 or 3 per year), don't even want to tally up the cost…………

    air compressor and air brush, probably a few hundred all up, I thought I was gonna be doing all these cool effects with my models (see above), but I just end up using a regular paint brush, if that.

    various DVDs/blu rays/games which are still in their shrink wrap.

    the list goes on.

  • Lego ucs millennium falcon and star destroyer. I do want to build them, the problem is they are physically too large to place anywhere when complete. So they just sit in their boxes, hoping for me to buy a bigger house

    Iโ€™ve got a bunch of books, magazines and various games on various consoles that I havenโ€™t even made a start on yet, some at least 5 years old now. One day…

  • A Miele Steam oven. The conventional oven which we use regularly was cheaper. Should have shelved the steam oven and gone for a more expensive pyrolytic oven.

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    Switch with 3-4 games. Bought brand new on a whim in true OzB fashion, probably used it twice…

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    Wife's engagement ring. $27.5K. It sits in a box at home.

    • wow. what a waste! why doesn't she wear it?

      • Nope. Doesn't even wear the wedding band either, which was about $7K. They just sit in a box inside a safe….

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          Whats the point of expensive jewelery if they donโ€™t wear it anyway…

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            @Blue Cat: What's the point of expensive jewellery?? I cry.

            • @eek: Why does she not wear it? May as well sell it to recoup some costs.

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      Tbf that was an extremely stupid purchase.

      • Thanks. I guess I was young and dumb? I even pay extra for specific insurance for them each year too.

        • Far out. Sell the bastards!

          • @DisabledUser220804: I hope the price of platinum, white and pink diamonds have gone up.

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              @eek: Diamonds have horrible resale value. Its probably worth 50% of what you bought it for. Unfortunately thats not even the worst news. The hard bit is finding a buyer for used rings who is willing to pay a decent buck for it. Rings and Diamonds are the biggest scam of our century.

              • @earth worm jim: I wouldn't sell off the ring as is. I'd have the stones removed and sell off as loose stones. The diamonds were sourced independently then I found a jeweler who set it into a platinum setting for me and I got to design the ring. The ring has white and Argyle pink diamonds on it. I wonder if the pink diamonds would retain some of it's value though. Either way, I doubt I'd ever sell them off anyway, haha.

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    Anything I pay for, I regret.

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      Username checks out

    • This made me LOL!!! Have an upvote, sir!

  • Oculus Rift. After I got it, I played it for few times, and never touched it again. Every time I try to convince myself to sell it, I always feel bad because "never played it much and what if a cool VR title comes out". On the side note, sim racing rigs somehow was my best purchase. I had one year where my computer desk is just full time sim racing desk, dogged boys on so many mmo/fps game invites, but no regrets.

  • A brand new caravan.

    • Rent it out mate! might be able to get some money of it. ;-)

  • Massage chair : $1500. Used maybe 5 times in past year.

    XBOX ONE X: $550. Used about 60 hours in past 18 months.

  • Luxury watch. Only worn it like 3 times since i bought it last year. Maybe should've gotten a Casio or something.

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    DJI Drone.

    Was getting married on a beach and stumbled across a photo online of another wedding using a drone shot with the whole wedding party and beach. Checked with our photographer and drone photography wasn't an option they offered but they had someone that could do it for $2k.

    Found a deal on a DJI drone for less than $1k on OZB so snapped it up! Half the price my photographer wanted to charge. I figured on the day I could get someone to get the shot - how hard could it be to fly a drone?

    Fast forward to the day we are leaving for the wedding and in-between packing all the important items like weddings rings etc I completely forgot to pack the drone!

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    dji spark drone 1000 dollars used for like 2 weeks

    • Drones and gopros i always think they are really cool and handy
      You can spend $50 to $2k for drones

      And its not as if I do action sports regularly or go for trips away every weekend
      So I try and use some common sense and not buy one whenever there is a Good deal

      So definitely will be a short-lived novelty toy for me

  • Just under $2000 on a petrol-powered mulcher over 10 years ago. I've started it up a few times but never used it. I really should sell it.

  • Spent a couple of hundred servicing my bicycle incl new tyres, seat etc. Actually a really awkward situation as a colleague's partner gifted the labour in return for housesitting and wasn't transparent about how much the parts would cost (the bike was only like $400 new and was 10 years old by this stage) - so I wouldn't have spent the money had I known upfront but it just kept adding up and up!

    And then we moved to Melbourne and I never rode it again. It sat out in the rain for years so it was totally trashed. I managed to get $10 for it on gumtree.

  • Bought an xbox series x and it still just sitting there. So many family and work commitments ATM. Hope to fire it up soon

  • Bought 5k Scooter and have not used it

  • Has anyone bought a segway and used/not used it?

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    making money is hard work so i only ever make highly considered purchases.

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      Based on your sensibility, you're on the wrong website.


      • Based on the user name I'm thinking 'highly considered' is the wrong term

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        Lol. Yes I ignore 99% of the crap posted on here.

    • based on that you must be the most organised and un implusive customer in existence :)

  • I preordered the Mavic Pro in 2016. I think I've flown it maybe 2 hours since then?

  • Gosh this thread makes me feel better about my wrong purchase!

    $100 on a heater from Kogan we bought in winter but by the time it arrived and I set it up it was too warm to use.

  • I bought the K1 Nvidia Shield tablet, about $220. I used it for about 10 hours in the first 18 months.

    In the 3rd year I owned it I installed the custom roms and it became a much better device. Now I get about 5 hours a week out of it reading. I dont think a tablet PC has any other valuable function other than as a reader. Battery life is woeful, and it could never replace a PC for gaming.

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    I bought with my wife mother in law visa cost$45000 turn out my mother in law lazy and useless not even cook her own meal or clean own room and watch tv18 hours a day and smoke cigarettes all day till sleep. She still not eligible for 10 years any support so cost me extra $$$$.

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      Should try to offload her to other siblings or relatives…or Gumtree?

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        Thought happy wife happy life, Now I am looking that guy who said that so can kill him๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†.

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      Don't let her find out about pokies machines

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        Lol too lazy to go out of home so no trouble there lucky she does not have driving license.

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          Is she hot? asking for a friend

  • $5,000 mountain bike - used it a few times, and it is still sitting in my garage 12 years later.

    • My bro in law is in that boat. Probably not quite 5k, somewhere between 3 and 5 I'd say…hangs on his parent's garage wall, he doesn't even keep it at his house. Offered to take it off his hands numerous times, no dice :(

      • We just can't let it go!

        I mean, in my case, I might get $500 if I sold it but in that case I'd rather just keep it and let it sit there. If someone said, here's $2k, I would be thinking about it.

        I still have hope that I might use it one day :D

  • yes, Shoes might be a pretty common one for all as people usually end up buying a high end sneaker but end up wearing them only once or twice.

    The worst one for me would be an Insta-pot. Got it on a deal but never used it..lol

  • I have bought lots of video games and not used them, even new releases e.g Anthem. I have also bought expensive laptops with good graphics cards but then just used them for word processing.

    Also my mum bought me a $400 mountain bike 5 years ago that I have never used. One time I tried to use it but the brake was broken - how it happened from sitting in the shed I don't know. Sorry mum.

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    my freedom

  • I bought an analogue nt mini , going back a few years ago (maybe 3-4?) It was around $400usd plus shipping . It's a peice of hardware game console that can play the library of 8 bit games in full hd like the original NES and sega master system it's an FPGA so it's not emulation

    Anyway I set it up and and played it for 10 minutes where after it sat for the best part of a year would have only played it 2-3 quick times but I was happy to have it as I appreciated the hardware etc … But they had quickly sold out and 1+ year later they were highly sought after in the USA. I was seeing ebay auctions of them going for $2k aud. It reached point where I couldn't justify keeping it for 8 bit games and sold it to a us buyer for 2k aud

    I figured instead I could buy a gaming PC. I spent that 2k on a gaming rig in Feb 2019 including a $750 rtx 2070 which was new at the time … And…

    Its been almost 2 years and whilst I use the computer for productivity I've only played one game on it which is doom and not very much maybe couple hrs max in 2years so feeling the guilt all over again

    To make matters worse analogue release the nt mini noir in Feb 2020 for $450usd and I bought one .. still waiting for delivery but should be here by Christmas

    It also sold out in less than a day

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    A wife.

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      How much?

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        Bout tree fiddy.

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