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Satechi 75W 4-Port USB Wall Charger with USB-PD $55 @ JB Hi-Fi


Lowest legit price I have seen for a while.

Always have power available whenever needed with the Satechi Type-C 75W Travel Charger. Featuring a USB-C PD port, 2x USB 3.0 ports and a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port, to quickly charge up to 4 of your devices at a time (max up to 75W).

Connect Type-C smartphones (iPhone X, 8 Plus and 8 with Apple MFi-Certified Type-C to Lightning cable), tablet and laptops for quick and safe charging, up to 60W. The Travel Charger includes 2 additional USB 3.0 ports to simultaneously charge your other USB-A devices. And its Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port makes this charger up to 38% more quick and efficient than Quick Charge 2.0, powering up a wide range of supported Quick Charge devices. Note, QC is not supported on Samsung S9 Plus.

Conveniently equipped with a LED light to indicate when the Travel Charger is in use and a removable AC plug for compact, easy storage.

Designed for travelers and globe-trotters alike, the Travel Charger features a broad input range (100-240V) for international voltage requirements and a compact construction to easily pack in your luggage. Finished with a modern metallic touch to complement Apple devices and accessories.

Compatible with MacBook/MacBook Pro (up to 60W), iPad Pro/Air/Mini, iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6 Plus/6, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S9 Plus/S9/S8/S7/S6 and most smartphone, tablet and USB devices.

Quick charging from QC 3.0 port not supported on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Input: 100-240V
Output USB-C PD: 60W max, 5C3A, 9V3a, 15V3a, 18V3A, 20V3A
Output QC 3.0: 3.6V~6V 3A.6V~9V 2A, 9V~12V 1.5A (max)
Output USB: 5V/2.4A (total max)

Key Features

Compact travel-friendly construction

USB-C PD port (up to 60W)

2x USB 3.0 ports

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port

Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously

Broad input range (100-240V) for international voltage requirements

LED indicator light

Removable AC plug

This item comes with a 12 month warranty

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Would this be a good option to get as a charger for an iPhone 12 Pro Max and Airpods Pro? Realised I don't have a powerful enough charger for either and don't want to "cook" these premium devices.

    • +8

      This would charge a battery in a MacBook Pro 13 plus your iPhone and airpods as well, for what you need it is overkill and there are probably cheaper options for that purpose.
      But yes it would do it nicely, although depending on which port you use you might just end up with 5W charging. Regardless your devices will power manage the flow so you don’t need to worry about that
      I wish that the Satechi 108W charger would go on sale, almost enough power to max rate charge a MBP 16!

    • +1

      yes it is.

      I have it for my work and charge my surface laptop, Switch, iphone and airpods at once.

    • Don’t know why someone negged you! You had a valid question and I see that it has been answered already.

  • +4 is better. I have both, blitzwolf better value for money.

    • Which one do you think is better/recommended leaving the price difference aside?

      • +2

        Blitzwolf in my opinion. Satechi brand name sounds nicer and probably feels more 'premium'. Blitzwolf wins on other areas. The stand comes in handy too.

    • +2

      Satechi probably better quality built and has local warranty. Therefore wins over blitzwolf

    • @HL2 I bought the blitzwolf on your recommendation and it immediately tripped my circuit breaker 😬

      • That sucks. Probably bad luck. I have a blitzwolf charger and it's working well for more than two years now

  • Can I charge my Lenovo S540 rated for 65w with this? Says Max is 60w.

    • +1

      I will charge it but if being used when charging it will use more power than it is being supplied.

      • That's only if it's on 100% full throttle the entire time. I would bet it will charge no issues even while using.

    • +1

      Get this one to have $90W USB C port output:

      • Does this one from mwave have an AU cable?

        • I don't think so. Even the JBHifi one also includes a note that separate adapters/converters may be required.

    • +2

      I charge my Lenovo with 45W charger no probs. A lower wattage will actually prolong battery life over a higher wattage. It still charges whilst in use even at 45W.

    • I believe so, as I've been powering my surface pro up with a 65W Xiaomi PD charger for a while.

  • my dell says 19v 2.3A

    nearly rate on this charger is

    15V3a, 18V3A,

    will be OK?

  • Does it include "Apple MFi-Certified Type-C to Lightning cable" as mentioned in the description on JBHifi website?

    • +1

      This would be a great deal if it includes a certified cable

      • From the description it looks it does include, but can't be 100% sure.

    • No, it does not. I just got this charger.

      • Can you confirm if it has AU plug? As JBHifi mentions in description that separate adapter/converter may be required.

      • +1

        Yes it has an AU plug.

  • How does it stack up against this one from Blitzwolf for $48?

    • +2

      Generally good reviews for BlitzWolf but a few user reviews mentioned about burnout of their devices. Technically both are same.

  • +2

    Just commenting that I love their stuff regardless of whether it's on special or not, I've ordered plenty of times directly from their US site. It's always quality and very classy. I don't work for these guys, just someone who appreciates quality well made products.

    • Agree. That said, I bought a Satechi Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and they are great, but TBH, the dell premium versions are less than half the price and just as good if not better.

  • +1

    If majority use is for Laptop charging, then I guess its worth paying $35 more and get 108W one with 90W output from single USB C port, as most of the laptops now a days require approx 90W charger.

    • +2

      as most of the laptops now a days require approx 90W charger.

      It'd be best to check your existing laptop charger. e.g. the very popular XPS13 laptops come with a 45W charger. Getting a more powerful charger won't harm anything, but it'll make your thin-and-light laptop heavier if you have to carry the charger with it.

      • We have 3 Dell Latitude series laptops in our family and all come with 90W charger.

      • yep, with the smart charging now days, they do a burst at high power if device is flat, and then taper off when a certain % of charge has been done, else batteries get too hot ….. even my old acer laptop has a small 40 w charger and 65w was an option. the high power in charger is handy if you want to charge 2 devices at the same time e.g laptop and phone, but i find overnight my blitzwolf charges my phone, ipad and macbook air overnight.

        with some of the high power laptop ones, we have them for our work dell laptops because we have usc-c docks and they won’t work with lower power power supplies, our laptops come with 2, one for the dock at work, high power, and a low power one for home where you probably don’t have the dock which you leave at work, and lighter to carry.

    • +1

      Macbook pro 13' 60W, macbook air 40W. Charging a 90W laptop with a 60W one will be a bit slower but still works fine.

    • also $11 postage at mwave

  • Been using this to charge my macbook pro 15" for 2 years now. no issues.

    This got a lot cheaper though, I remember when i bought it it was about $85 before the price jacks.

    The blitzwolf one definitely seems better value but given this has been ok I'm hesitant to try it on a $2000 laptop.

    I put some clear rubber feet on mine so the case doesn't scratch on the table.

  • +2

    I'd love to get one, but it doesn't look like it's instock anywhere and it won't deliver?

    • yep, stock would be the issue, i’m in melbourne and maroocydore 1400 kms away is closest click no collect and no delivery option …… bit like the supercheap auto deals where there is one obscure store that has one of an item so it still appears on website

      • -5

        You’re best off calling your local stores just to be sure. Apparently if they less than 3 of an item in stock, their systems will just report it as having no stock.

        I was in store last week and swore I saw these chargers being displayed. I called just this morning and asked about these while I was enquiring about something else and they have them in stock.

        That being said, I’d rather stick with my Anker than risk my electronics to these yum cha branded chargers.

        • I don't get this.. Anker is a Chinese company if that's what you are referring to.

          • @thriftykid: I know Anker is a Chinese company. What I meant by “yum cha” branded is less reputable brands. Pretty much everything is from China these days. It’s the QA that makes all the difference.

  • Contrary to what their website says, JB in Doncaster still have a few of these in stock. On the wall next to the laptops

  • +1

    Click and collect available. Next store 823km away.


  • love to get one of these too, no stock available within 812km! long shot but anyone ordered and doesnt want it, happy to take it off your hand :)

    Also checked Amazon AU, seems this model is no longer available, they have a newer version of 75w charger which has 2 USB-C PD.

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