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Intel Celeron NUC BOXNUC7CJYH4 J4005 Dual Core Barebones Kit $167.20 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Pretty good deal if you are looking for a HPTC, Linux home server, etc. Don't think it has ever been this low. Act fast.

Stacks with Shopback $5 quest. Stacked with 15% Shopback off (sorry, too late for that now); but I managed to snag mine for $137.12

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  • I assume this does not come with a OS?

  • Not a kit sadly, just the base.

  • This or Raspberry Pi?

    • i think the higher end PIs with the kit is about half the price of this once you add in a cheap 2.5 ssd and a memory module

      you can tell this one is older as it needs a 2.5 ssd and not m2

  • I think better get an AMD 4xxx mini computer.

  • This NUC is gutless. I had one with similar specs. It will struggle with multiple apps running on the dual core J4005.
    probably OK as a media player but there are cheaper alternatives for that.
    Look for a NUC style PC with a J5005 (quad core) or similar.

    • It will struggle with multiple apps running

      Desktop apps? That's not what these are for. Please tell me you were not trying to run Windows!

      I have an older one, half the power, and works fine as a home Linux server - fileserver, router, torrents, etc etc.

      For a media player, it would be too noisy. Get something fanless - Apple TV, Google Tv, Kodi box, …

      • You can disable fans completely in the BIOS, runs fine, maybe it turbos less butit's all fine.

    • I have j1900 based Gigabyte Nuc Off, it's gutless but also downloads torrents through VPN at 20 megabytes a second, serves files, Emby (no transcoding), runs a XP VM to drive my old printer…

      (Don't think I ever used the correct kbit, KBit mbps, so just gonna stop trying…)

  • My suggestion, pickup any of used Lenovo M91p tiny off eBay. Works like a charm. 35w TDP. About 10-12w idle. I5 8GB.

    Way better than NUC or RPi for any purpose. In the same price bracket.

    • Until the 8+ year old motherboard or PSU fails and you have to scrap the whole thing because troubleshooting it would cost more than you purchased it for.

      • True, but they are surprisingly reliable. The M91ps are built to last.

      • Any quality PSU, when run at a small part of its capacity, should be extremely reliable. Motherboard too.

        Perhaps your fears derive from the capacitor plague early this century?

        The Lenovo USFF is a good suggestion. You want the M92p now, $200 delivered on eBay with 8GB + 120GB SSD.

  • Well,I have news for you. I have one running over 3+ years now. Not a blip. It is pro-grade. Happens to built like as rock, with metal case.
    If it fails, ill buy the same again. Ill get 2x in the same $$ as to get the "barebones" NUC functional.

    Remind me how many iterations RPi had since then ? … Oh I forgot the faulty power circuit, the e-marked usb c cable, the thermal throttling, no AES-NI, … fan and case mods worth more $$ than RPi itself. Afterall, DIY is still DIY at end of day.