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TCL 85P715 85" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV [2020] $2425.50 + Delivery @ The Good Guys


TCL 85P715 85" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV [2020] Specification

AI Integrated
Dolby Vision/Atmos
200 CMR
4K HRD10+
Google play services
Amazon Prime
Freeview Plus

Size: 85"
Ultra High Definition: Yes
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
HDR 10+: Yes
Dolby Vision: Yes
Local Dimming: Yes
Viewing Angle: 178°/178°
Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
Clear Motion Rate: 000
Brightness: 450 Nits

Artificial Intelligence: Google Assistant / Works with Alexa
Android TV: Yes
Google Play Store: Yes
Chromecast built-in: Yes
Netflix / Stan / YouTube / Amazon Prime: Yes
Freeview Plus certified: Yes

HDMI Inputs: 3 x HDMI Inputs (1.4b & 2.0) & HDCP2.2
USB Inputs: 2 x USB 2.0 Headphone Output
Headphone Output: Yes
AV In: Yes
WiFi: 2.4GHz + 5G, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/b/g/n 2T2R
Ethernet Network: Yes
Optical SPDIF Output/HDMI ARC: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes

Dolby Atmos: Yes
Audio Power Output: 2×15W + 2x5W

For more information on the TV, check out https://www.tcl.com/content/dam/tcl-dam/region/au/au-mediace...

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  • Seems like good value, any comments from owners will be appreciated.

    • I own last year's 85" P8m model which looks identical and I'm extremely happy with it. The size is breathtaking.

      The Android OS can be a little dodgy at times like crashing apps or stuttering, Chromecast not locating streaming device but overall it's fine.

      Make sure you play around with the motion clarity judder reduction option as it can look like soap opera effect.

      Light bleed on the edges at bootup are very visible but somehow once the TV is on, the software is able to minimise/eliminate it and in most cases, black levels are perfect.

      Overall, extremely worth the money, cannot go back to smaller TV's, everything looks tiny compared to it.

  • Don’t know about TGG delivery cost, but it’s $2,679.99 delivered from Costco.

  • i hate that the australian review market sucks for TVs

  • Only 450 nits

  • 85 inch panel and they could only fit 3 hdmi ports… lol

  • I think this is the only brand that supports HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision formats. Samsung models do not support Dolby Vision and Sony/LG models dos not support HDR10+

    • I believe Hisense does as well.

    • Barely any content for HDR10+

      • HDR 10+ is relatively new open source format unlike the propitiatory Dolby Vision, which add to the licensing cost of the product. Many manufactures will start using HDR10+ to bring down the product cost.

        The contents will increase in the next few years. I purchased Aliens 40 Anniversary 4K UHD disk and it has HDR10+ but no Dolby Vision!

        • Many manufactures will start using HDR10+ to bring down the product cost.

          Here's hoping since my panasonic oled only supports hdr10+

  • 200 CMR = 100hz?

  • TCL gets a lot of of hate but my (now ancient 1080p 65") TCL has been fantastic, even today with it's deficits it still holds up well.

  • The upscaler on this is seriously lacking. At 65" it's a pretty good set but once you get to this size and arnt only watching 4K your better off with a Sony, hisense or Samsung

    • Would a Shield TV Pro 2019 solve that or is it the set itself?

      • It will definitely improve it

        • What about new google tv, will it improve the upscaling?

          • @koolchamp81: "improve it" might be a bit misleading.

            If a separate video source is sending 1080p content in a 1080p signal to the 4K TV, then the TV is doing the upscaling.
            If a separate video source is sending 1080p content in a 4K signal to the 4K TV, then the video source is doing the upscaling.

            In the case of a Shield Pro 2019, it will be the second option, so the TV upscaler is irrelevant in that scenario. From what I understand, the Shield TV Pro 2019 has a very highly regarded upscaler.

            Obviously if you're watching broadcast TV where the Shield Pro isn't involved, you will be at the mercy of the TV's upscaler.

          • @koolchamp81: No. The shield Pro has its own AI upscaler

  • I see the price as $2695 less 10% (code BF10) so price is showing as $2425.50 + Delivery

    • Thanks, TMich. I didn't notice the delivery cost had been assigned to the total cost.

  • Gross Weight w/ Packaging: 104.2Kg. Good grief!

  • I picked up the 50" version of this for around $650 a few weeks ago as a tertiary TV. Android TV is great and relatively responsive (although I couldn't get voice commands to work properly). Some screen uniformity issues. Sound quality was surprisingly good. Overall pretty happy with the quality at this price.

  • 60Hz is the only problem.

  • My understanding has always been that you can half the CMR to get the refresh rate. But everywhere I look in the TCL information it says the refresh rate tops out at 60hz. The ability to get to 100FPS would be one of the biggest considerations for me buying this (ps5 @ 1080 which I'm assuming they'll cap out at and for PC gaming) and I really don't want it to get delivered and realise I stuffed up.

  • is this model better than HISENSE - 85S8?

  • Honestly still trying to decide if bigger is better and to get something like this over the Q80T 75"

    Guess ill just have to go to the store and decide.

    • Size matters but how you use it also matters. Refresh rate might be the biggest concern.
      You prefer big and slow or small and fast?

      • Any innuendo there?

        • I asked my wife. She said although she prefers the larger one she said 75" is as big as will fit in the spot in the back room.
          At the moment we have a 42" which we find very disappointing. Sometimes takes minutes to turn on.

          • @MojoMiwo: I think goldiep is talking about this comment.

            Size matters but how you use it also matters. You prefer big and slow or small and fast?

    • Size mang