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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Pair (Neon Green/Neon Pink) $84 Delivered @ via Amazon AU


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    Ok, nobody order anything until 4-6p.m for the 12% cash back. Just kidding.

  • Sorry for the noob question, what the purpose of having this?
    Is it to get 2 extra controllers to play 4 person game?

    • Extra controllers? You could use for another player or two in some games where one joy-con is needed per player
      So yes you potentially have four players with four joy cons

      • Ah ok, so the Joy-Con that comes with the switch is only 1 controller.
        This gives you the second controller ?

        • The joy cons are usually used as a pair. In some games like Mario kart, they can be used individually (two players with one set). An extra set allow a second player to use it as a pair or two extra players if the game supports single joy con per player

        • They come in sets, some games work with a single joycon from the set. Like Mario Kart and quite a few others.

          You get a set of joycons with the console and this is another set. So in total you can have up to 4 players depending on the games that you plan to play if you bought this in addition to the set you get with the console.

    • Also to prepare for the inevitable fate called ‘drifting’ suffered by many Switch owners.

  • I got a pair on the Catch deal and just went again with Amazon. Cashback would have been nice, but I trust these will possibly sell out before the cashback offer begins this afternoon.

  • lol, I was literally looking at these on amazon 20 minutes ago, must be a sign!

  • Bloody h3ll. Bought it for $94 with all the cashbacks on Friday which still works out cheaper but do Amazon do price proctection given it was only 3 days ago?

    • I did it with a printer, he was hesitant but at the end he gave me the credit

    • If they adjust the price it will probably invalidate cashback

    • I bought them for $95 on Friday lol. I have sent an email asking for a $11 refund.

      Otherwise you can return them for $7 which is still a $4 saving. I will do that just on principal if they dont give me the full $11.

    • I contacted Amazon support (by chat) to get the $11 credited back. Was simple to do and didn't have any issues.

      • One thing with credit is it might cause issues with future cash backs (can't use credit), so do beware.

      • Meanwhile they're refusing with me. Krishna said no such policy exists and they never do it.

        Thanks for lying Krishna.

        • Yep I just got denied too, but from Mahesh. They have done refunds in the past. I'm going to try chat

          • @stumo: Chat is what I tried. Maybe too many people asking? Either way that one received bad feedback for conflicting answers.

            • @Clear: Ok im on chat now. Chamini says she/he/it will give me a $11 "promo credit" this one time.

              You could always threaten to send them the item back. It will cost you $7 but its still cheaper for you in the end (and more expensive for them)

              • @stumo: Got another who gave me the whole spill about why how their prices are adjusted etc etc… and then he gave me a $15 store promo once off. I paid $99 originally with a discounted Gift Card so it works out good!

        • Yup, I got denied by Imran. He then low key threatened that if anyone had been offering an $11 promo credit/price adjustment then he would need to escalate the breach:

          "We at Amazon don't offer any price adjustment if any body help you with that kindly let me know so that i can escalate this with our specialist team."

  • I have these and they look gorgeous up close

    • yeah i'm tempted to buy all the colours just cause they make me happy, but not because i actually need them! and then when the next gen nintendo comes out and no longer needed I will end up selling for a loss! lol

  • I want to get it but always want to wait for 4pm. Scary how there isn't a countdown on how much stock is left.

  • I bought these from Amazon for $95 on Friday 😔

    To be fair I have got quite a few deals over the weekend, but is there any way to be cheeky and get a refund of the difference from Amazon?

    • I did the same! I just contacted the customer support via chat, and I've been given a $10 credit that'll be applied when I order something sold and shipped by Amazon.

      • Initiate a return and reorder?

      • Good tip, I did the same and they've applied a $5 credit to my account. I was going to push for $10 but I already felt cheeky given I've got so many deals from Amazon over the weekend!

  • Good work guys, resisted the temptation and waited for 4pm

    hmm still not 12%

  • Good work holding off kids. Bought and 12% cashed in :-)

  • We made it to 4PM guys!

  • managed to snag one aswell :)

  • Yay, worked out cheaper than Catch with the free shipping ontop of the Cashrewards.

    Second pair secured for my Fitness Boxing 2 in a few days :D

  • Can we use zip pay?


    yay the colors i wanted

  • Does the 10% shopback cover this?

    Edit: Looks like no. I missed the Cash Rewards 12%, saw this at 3pm and thought I'd have a crack at 4, then forgot all about it lol!

  • Anyone receive their cashrewards notification email yet? I placed my order at 4 but haven't received.

  • I made the order few minutes before 6pm and haven't got the cashback tracking from Cashrewards. Has your order been tracked?


    Just got the email 2 min ago. All good!

  • Got my cashrewards email about an hour ago also

  • Available again

  • Are grey joy cons no longer a thing? I’ve been waiting for them to go on sale for ages but they never do :(

  • Never seem to find the grey joycons on sale?